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A Very Happy Father’s Day

Posted Monday, June 16th, 2008 12:57 am GMT -6 in Family, Food, Personal

Today was a hard-working (but fun) Father’s Day for me. The girls woke me up with breakfast in bed and a bunch of great gifts:

  • A very cool London Eboy laptop cover for my Mac Book Pro
  • Reinhold Messner’s book The Crystal Horizon
  • Great arts and crafts items from kid one and two

I worked on laundry a bit (which Colleen went gung-ho on the rest of the day), starting cleaning my office, then worked on yard stuff for a few hours. The grass had grown a lot while I was in San Francisco and required frequent trips to the yard waste bin. I also decided to trim various trees and shrubs, which was going great until I pulled a muscle in my back.

We all had a late lunch at Raising Cane’s in Apple Valley, which may be my perfect fast food restaurant. The chicken they have is always perfect – white breast meat with no fat, tasty breading and an awesome dipping sauce. Their french fries are thin crinkles cooked perfectly and I love the Texas toast that comes with the value meals. Even the ice in the soda machine is great – little pellets that take forever to melt.

Spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on my backlog of magazines while watching the U.S. Open in HD. I can’t believe the USGA still does 18-hole Monday playoffs. The logistics must be terrible to plan for and budget.

Finished the day visiting with the neighbors, then running a quick 5K to end the day. Lots to do this week – I’ll try to post here more often this summer…

Originally published by DK on June 16, 2008 at 12:57 am

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