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Can’t believe it’s five years

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Miss you too, Grandpa Smith

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NotATweet: Happy birthday mom

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Missing my mom on what would’ve been her 74th birthday today 🎂❤️

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Hello, September

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Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’

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NotATweet: first week

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The first week away from social has been a good learning experience

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Social Serenity

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Decided to try something this week that I’ve been thinking about for a few months. I stopped visiting Facebook regularly a while ago, as I become tired of all the BS there (even after I massively limited who and what I was viewing). Twitter had been my favorite of the social networks, but lately my more political friends (both to the right and left of me) have made that platform as bad as Facebook (if not worse – thanks for nothing, @jack). No major beefs with Instagram, aside from the fact that Facebook owns them.

So what’s the plan? Well, I don’t want to close those accounts, as I’ve “owned” the kingsbury handle on all three for years. The main reason I’ve kept the Facebook account open is all of the other services that use it for authentication and tracking of progress/levels in various games. You can close your Facebook account and still prevent others from taking it over, but anytime you use one of those other services, it reactivates your profile automatically. Not sure what the rules are for Twitter and Instagram, but I imagine they would eventually allow someone else to take over those handles at some point if I closed them.

For now, I’m keeping the accounts open, but removing the apps from my phone. I closed Tweetbot on all of my computers and will try to go a few weeks without checking the timeline. I spent a few hours going through the layout of my phone apps, deleting a bunch I never use, eliminating folders and grouping apps by pages (primary, secondary, content and media, work and games). I have a great fear of missing out, but I feel like I need to compartmentalize these groupings and look for “cleaner” sources of information. I really just want to know about sports, food, concerts and unbiased business, technology and (I guess) political news. I’ll have to make a concerted effort to reach out to family and friends in others ways to stay up to date with their lives…just like the old days.

I will post more original content here, including short tweet-like status updates. I know the “audience” won’t be as big as the other networks, but I own the content, the platform and the server. You won’t be served ads or tracked (at least not beyond the generic web server log stuff) and I’ve done what I wish more sites would do – turn off comments. My email and phone number are on every single page of this site, so please feel free to reach out directly if you feel the need. And watch for TLS, video and mobile-friendly enhancements coming soon.

Thanks for reading!

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Hope this project works out

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Community Performing Arts Center (First Ave on the River)

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Home 🏠

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Sights and sounds of Lowertown

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Decisions, Decisions

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I love to eat. Growing up, this was never a problem. I was a scrawny little kid, I ran in high school and stayed active through most of my adult life. Sure, I gained a little weight as I got older and my metabolism changed, but I felt like I could always eat pretty much whatever I wanted, as long as I stayed active. In my mid-forties, my running performance actually peaked, as I got faster and stronger (and amazingly got back to my high school weight). Life was good.

Then something changed.

The last two jobs have been stressful. Work priorities overshadowed personal priorities when it came to staying active. Stress eating is a thing. Ready access to all-you-can-eat buffets and fast food doesn’t help. Race results backed way off from the string of PRs and I had my first DNF (although it was a 50 mile trail run with 25,000 feet of elevation change). Then my doctor told me a number I didn’t want to believe…

Between 2012 and now I had gained 36 pounds. My arms and legs are pretty much the same, but the dreaded “donut around the middle” that so many men gain as they age had crash-landed in my little universe. Most of my lab results and other vital signs are perfectly normal – it’s that BMI that’s slowly creeping toward the obese level. I can still run and bike and golf and ski, but now I need to look at additional options if I want to get back to a normal weight (and head off other health issues).

As I wrote in my first mini post, I decided to go in and talk to my doctor about all these things. He looked at my knee and determined it was fine to start back slowly, with some stretching, added warm-up and cool-down periods during runs and an initial goal of keeping the pace slow. He also said I can bike and golf as much as I want. For now, I’m hoping to run 30 minutes three times a week, bike home from work 3-4 days a week and golf once or twice a week (closing those three pesky Apple Watch activity bands daily).

Two nerd colleagues of mine that I mainly know through social media started talking about something I hadn’t heard before: the ketogenic diet. Both lost impressive amounts of weight in a relatively short period of time and also talked about eliminating fatigue, increased focus and several other benefits. I asked my doctor about the health risks and he was not concerned, recommending that I research it further (along with diets like Whole30) and decide if I want to try one.

