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Milk Run 2013

Posted Sunday, August 25th, 2013 05:00 pm GMT -6 in Family, Food, Running

It was a warm 80F degrees when I woke up for the 2013 edition of the Minnesota State Fair Milk Run 5K today, with sunny skies and a bit of humidity. This was the sixth year in a row I’ve made kid one run (much to her chagrin) and the third where the kids wanted to run at their own pace.

I wasn’t expected a PR opportunity in this weather, but was hoping to beat last year’s time of 23:53. According to the Garmin, my splits were 6:54, 7:32 (damn those hills) and 7:08, for a final watch time of 22:27 (7:14 pace). It also said there was 102 feet of elevation gain, but it felt like more. That time was good enough for 67th overall and 5th in my age group.

For the first time, we stuck around for part of the awards ceremony, where I learned the top three people in each age group get ribbons. I’ll switch from M40 to M45 next year, which actually might make it harder to get a ribbon: third place needed a 21:05 this year for M40, 20:13 for M45 and 20:29 for M50. Lots of fast old guys!

Kid one kicked it in and beat kid two this year, 41:49 vs. 43:55. Congrats to both of them – so proud (even if they hate doing it).

Today was going to be new food day for me, as we are also going next Saturday for the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert at the Grandstand and I figured I’d save the favorites for then. Turned out I started with Sweet Martha’s Cookies, a Pronto Pup and the Corn Roast, so that didn’t exactly pan out.

I did end up hitting French Meadow for the dough-sant, Cinnie Smiths mini cinnamon rolls, Gizmo sandwich, honey lemonade and honey sticks at the Horticulture Building and Comet Corn from Blue Moon Dine-In Theater. All were OK, but nothing really to add to the classics list. I also had a frozen cider pop from Minnesota Apples and my free vanilla malt at the Dairy Building, both of which felt great in the 96F afternoon sunshine.

On the agenda for next time: another Pronto Pup, Fresh French Fries, Danielson Onion Rings, Ball Park Cafe onion rings, Izzy’s mini donut ice cream, Duke’s Poutine and mac and cheese on a stick from Axel’s Bonfire.

Originally published by DK on August 25, 2013 at 5:00 pm

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