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Posted Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 11:14 pm GMT -6 in Technology

Like many others, my brother ordered a new iPhone 4S last week and asked me what apps he should put on it. This is his first smartphone, so this got me thinking about how I use my phone and what apps actually get launched the most. Here’s what I decided (in order of usage):

#1 – Tweetbot

I spend a lot of time on Twitter and this Tapbots app is my favorite client. $2.99

#2 – Mail

The default email app has a few quirks I don’t like, but it interacts with my Exchange account at work better than my expensive laptop does. FREE

#3 – Words with Friends

This is probably number one, but I was too embarrassed to admit it. Scrabble + social networking = brilliant. $2.99

#4 – Facebook

It doesn’t have all of the features of the full web site, but still a decent app. Each new revision gets better and better too. FREE

#5 – Camera+

Forget the default camera, Camera+ is better in almost every way. $0.99

#6 – Angry Birds (Original, Seasons and Rio)

Three stars, every level, each game. $0.99 each

#7 – My-Cast

Even if my friend Jake wasn’t the author of this app, it would still be my favorite weather app. $3.99

#8 – QRANK

Daily bar-like trivia, but I always skip sports. Will never get that Balls Out award either. FREE

#9 – Weightbot

Another Tapbots creation, this one is for all you scale watchers out there. $1.99

#10 – Tiny Wings

Strangely addictive (and more difficult to master than it appears). $0.99

Honorable mention (built-in apps):
Photos, Calendar, Messages, Maps, Clock, Calculator, Music, Safari, Phone.

Honorable mention (games):
HoldEm, Canabalt, DoodleJump, Mondo, Skee-Ball.

Honorable mention (everything else):
Shazam, Netflix, Urbanspoon, Fandango.

Originally published by DK on October 25, 2011 at 11:14 pm

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