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Wild 4-3 Home Loss to Dallas

Posted Thursday, November 27th, 2008 12:17 pm GMT -5 in Hockey

The Wild lost last night and I’m feeling OK about it. I didn’t realize I actually had tickets to the game until the day before, so it was nice just to be there.

Despite the loss of two points to a hated rival, I enjoyed watching the game. In some ways, a 4-3 loss is more entertaining than a 1-0 win. The bounces just didn’t go the Wild’s way last night – C’est la vie.

A couple of notes from our experience:

  • The first free mug was handed out after the game, featuring Mikko Koivu, Moose Goheen, Mike Modano and Doc Romnes (see above).
  • It’s fun reading Twitter feeds on my phone during game breaks, especially @hockeywildernes and @QuickFacts.
  • I set up a Twitter account for Hockey in Minnesota (@hockeymn), but don’t like doing in-game tweets – too busy watching the game.
  • Somebody really needed to level Avery when he was in Backstrom’s face.
  • The scoring change from Skoula to Bruno was the talk of our section – “all is now right with the world again.”
  • I took a bunch of photos during pre-game warm-ups from the side of the rink (instead of behind the goal) and got some unique shots.
  • At the risk of sounding like an elitist, the Team of 18,000 needs less homers and more people with hockey knowledge.
  • Speaking of 18,000, they announced a “standing-room only” crowd of 18,568 last night, but apparently my old single seat season ticket hasn’t been sold and is continually empty every game (even for an in-demand ticket like Dallas).

Next game for me: December 17 versus the Flames.

Originally published by DK on November 27, 2008 at 12:17 pm

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