To be honest, once I figured out what a carb was, it became clear that they were pretty much my whole life. Almost everything in my snack drawer at work was loaded with carbs, my work fridge is full of “regular-strength” Coke and Mt. Dew cans and most of my favorite meals when I go out to eat include some form of grain and/or potato (not to mention pizza and pastas). My first question to Bynkii was how the hell can you stop eating those things? His response: I just did.

So now I’m in the process of researching this very interesting nutritional science and deciding what the priorities are for the rest of my life. My initial reaction was no way – this would be too hard. But as I read more, I think I can at least start to consider these types of changes (and things like cyclical or targeted ketogenic plans might be optimal compromises). Plus all the bacon, steak and cheese you want?

Mmm…bacon, steak and cheese…

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Bunker is all fancy now

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The clubhouse (and surround buildings) look really nice now

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The end of marathoning?

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For my first mini post, I’ve decided to look at my current relationship with running. The 2017 Grandma’s was my last marathon and it was a disaster. I never did get my right knee looked at and I haven’t attempted a double-digit run since then. With the bike challenge last month, I boosted my riding mileage, but still felt some knee pain from time to time. Guess I will break down and make a doctor’s appointment after I post this.

Bigger picture, though, something else seems off. It used to be tough when I started training from scratch, but things would get better after a few weeks. This year, it seems like no matter how many miles I ride, golf rounds I walk or miles I do on the treadmill, I never seem to move on to the “feeling fit” stage. My legs always feel sore, I’m still retaining water in them (based on the indentations my socks make), I have a general sense of fatigue most of the time and I’m not losing any more weight (I lost ten pounds during the bike challenge, but three of those pounds have come back this month).

My Apple watch does provide good insight into how much I move daily and I did have a 60+ day streak of closing all three rings at one point. My current move goal just dropped down to 1080 calories, after peaking at 1180 (which I only hit three times last week). Haven’t changed my diet or nutritional balance much at all, which I guess I’ll have to consider at some point. Also not taking any vitamins right now – only pills are one daily aspirin and losartan for regulating blood pressure.

There are still a number of longer bucket list races I’d like to do, but the physical side is slowly starting to impact my mental approach to running. I liked running Get in Gear this year, but I was really slow. The 2019 Get in Gear is the only race I’ve signed up for right now and don’t want to waste money on longer races I can’t finish in a respectable amount of time.

Alright, where is that link to my doctor?

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So much work left to do

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The choo-choo wins again

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So thankful for this option

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Twelve Years of Publishing

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From what I can tell, I didn’t do an anniversary post last year (lots of moving and Final Four posts, but no birthday cake pics that I can find). The first 7minutemiles.com post appeared on this domain twelve years ago last Friday.

Current stats:

  • 8,934 Posts
  • 201 Pages
  • 50,616 unique visitors in 2017
  • 691,339 pages displayed in 2017

Still running WordPress (currently 4.9.5) with my custom theme and roughly a dozen plugins on the old Mac mini server colocated in Las Vegas. Probably too much of my content gets auto-generated these days from social media (Twitter and Instagram), but that’s OK. I feel lucky that I get to publish most of what I want without interference from trolls or stalkers, which unfortunately isn’t the case for some people I love to read (RIP Daily Angst).

After the technical difficulties last year, things have seemed to stabilize. The highest priorities for enhancements right now are moving to https via Let’s Encrypt, making the theme more mobile-friendly and finally adding a video post type to the mix. I’d also like to experiment with some form plugins for easier data entry of golf scores and adding to the run log. If I ever get my iMac photo library organized, I’d like to add more to the photo gallery section as well…

As always, thanks for visiting!

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Life after LII

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Now a full month in the rear-view mirror, Super Bowl LII is history. It’s hard to describe what it feels like to have this over and done – we’ve been talking and working towards that day for more than two years. I wrote a tweet about looking forward to the Monday after, but even that day had an early start and a full day of work breaking things down to prepare for the next event in the building.

