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Minnesota Wild versus Vancouver Canucks

Posted Thursday, December 21st, 2006 05:36 pm GMT -5 in Family, Hockey

Got in a surprise extra game this week when I filled in for my aunt, who wasn’t feeling well. The Wild had just lost an away game to the Canucks earlier in the week, despite outplaying them for about 58 minutes. The replay officials blew another call, but that has become the norm this year for the Wild. They just need to suck it up and play harder to overcome these additional hurdles.

I really wanted them to get revenge at home and I wasn’t disappointed. My uncle and I did a lot of yelling, but it was mostly at Matt Cooke and not the guys in the striped shirts. The roughing penalty that Cooke got in the first period for trying to mix it up with Boogaard while he sat on the bench was hilarious. Radio surprised us both and I was disappointed he wasn’t at least third star of the game. How many times will he have two goals in one game? I know the second one was open net, but still. Demitra’s goal was a mirror image of his goal in the previous game and I was happy to see Manny have a decent night.

The Canucks second goal was basically a gift from the refs, who finally found their whistles with about six minutes to play. It would be interesting to see them be less aggressive with calls and play four-on-four all game, but I think the NHL is done experimenting with new rules for a while.

Next game for me: Saturday night versus Detroit and my favorite non-Wild player, the Dominator–one of the few remaining NHL players older than me…DK

Originally published by DK on December 21, 2006 at 5:36 pm

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