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Posted Friday, June 29th, 2012 05:18 pm GMT -6 in Personal, Running

Everyone seems to have an opinion on health care this week, but to be honest, I hate going to the doctor and need to be near death before I schedule an appointment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy to have access to good care – I just don’t like actually going.


Today, though, I went to see a sports specialist. When I made the appointment a few weeks ago, it was mainly with the intent of having my knee looked at after the infamous “pop” during the TC 1 Mile last month. I’ve only run about 23 miles total since the Fargo Marathon (and nothing the past two weeks) and wanted to get official clearance to train for a fall marathon.

I’ve never really had a “regular” doctor – I just see whoever is available at the local Allina Medical Clinic. Aside from flu shots, I don’t think I’ve been there for about two years. Today I ventured farther down the road to the AMC in Farmington to see Dr. Saul McBroom, who was wonderful.

Since this was such a rare visit for me, I decided to make the most of it and had a list of other issues and questions ready when the appointment started. Side note: my blood pressure was a little high (130/88) and my weight is now peaking at a level I haven’t seen in four years.

In a nutshell, here is what we discussed:

  • The knee exam showed no signs of trouble and he thinks the pop was a hamstring tendon issue. Cleared to start running again and will be referred to physical therapy if the knee pain returns, with imaging to follow only if the PT doesn’t work.
  • Heels indicate initial symptoms of plantar fasciitis. He gave me a list of stretches to do in the morning when I get up and if those don’t help, I can get a velcro boot to wear at night to stretch out the tissue.
  • The pain in my left elbow is not tennis elbow, but I’ve been directed to rest it for three additional weeks before returning to weights. When I do start again, I’m supposed to change the angles on the cable cross to see if that helps.
  • Got the OK to start the standing desk routine next week, with the caveat that I need to watch for worsening plantar fasciitis symptoms and start off with a standing and sitting rotation during the day. He said this was a great thing, though, and that I’ll burn more calories and have fewer health issues if it works out.
  • I asked about daily vitamins and he said the cheap Target men’s multivitamins I’m taking now are fine and that I don’t need to go back to the more expensive GNC sports packs. He said he’s a vitamin minimalist, preferring that people get nutrients through eating well instead. He did say, however, that most people in Minnesota don’t get enough vitamin D, so make sure to get enough of that.

The bottom line is that I’m cleared to run again and will start out slow and short in the beginning and see how that goes before starting a formal training plan for my designated fall marathon.

More on that soon…

Originally published by DK on June 29, 2012 at 5:18 pm

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