People have asked me how it went, what would I do differently and how many celebrities I saw. My number one goal was to not be in the newspaper for the wrong reason, so mission accomplished in that regard. In fact, we did get some great press about crushing the WiFi record, so I’m very happy with that. The Super Bowl isn’t truly our event – the NFL runs and controls everything and we just assist as needed, so there wasn’t much I could really change. As for stars, I (politely) asked Peyton Manning to get out of my way, but that was about it.

The NFL uses many different companies to help put on the event and it was a pleasure working with all of them. In the technology realm, we worked with WBL Services of Seattle, owned by Bill Lipscomb. He and his team of nerds (lead by the super smart Nikos Mouat) were a huge help in supporting not only the stadium, but all of the activations around the metro. Todd Barnes and his team from Populous performed with a logistical calmness that would drive most people insane. I was also impressed with the graphics team from bluemedia, who created signage and displays all around town that looked beautiful.

In addition to all of these groups, we re-enlisted many of the people that helped design and build the stadium to come back for game day support. This included my favorite team of engineers from CenturyLink (Andy, Mark, Evan, Dennis and Greg) and the amazing group of WiFi experts at AmpThink, lead by Bill Anderson and Wesley Terry. Parsons, Cisco, Verizon and WIN also had small armies of support people ready to help if needed and the Department of Homeland Security had our back monitoring for network threats the entire time. And kudos to the NBC broadcast crew, who really turned out to be self-supporting the entire week.

So what’s next? Personally, I’m going on vacation later this month with the whole family. Events like the Super Bowl require a ton of time away from home and come with a stress level that is not “super” beneficial for one’s health, so it will be good to get away and recharge. I’ll also pay a visit this month to Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the home of Super Bowl LIII. Their team was up here before our event and I’m looking forward to sharing stories (and seeing their cool new building). Everyone is now talking about the Final Four, but we have a whole lot of other work to do before then. Never a dull moment…

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New run mantra

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Outside Zantigo, of all places

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Had to do this one

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Miss you, Mom ❤️

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RIP Warren Miller, 1924-2018

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Movies like this helped shape my ski bum dreams

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RIP Karen Kingsbury, 1944-2017

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It’s taken me a while to start writing this post, as I’ve been left rather speechless since my mother passed away on December 22. She had multiple health issues over the years, but this all happened too quickly and it seems I’m still stuck in the denial stage of grief. We were just talking a few weeks ago – I told her about the great Christmas tree we got from the farmers market and how I was sorry the Garrison Keillor show I was going to take her to at the Cedar had been cancelled. I read her the list of songs on the 2017 edition of the Kingsbury Christmas Sampler and was proud to show her the artwork that SK created for the cover (even though I don’t think she fully supported our move to Lowertown – “Are you sure you’re safe down there?”).

My mom loved to spoil us kids, much to the peril of her own financial stability. I remember her driving my brother and I out to LaBelle’s in Roseville when she knew they would get new shipments of Star Wars figures so both of us could fill our Darth Vader cases full of characters. Christmas was always way overdone, with huge piles of presents for each of us. We were an airline family and basically used those flight benefits to alternate between the two centers of the Disney universe – Florida and California – sometimes multiple times a year. And every summer included at least one week on the North Shore, usually in a cabin on Croftville Road.

When Colleen and I had kids, SK and MK were instantly showered with love and attention by the newly minted grandma. My mom played a huge part in the lives of my daughters and helped shape the wonderful people they have become. She happily served as babysitter and chauffeur for many years and attended countless band and choir concerts, swim meets and other school events. As they grew older and could drive themselves, both still liked getting together and having lunch with my mom on a regular basis at a number of their favorite spots around town.

It’s always tough to lose a family member, but it’s especially rough around the holidays. My mom’s dad also passed away in December four years ago, so this was really a double whammy. I’m glad that my mom didn’t have to suffer, though, and that most of our family was able to be with her at the end. I’d like to thank the ICU staff at Fairview Southdale hospital for their expert care and to Dr. Gary Knudsen, who was her primary care physician for as long as I can remember. Thanks also to everyone who has expressed their condolences and reached out to our family in this time of grief. But most of all, I want to thank my mom, one of the kindest, most caring people I’ve ever known.

Love you, mom. ❤️

Obituary from Mueller-Bies and photo gallery after the jump.

September 1, 1944 – December 22, 2017
Age 73 of St. Paul, died peacefully after heart failure December 22, 2017 surrounded by her loving family.

