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Dinner at 112 Eatery

Posted Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 10:32 pm GMT -6 in Family, Food

Not sure why it took us so long to visit Isaac Becker’s 112 Eatery – it’s been on my list for ages, we’ve been to his newer Bar La Grassa and Burch multiple times and he’s a freakin’ James Beard award-winner, for crying out loud. And tonight it actually happened by accident: we had planned to grab a bar or lounge seat at Saffron across the street (before they close for good on Saturday), but couldn’t get in.

We actually couldn’t get a table at 112 either, but lucked out on two bar seats after a very short wait. John the bartender took good care of us and we had a very nice recovery night out. For drinks, Colleen had a cider from Cold Spring, Minnesota called Milk & Honey, while I had an amazing twist on straight up bourbon called brown butter bourbon. It smelled like caramel corn and felt like it was going to burn through the roof of my mouth – tremendous.

We only had time for two courses, so I started with the Boston Bibb salad with fine herb vinaigrette and parm ($10), which I’m going to call the “Cousin It” salad. Bachelor Farmer still has my all-time favorite salad, but this one was very close. Colleen ordered the salted cucumbers with avocado & orange ($8), which she said was one of the best dishes she’s had all year.

For the main course, Colleen ordered the duck breast with red miso & shiitakes ($27), while I had the pan-roasted short rib with sweet rice cacio e pepe ($25). Both were very good, but did take a while to arrive. Service from John was great, however, and we really liked the overall atmosphere of the room. Too bad we didn’t have time for dessert – they all sounded wonderful. Next time…


Originally published by DK on November 30, 2016 at 10:32 pm

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