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December Will Be Magic Again

Posted Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 08:46 pm GMT -6 in Personal

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update post and I could use a writing workout, so here we are.

Seems like it’s been the season of bummers: the New York cancellation, the onset of winter (with the cold and darkness), missing family and friends, lingering health issues, the never-ending housing saga. In fact, I’d say things have sucked in general since I turned 40. Maybe the 50s will be better – all those old guys seem pretty happy. Either that or they’ve just lost their minds…

But enough downer talk, what’s on the horizon?

Work has been engaging, with several large projects on the white board and some big picture strategic planning to go along with lots of web development and social media items. We lost one of my friends to a property in Kansas, but he’s extended an open invitation to play their awesome golf course whenever I want. Still miss him here, though.

Trying real hard to keep in running shape, but I just can’t get into outdoor winter running. I follow several Minnesota runners on Twitter who love it, but…no. The resort treadmill is tolerable (8-10K max) and I’m hoping the girls will help me become a better swimmer over Christmas break. Next registered road races are in January (26.2) and April (10K); after that will depend on what NYC decides. Anybody home, NYRR?

Speaking of the swimmers, I really miss them during the week: attending awards ceremonies and swim practices and debates – all of it. Facetime is great, but I wish they were here or I was there. That said, they also drive me crazy and this boyfriend thing needs to go away until they move out. And stop texting and liking everything, K?

No big plans for the holidays. With the housing and financial uncertainty, I’m not even sure if we’ll have a tree this year. Other traditions will still make an appearance, though, and I’ll work New Year’s Eve at the resort (sadly without the4onthefloor).

That’s it for now. I could write more, but I better keep my foot away from my mouth.

Cheers from Vermilion!

Originally published by DK on November 27, 2012 at 8:46 pm

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