Her soul was generous, overflowing with love and putting all others before herself. Beloved grandma, mom, wife, sister and aunt, Karen loved the North Shore of Lake Superior, reading, quilting, Disney, Hallmark cards and above all spending time with her family. She retained her sharp humor and wit, a progressive thinker.

Preceded in death by parents, Helen and Donald Smith.

Survived by husband, Michael; sons, David (Colleen) and Brian (Patti); daughter Lynn; brothers, Greg, and Jeff (Joyce); sisters, Stacey (Dick) Kohner, and Linda (David) Arcand; granddaughters, Sasha and Marisa; niece, Laura (Aaron) Moser (sons Wyatt and Ethan); and nephews, Thomas (Jean) Smith (children Arianna and Galen) and Peter Smith.

Karen attended St. Paul Central High School, Macalester College and Winona State University, studying geology. She retired from Northwest Airlines after a long career in reservations. Her family thanks Dr. Knudsen for many years of excellent care.

A visitation will held from 4 – 8 PM Thursday, December 28 at MUELLER-BIES FUNERAL HOME – ROSEVILLE, 2130 N. Dale St. @ County Rd B.

In lieu of flowers, memorials preferred to American Heart Association.

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@dasharez0ne understands

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Thanks, ADMIN, this year is particularly hard

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Harmon Killebrew (via Rod Carew)

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It doesn’t cost anything to be nice…

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People > Food

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The 2017 best nine

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Fire! Fire! Fire!

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Friday night excitement in the 651

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386,050 hopefuls

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Tom Petty

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It really is the only true magic I’ve found in this world. Most magic is a trick of some kind. But music is actually a healing thing. It has this power to heal and inspire and to lift you right up…

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I miss my grandfather 

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Thank-you box from 3M arrived in my office today

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Works for me

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I don’t think that is true

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Fake news @ the fair

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A very high swing

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Not walk the truss terrifying, but still uncomfortable 

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Summer in St. Paul

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My hometown rocks

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Big River Pizza is cool (#1)

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Jason’s GoFundMe Page

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Happy to be home

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Haven’t been here much the past two weeks

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Seven Pet Peeves

Posted Friday, June 2nd, 2017 08:46 am GMT -5 in Personal at 8:46 AM
  • Slow drivers in the left lane
  • Slow golfers
  • Talkers at concerts
  • Hashtags
  • Two spaces after a period
  • Jargon/buzzwords
  • Cigarette butt litter
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52 Reasons to Love MSP

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Why hello May

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At this rate, the Super Bowl will be over before you know it

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Never tire of this view

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West Side Story meets Lowertown 

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7 Things I’ve Never Tried

Posted Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 09:50 pm GMT -5 in Personal at 9:50 PM
  • Coffee
  • Cigarettes
  • Skydiving
  • 100 mile trail race
  • Country club membership
  • Mile High Club membership
  • Patience
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Sunny in Lowertown

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Now to turn up the temps a little

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Bigger is Better

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Taller windows; bigger TV

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Don’t miss you, rainy traffic jam

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The choo-choo don’t slow down

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Life in Lowertown

Posted Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 12:15 pm GMT -5 in Family,Food,Housekeeping,Personal at 12:15 PM

Change is good, right? Well, we’ve been charging ahead full force the past month. Kid one moved out and into her own apartment mid-February, while the rest of us decided to pack it up and move back to the city. Today marks three weeks in our new loft in St. Paul’s Lowertown neighborhood, which the local boosters describe as:

A vibrant artists’ quarter filled with beautiful workspaces, hip cafes, fine dining and the stunning CHS Field.

We are kitty-corner from the wonderful St. Paul Farmer’s Market in the Rayette building, which we share with the home of my all-time favorite cheeseburger, Saint Dinette. The building has had an interesting history, opening as a millinery in 1911, with stints as the home of Aqua Net hairspray and as a parking ramp before being converted to lofts in 2014. We downsized from three bedrooms to two, but added 13 foot ceilings, huge windows and a layout that seems much larger than before (ours is the Monroe, with 1,459 square feet). I love the exposed brick, industrial columns and lack of carpeting throughout (finally got to toss our crappy vacuum cleaner).

