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The Trouble with People

Posted Sunday, December 16th, 2012 01:12 am GMT -5 in Personal

The jerk that cuts you off in traffic. Groups that can’t negotiate and compromise. Neighbors who aren’t very neighborly. Friends that leave you high and dry. Family members that drive you crazy. People who talk at concerts and movies. 99% of online comments. Words that hurt. Nut jobs who kill innocents.

Humanity makes it tough sometimes, no?

Looking back to Maslow and his hierarchy of needs, the love and belonging level talks about our need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance among our social groups, both large and small (co-workers, clubs, sports teams, family members, mentors, confidants, etc.). People who lack this can suffer from loneliness, anxiety and depression.

So we need people, but it can be tough. The last few years have been particularly challenging for me, but I’ve had support from family members, several co-workers, a few close friends and a number of people I only know online. They have really helped offset the negatives, which are hard for me to write about here.

I used to believe there were only a handful of people I had come across during my lifetime that I really hated. That emotion isn’t helpful, though, and I hope those individuals have found peace, love and understanding in their lives. Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe had that one spot on…

Originally published by DK on December 16, 2012 at 1:12 am

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