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Initial Impressions of the Cosmopolitan

Posted Sunday, September 30th, 2012 05:17 pm GMT -6 in Casinos, Travel

I was really looking forward to this hotel stay. The newest hotel on the Strip still has a buzz and room prices and occupancy rates have stayed high. I’ve walked through it many times and have visited several of the restaurants before, but today I got to check in to an actual room. Some initial thoughts:

  • I hit the check-in area early, as I took the first flight from MSP. The bell desk was efficient and friendly and took care of my bags until a room was ready.
  • The check-in agent did a “pre-check” and gave me card keys. She said they would call me when my room was ready, which would have been great if the cards actually opened the door – had to go all the way back to the lobby to get that resolved.
  • Their casino floor seems a little sparse for some reason – almost like some space isn’t being used right now. Holds must be high, though – not a lot of luck so far.
  • Food is still as good as ever (although I had to wait until 11 to get lunch).
  • The room is pretty cool looking – nice design, W-like quirky furnishings, music playing when I entered, glass shower that opens to the main room and pretty nice technology (large HDTV, touch panel room controls, lots of power plugs, etc.).
  • The TV lost signal a few times, but messing with the cables in back seemed to fix it.
  • 59 floors is really high up, but I’m facing the boring south side. I also thought every room had a balcony? Glad I don’t though, as that would totally freak me out.

A few more pictures after the jump.

Originally published by DK on September 30, 2012 at 5:17 pm

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