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HSRA Los Angeles Year End Wrap-Up

Posted Friday, December 21st, 2007 11:50 am GMT -5 in Food, Travel, Work

The last tech support trip to HSRA Los Angeles was very productive. My primary goals were to install new security cameras, troubleshoot a student data syncing problem, get their ID card machine working, re-image some old machines, install some new software and do the usual software updates across all 150 machines.

My co-worker who came along did a lot of great work getting machines moved around and cleaning up the ID card machine. I got most of the things done that I wanted, but there are some parts that need ordering to get the rest of the cameras installed. Overall, I’m very happy with the progress.

We got to do a few fun things this time (for a change). In addition to the Vegas jaunt, we went to see the Wild beat the Kings at Staples Center on Saturday night. Very interesting to see how they do things at another arena–especially one with a lousy team and a lot of empty seats. Makes the Minnesota experience seem magical by comparison. Vote for Lubo!

Restaurants included the awesome Kincaid’s Bayhouse at the Redondo Beach pier, the Rocky Cola Cafe (also in Redondo Beach), Good Stuff on the Strand in Hermosa Beach and (of course) a visit to In-N-Out Burger.

It rained the last two days and temps were cool for LA. How I long for that weather now, though…

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