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Friday Notes from the PGA Championship

Posted Friday, August 14th, 2009 10:39 pm GMT -5 in Golf

The second day of the tournament is in the books and Tiger looks pretty comfortable with that four shot lead. Here are some random thoughts from today:

  • A neighbor said he saw a convoy of golf equipment semis driving east on I-94 in Woodbury on Wednesday. I checked today and all of the trucks by the range were indeed gone. PGA rule or logistics issue? Next week is Greensboro…
  • Moving up the fourteenth tee was a great idea – everyone seemed to be going for it (with mixed success). 299 yards, with the wind.
  • Ran into a few friends around the grounds today, including the very talented golf photographer Peter Wong. You’ll find his photos all over the official guidebook and programs.
  • I also talked to Pioneer Press golf reporter Tad Reeve, who is such a wonderful writer. Both metro papers have relatively large groups on site this week (although about half the size of 2002).
  • The long third and twelfth holes both played into a strong headwind today. I stood behind both tees and couldn’t imagine how I’d ever reach those greens in anything remotely close to regulation.
  • Friday pictures are now available in the photo gallery.

There are some very interesting pairings for Saturday, with the first tee time at 7:31AM and the Tiger/Vijay final group at 1:40PM (all off of the first tee). Should be fun!

Originally published by DK on August 14, 2009 at 10:39 pm

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