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Social Media Update

It’s been almost two months since I returned to Facebook and about a month since I formally joined Google+. The redesign of this site is now two months old and the Tweet count is closing in on 8500.

My order of preference in posting right now is 1) this site, 2) Twitter, 3) Facebook and 4) Google+. I really haven’t jumped back into Facebook much (other than lurking) and Google+ just seems a bit redundant, nerdy and sparse. I still really like Twitter, but I need to be careful that I don’t turn the hose on too strong or I’ll drown in information overload.

Still trying to post something to this site every day, even if it’s just a cheater post (photo, quote or link). I’m pretty sure I miss out on communicating with some people by mainly posting here, but that’s OK. I also need to find the proper “voice” for my work accounts on these sites too.

Paid to be social – who would’ve thought I’d ever do that?

Originally published by DK on December 3, 2011 at 3:30 pm in Mini Posts, Personal, Work

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