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What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? 1.1

Posted Saturday, December 23rd, 2006 04:16 pm GMT -5 in Golf

Festivus, for the rest of us, seems like the ideal day to launch the initial, What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?, guest column. Special thanks to David Kingsbury, the Deputy Ambassador for Golf in Minnesota, and editor extraordinaire of Golfing in Minnesota, Minnesota’s Premier Golf Blog for inviting me to share my thoughts on the game of golf, from a golf course architect’s perspective. David is truly a golf nut.

What are my credentials? As Sid would say, I’m one of the local “geniuses”. Just as a teaser to my credentials, at the grand opening of The Legends, a Golf Digest top ten best new golf course in 2002, I played in a foursome with Chad Hartman, the Ambassador of Minnesota Golf, Dan “Common Man” Cole, and Garrett Gill, enough said. Keep in mind, that one of the user responses for one of my recently opened designs said, “plough it under and start over with a plan next time”. To which I say, plans are for wimps.

Typically golf coverage is a pretty lame affair. Descriptions of new golf course designs talk about championship layouts with multiple tees and challenges for all golfers like that is some bold new revelation. Not to give away trade secrets but multiple tees and challenges for all golfers are standard fare in golf course design. Another trade secret, good sites and good budgets equal good golf course design. It helps make life a whole lot easier if you have a good client, too. Give most golf course architects Pebble Beach sans golf course and they’ll give you an outstanding golf course.

What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? will try and move out of the tried and true and offer some perspectives that aren’t press releases from the office of the golf course architect. Keep in mind that this is a guest column and does not reflect the thoughts of Golfing in Minnesota or of anyone else for that matter. As my wife frequently says, “where do you come up with that shit?” (sorry).

If we fail miserably you will be given the opportunity, in the great tradition of Festivus, to air your grievances, one year from today on Festivus 2007. That assumes the Deputy hasn’t decided that he likes golf course discussions the old fashioned way. He is “The Decider”.

In the meantime you can reach me at:

Paul Miller
Paul Miller Design, Inc.
220 Division Street
Northfield, MN 55957
507 645 6999

Originally published by Paul on December 23, 2006 at 4:16 pm

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