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Pre-Snow Random Thoughts

Posted Monday, November 25th, 2019 08:09 pm GMT -5 in Mini Posts, Personal, Weather

As Minnesota awaits the first big snowfall of the season, it seems like a good time to ponder:

  • Never had them before, but really ready for the nosebleeds to stop (it’s been 1-2 times daily for 12 days now).
  • This website was running slow for a bit and it seems that it was due to a memory leak in ARDagent, of all things.
  • End of the year free time goal: mobile-friendly theme programming.
  • Got our first 16-inch MacBook Pro in the office today: keyboard is nice and the speakers are unbelievable.
  • Baby Yoda and the Mando character are worth getting Disney+ all by themselves.
  • Today I paid off my last ultra-high interest rate credit card from the old days (and it feels great).
  • I’ve stayed away from casinos for a long time, but that all changes for Black Friday Bingo.
  • Speaking of Black Friday sales, kid one will be upgrading her phone this weekend (getting a red iPhone 11).
  • My dad had thyroid cancer surgery at St. John’s hospital and was transferred to Bethesda before having breathing issues. He’s now been in the ICU at St. Joe’s hospital for two weeks and we can’t wait to get him back home.
  • My mother-in-law’s house has been cleaned out and will hopefully be listed for sale this week.
  • I haven’t run or biked in nearly two months and I’m pretty OK with that, to be honest.
  • Plan to start weight training over the winter, but I need some PT on my right rotator cuff (12/3).
  • Still have the +8 prism lens, but I’ve been spending more time without glasses (and visit the eye doctor again 12/24).
  • Hoping to get back to skiing this season: Banff/Lake Louise, Lutsen, Afton, Welch and maybe Colorado.
  • Get to shadow a game at Soldier Field next month in Chicago (vs. Dallas on TNF).
  • The new Star Wars Card Trader app update is nice, but I still can’t figure out how to trade the way I used to.
  • Perfect stars in Two Dots might be my greatest gaming accomplishment ever – love that game.
  • Both kids doing great in school: kid one at Metro State and kid two at St. Paul College.
  • They are also learning a lot at Nive Man University (aka Saint Dinette).
  • Wilco was great at the Palace and I have three more shows in the next week (POLIÇA, Lydia Liza and Dead Man Winter).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Originally published by DK on November 25, 2019 at 8:09 pm