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2019 Best Of

Posted Sunday, March 10th, 2019 03:42 pm GMT -5 in Mini Posts, Personal

I kind of forget that City Pages is now owned by the Star Tribune, but it seems to have kept the same editorial vibe as before. I always have liked reading the annual Best of the Twin Cities issue, which you can vote for here (until March 26). Here are a few of my recommendations:

  • Best Place to Buy Art Supplies – Wet Paint on Grand (at least according to my very artsy daughter).
  • Best Movie Theater – Riverview Theater. All of the nominees are solid, but this one is still my favorite.
  • Best Casino – Mystic Lake. It really is in a class by itself (for Minnesota).
  • Best Festival – Minnesota State Fair (don’t really consider it a festival, but whatever). See also: Best Place to People-Watch
  • Best Public Park – Minnehaha Park and Falls. I wish I was riding my bike there right now.
  • Best BBQ – Q Fanatic. Need to get back to the one in Minneapolis soon.
  • Best Breakfast – Keys Cafe & Bakery. Really just the one on Raymond, though.
  • Best Brunch – Martina. I like others just as much (if not more), but this wins out of those five.
  • Best Burger (Classic) – Parlour out of that list, but Saint Dinette’s burger blows all of them away.
  • Best Chinese Restaurant – Rainbow Chinese. I need to go there more often.
  • Best Cocktails – Marvel Bar. Still the best, in a town full of great places to drink.
  • Best Diner – Hi-Lo Diner. Another strong category – we are blessed with many fine diners.
  • Best Distillery – Tattersall Distilling. Those guys rock.
  • Best Dive Bar – Bull’s Horn. Go Team Amy and Doug.
  • Best Fried Chicken – Revival. This is a very, very tough category with many fine options.
  • Best Fries – Barbette. Long time champ retains my title (for that type of fries, anyways).
  • Best Ice Cream – Grand Ole Creamery. Sweet Cream Forever.
  • Best Italian Restaurant – Mucci’s Italian. Chef Chris and Sarge rule.
  • Best Lunch – Cecil’s Deli. Home of my all-time favorite sandwich.
  • Best Mexican Restaurant – Pajarito. Need to go here more often too.
  • Best New Restaurant – In Bloom. Lots of good options, but gotta stay true to my Saint Paul roots.
  • Best Pizza – Punch Pizza (at least out of those five)
  • Best Restaurant Minneapolis – Restaurant Alma. So much has changed, but Alma still holds strong.
  • Best Restaurant St. Paul – Saint Dinette. The default was always Meritage, but the times are a-changin’
  • Best State Fair Food – Pronto Pup. NEVER CORN DOGS.
  • Best Steak – Murray’s Steakhouse. Although you can’t wrong at any of these.

Skipping all of the the music options, as I don’t know what to think of the local scene these days. Rock the vote, yo.

Originally published by DK on March 10, 2019 at 3:42 pm

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