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Macklemore Grandstand Show

Posted Sunday, September 1st, 2013 10:28 pm GMT -6 in Personal

Well, I’ve never been to a Grandstand concert quite like that one. The radar didn’t lie – a big line of thunderstorms moved in during the opener and an announcer came on and said we needed to evacuate due to the lightning. I had asked a security guard before the concert where we should go in the event of severe weather and thankfully there was a corridor right next to us that lead to safety. This happened twice before Talib Kweli came out for a short set, followed by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis just after 10 p.m. (glad the concert curfew is now 11).

As you can see from the set list, M&RL didn’t mess around, jumping right into their biggest songs. I told kid two they should just play those songs again, which they kind of did by playing Can’t Hold Us again for the final encore. The between-song banter was fun and you could tell they truly like playing in Minnesota (or “Minne-A-Napolis,” as the opening DJ kept saying). Glad the rain didn’t dampen the fireworks, which are such a cool way to end these shows.

The show was short, but very entertaining. The sold-out crowd skewed young and both our kids adored it. According to kid two, it was “the greatest thing I have seen in my life so far, and BY FAR THE GREATEST CONCERT I have ever seen in my entire life.” Chris Riemenschneider had a mixed review, which I actually found to be uninformed (how do you not know about the And We Danced video intro?) and a little out of touch (which is unusual for him).

Here’s the set list:

  • Ten Thousand Hours
  • Thrift Shop
  • Same Love
  • Can’t Hold Us
  • White Walls
  • Wing$
  • And We Danced
  • –Encore–
  • Irish Celebration
  • Can’t Hold Us

Up next: Mumford & Sons Wednesday night at Xcel.

Originally published by DK on September 1, 2013 at 10:28 pm

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