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IKEA Day and Hermosa Beach

Posted Saturday, July 21st, 2007 02:05 am GMT -5 in Food, Travel, Work

Today was IKEA day for me and the new office. People know me as an IKEA freak, but you just can’t beat the pricing and style–especially for small business and school offices. $1.50 for a hot dog and glass of lingonberry juice is pretty awesome too…

While Minnesota only has one IKEA, California has eight. I decided the Carson location was the closest and went over lunch. It was really different from the Bloomington store–smaller, one additional floor, not as much selection and no full buffet restaurant.

My ugly rental car came in handy, as I managed to get three tables, six chairs, a locking cabinet, two desk lamps, six light bulbs, two power cords and a small love seat in that thing. I got most everything put together today, despite cutting a finger open with the scissors, getting a blister in the palm of my hand and dropping the love seat box on my foot. Also got to drive back to the store again after I received mixed table legs for one of the tables. Everything should be good to go by lunchtime tomorrow, though.

When I got back, I rested for a bit in the room, then walked down the PCH to Pier Avenue and over to the Hermosa Beach Pier. The weather was gray and grim, but it was still fun to see the big waves and watch people attempt to surf.

I had a quick dinner of fish and chips at the Hermosa Fish Market Cafe, located at 20 Pier Avenue (right by the start of the pier). Always great to sit outside and eat anywhere, but this atmosphere was especially fun.

I walked back to the hotel by following the Strand and was knocked out by the cool beach-side houses. Zillow says $1 million to $7 million for that stretch. Sheesh again.

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Originally published by DK on July 21, 2007 at 2:05 am

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