In addition to the suburb-to-city change, transportation has also been turned on its head. We still have two cars, but one is parked here and the other is in storage. Colleen gets a discounted transit pass from her employer and now rides the bus to work (express plus a short transfer). I bought a monthly Go-To card from Metro Transit and ride the Green Line trains to and from the stadium. The Union Depot station is a block over and takes just under 40 minutes to drop me off right across Chicago Avenue from the Legacy Gate (and/or the skyway entrance). I can’t express how much of a quality of life improvement it is to not drive in metro rush hour traffic any longer. Now I plug in my headphones, check social media, read stories, play games and just relax. Hoping to eventually sell one car and just stick with one (which kid two uses to drive herself to school).

We lived in downtown St. Paul the first year out of college at Galtier Plaza, but this area is now completely different. I read somewhere that Lowertown now has 3500 residents and I’m pretty sure about half of them have dogs, which makes me very happy (even though allergies still prevent us from adding to the total). Mears Park is a block west and has a mini restaurant row, with Bulldog, Barrio, Public Kitchen + Bar and Handsome Hog. Big River Pizza is across the street, with the eclectic Golden’s Deli a few doors south of that. There are a ton of additional restaurants nearby and we are super excited for Saints games to start. Our Twins ticket group also has Saints tickets, so we are buying one share this season to see how it goes. The stadium is literally on the other side of the building you see above.

In addition to having the option of that cheeseburger downstairs six days a week, the building has a bunch of other great amenities. The workout room is just perfect – it’s exactly what I would design if I had the opportunity: all Life Fitness gear, two treadmills, a room full of spin cycles, free weights, an elliptical, squat rack, benches and more. There are two large TVs with DirectTV and a speaker system that you can supposedly plug stuff into (can’t seem to get that part working so far). It’s conveniently located one floor below our unit and now I don’t have to go outside in the winter any more to exercise. The downtown YMCA teaches a free spin class one night a week and may bring back a yoga class later in the year too. Once it gets warmer, I will have some great new running and biking routes along the Mississippi that I can’t wait to try.

Directly across from the exercise room is the “Sinatra Lounge,” which is a shared community space that has a fireplace, bar, multiple TVs and a pool table. We’ve already spent a lot of time shooting pool – I really like having access to that again (and free is even better). Up on the roof, there is a community patio that includes a gas fire pit, grill, all-season TV and speaker system. The views of the river and surrounding areas are stellar, day or night. The office manager and maintenance guy are great, the mail and package delivery systems seem to work well and I love having chutes for trash and recycling. My only (small) issues so far are the overly complicated thermostat and the noise from one of the garage door openers.

We are mostly unpacked now, with just a few areas that need to be cleaned up (and a few more things to hang on the walls). Once that’s done, we’d love to have visitors – drop me a line at dk@7minutemiles.com and we will see you soon in Lowertown!

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Keep St. Paul Cool

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Screw boring – this is the place to be

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It’s Official

Posted Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 08:19 pm GMT -5 in Family,Personal at 8:19 PM

Can’t believe we live here now

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So long, suburbs

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It’s finally over

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Top 7 Stocks I’d Buy

Posted Monday, February 20th, 2017 08:43 am GMT -5 in Business,Personal at 8:43 AM
  • Apple (APPL)
  • Coca-Cola (KO)
  • Disney (DIS)
  • McDonald’s (MCD)
  • Nike (NKE)
  • Target (TGT)
  • 3M (MMM)

(if I had a portfolio)

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Time to start over

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Had that penny wine bottle since high school

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Top 7 Food Favorites

Posted Sunday, February 19th, 2017 03:32 pm GMT -5 in Food,Personal at 3:32 PM
  • Potatoes (any style)
  • Cheeseburgers
  • Steak
  • Fried Chicken
  • Pizza
  • Egg McMuffins
  • Carbonara
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First apartment for kid one

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Sad tear, happy tear

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Hanging in the rafters again

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More dirt events this week

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States left to visit

Posted Saturday, January 14th, 2017 06:29 pm GMT -5 in Personal,Travel at 6:29 PM
  • Maine
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah
  • Delaware
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi
  • New Mexico
  • West Virginia

(I think this is accurate)

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Fingers crossed

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Really hope this works out

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Option #1 – Uptown

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Searching for a new place in 2017

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Bucket list item #32

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“Watch the lights turn on over Victoria Island”

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Code is Power

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When my automated Twitter plugins stopped working last week, I started thinking about ways to replace the tweet section at the top of 7 Minute Miles. Twitter Tools and Social used to pull in the last 7 tweets automatically, but the plugin authors decided to stop supporting them back in February (RIP Alex King). Twitter also seems to change up their developer connections from time to time, so all plugins will break at some point if they aren’t maintained.

