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Wild 3-2 Win Over Chicago

Posted Monday, October 27th, 2008 11:34 pm GMT -6 in Hockey

Finally got to watch my first regular season game in person this year. I didn’t buy the single season ticket next to my relatives seats this year, so unless Bill Robertson comes through for me (or any of the channel 45 connections), I’ll only get to about five games at the X this season.

My bullet points from tonight’s outing:

  • The Wild were extremely fortunate to be where they were after two periods.
  • I don’t buy the consecutive sell-out streak any more and wish they would just announce the true attendance.
  • There are now two wireless networks in the building and both are password protected (MSE_Public and MSE_Media). Really hate that – AT&T is your wireless sponsor, right? Make them pay extra so we can have free wireless in the stands…
  • Speaking of sponsors, the ads are getting to be a little much, in my opinion. I guess I should just get up and walk around more between periods and it wouldn’t seem so bad. I think the Best Buy ads for “all your HD hockey needs” pushed me over the edge, seeing as how there are what, five HD games on this year? And this was one of them…
  • Programs are still $3 this year, with proceeds still going to youth hockey.
  • They played the cool Andrew Brunette video with him and the equipment trainer, then said they were auctioning off the prop “17,615” jersey. Nicely done.
  • Some photographer dude came by our section before the third period taking pictures of people and giving them cards to look up the shots and order prints (just like at amusement parks!). http://www.wild.com/truefans
  • “Mittens” is the worst hockey nickname ever and I refuse to use it.
  • Why does the URL for Russo’s Rants keep changing? Same for the wild.com in-game commentary…

I have a few enhancements planned for this site that I hope to have online very soon – stay tuned!

Originally published by DK on October 27, 2008 at 11:34 pm

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