Since the updates stopped, I learned that my wife and dad both read that section regularly for information instead of visiting Twitter itself. I looked at a lot of other Twitter WordPress plugins and couldn’t find anything that did exactly the same thing as Twitter Tools, so I looked at other ways to incorporate tweets into this site.

What I’ve decided to try is a new, automated post for each tweet. I’ve installed the Import Tweets as Posts plugin by Chandan Kumar and modified it to change the post format to “status.” It’s set to look for new tweets every two minutes and assign each post to a new “tweets” category.

I had to modify my functions.php file to add status to the post-formats array and wrote some new code for the homepage to style the display of these new tweet posts. The plugin even supports URL links and sets attached photos as the featured image. I’ll still need to find a way to automatically send links of full posts to Twitter, but this works for now.

Code rules…

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A full year of stadium life

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Today is my one year anniversary as IT director at that little building in downtown Minneapolis. This timing also corresponded to an all-staff task of writing individual reviews of what we’ve accomplished in the past year and I found the exercise a fun way to self-reflect. It’s really amazing how much progress has occurred, both physically with the building and professionally with our team.

There are still many things that need to be done, but I’m happy with where my group stands right now. We learn from every event and will get better and more efficient as we gain knowledge from what are some really unique and exciting experiences. It’s stressful and time-consuming, to be sure, but it’s also rewarding in ways that are unlike anything else I’ve seen during my career.

As I wrote in my review, this role is challenging on many levels: multiple partner organizations, political pressures, limited staffing resources, event-driven scheduling, a vast physical environment and multiple, complex systems. On the technology side of things, I get to work in familiar areas like networking, telephone systems, digital signage, mobile devices and workstations. But everything in the building is larger than life, so I’ve learned a lot about scaling and performance (especially with WiFi and cloud-based tools).

Technology is great, but I really feel that communication and customer service are just as important (if not more). With so many different groups in this project, it’s crucial that we manage those relationships properly to be successful. Everyone is important: the guests that pay to attend events, the state officials that entrust us to operate the building, the vendors that have provided the tools we use, the partner organizations that provide complimentary services, the team members on our own staff and, of course, the primary tenant that drives so many key decisions.

I’m very proud of the technology support team we’ve built so far. My one full-timer was a wonderful find (thanks Pash) and is rapidly developing into an all-star on par with the best I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past. Our part-time event staff is vastly over-qualified for the tasks I ask them to perform, but it’s nice to know all that brain-power is there if we need it.

Lastly, I’m proud of the Skol Service pin I was awarded after a very long game day (see above). Staff recognition often gets overlooked, but even small tokens of appreciation like this can go a long ways in keeping people motivated and focused on providing excellent service. Excited to see what the next 365 days have in store…

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Are you crazy?

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The Mind Controls Everything

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The Revolution at First Avenue

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When The Revolution announced the first two shows at First Avenue, I knew I wanted to be there (the third show was added later). The $65 ticket price ($78.54 with fees) was the highest I’ve ever paid at that venue, but it’s been a tough four months since Prince died and I was hoping for a bit of closure. After reading Andrea Swensson’s review of the first night on The Current Blog, it sounded like I needed to bring a large box of Kleenex with me. Turns out the second night was personally a much different experience for me: glad I went, but not at all what I was expecting emotionally.

It’s hard to be critical of a group of musicians that are also clearly in mourning, but this show was rough around the edges and at times was just plain hard to listen to. Part of that was obviously due to the missing key ingredient up front, but I just don’t like Wendy’s voice (nothing personal). It helped when André Cymone came out a few songs into the show and I thought Bilal did an amazing job on The Beautiful Ones, but I could barely listen to Sometimes It Snows In April (which is one of my top 7 Prince songs of all time). It was clearly heart-felt and personal, but wasn’t up to Prince standards.

My other primary criticism was the song selection. The Revolution officially played on four albums: 1999, Purple Rain, Around the World in a Day and Parade. You could argue that André Cymone and Dez Dickerson could maybe claim some of the older songs, but it didn’t seem right to me to have them play songs like Controversy, Uptown and Let’s Work. To me, those aren’t Revolution songs. But, hey, if this was what Wendy, Lisa, Brown Mark, Bobby Z. and Dr. Fink wanted as a tribute, so be it.

There are lots of stories with photos out there to read on these shows: Cecilia Johnson at The Current for night two, Ross Raihala and Chris Riemenschneider were also both there for night two, while Chad Werner at City Pages had a much higher impression of the first night than I did for my show. Apollonia looked great (as did Cymone) and I didn’t know about Brenda Bennett until I looked her up later. Celebrity super-fans Maya Rudolph and Questlove were clearly having a good time. Wish I would’ve saw Har Mar Superstar on the bike. Overheard that the sound guy (who looked like Mr. Bean) was the same one who mixes for Justin Timberlake.

Back there again tonight for Ms. Lauryn Hill.

  • Let’s Go Crazy
  • Computer Blue
  • America
  • Mountains
  • Do it All Night
  • Let’s Work
  • Uptown
  • Party Up
  • Little Red Corvette
  • 1999
  • Sometimes it Snows in April
  • Raspberry Beret
  • The Beautiful Ones
  • Private Joy
  • When Doves Cry
  • Controversy
  • Kiss
  • Baby I’m a Star
  • Purple Rain

UPDATE: Jay Gabler writes about night three for The Current Blog, while Jon Bream covers the whole series for the Strib.

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RIP, Mr. Baker

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Rough year, 2016

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Farewell to my friend

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Tears, memories and fellowship in Tower

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Our exclusive little club

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These are the Dave’s I know…

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Time to face the music

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AMC – Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis 

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Headshot – His

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U.S. Bank Stadium – SMG

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Can’t believe this is to code

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My Top 7 Prince Songs

Posted Sunday, April 24th, 2016 12:46 am GMT -5 in Music,Personal at 12:46 AM

Really an exercise in futility, but here you go:

  • Erotic City (Dance Mix)
  • 17 Days
  • Sometimes It Snows In April
  • D.M.S.R.
  • The Beautiful Ones
  • Kiss (Extended Version)
  • Sign O’ The Times

Honorable Mention: The Question of U, Under the Cherry Moon, Head

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First Avenue, the day after

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A Decade of Publishing

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Today marks ten years since the first post here at 7minutemiles.com.

Ten. Flipping. Years.

I can hardly believe it. As I do every year, here are the latest stats from the server logs:

6,769 Posts
198 Pages
61,428 unique visitors in 2015
1,617,437 pages displayed

As of today, I’m running WordPress 4.4.2 with a highly-customized theme and 18 active plugins (Wordfence Security, Twitter Tools, Social and Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram playing key roles on the home page). Just noticed that several of my plugins aren’t really being supported or developed any more, so I should probably start cleaning those out and/or looking for replacements.

Speaking of replacements, I used to use a plugin called WP Audioscrobbler to pull my last played information from last.fm. That feature broke when they updated their API to version 2, so I’ve been looking for a way to replace that. A UK developer named Sam Kitson wrote a nice blog post about using jQuery and JSON to access that data, but I haven’t spent enough time trying to figure it out. He was kind enough to respond via email with an offer of assistance, so hopefully I’ll get that working again shortly.

Also on the list of (hopeful) future development: coding new mobile-friendly data entry screens for the run log and golf scores database, adding my long-delayed video post type and creating a responsive design option for smaller screens. It’s getting tougher and tougher to find free time to work on these things, but it would be good to keep those web development skills somewhat fresh.

I’d also like to give a quick shout-out to Brian Stucki and his company Macminicolo. I’ve been a customer of his operation for many years and have always received great service and fair pricing. This site runs on a five-year-old Mac mini with the AMP stack (Apache, MySQL and PHP) in their Las Vegas data center and has never had any major issues (remote OS upgrades are sometimes a bit scary, but that’s the case with all colocated machines).

As always, thanks for visiting!

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So much to shred

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Proud to Be

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Thomas Edison

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I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

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