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Sheltering in Lowertown

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Like many people around the world, the pandemic has been a difficult thing for me to process. I don’t have any particular expertise in the science behind it, but I’m married to the Corona Queen, I like to follow sites like this and I spent a lot of time last week getting our office configured and trained for an indefinite work from home scenario. Most of the things listed in my Twitter bio have shut down and it will likely be months before things return to some semblance of normal.

But we are very fortunate to still get outside to walk, run or bike, have money to order take-out from our favorite local restaurants and have reliable high-speed internet to cross off shows we always wanted to watch from our Netflix and HBO lists (and, of course, work from home). MK is doing the distance learning thing for the rest of the school year and SK has picked up some hours here and there helping out the Nive Man with take-out downstairs.

The Minnesota COVID-19 numbers so far pale with those in the hardest hit parts of the country (and world). The reports out of places like New York and Italy are terrifying and I worry about those on the front lines, like my Twitter friend @susanruns, who bravely works long hours to save lives in unimaginable conditions. My colleague was scheduled to start a new position in Hong Kong on April 1, but he is currently in limbo until the international travel and quarantine picture becomes clearer. I’m not sure what will happen with my work, but I’ve been trying to mentally prepare for all the different possibilities.

On the medical front, I had a 17-month MRI check-up this week at Hennepin Healthcare (which I thought might get cancelled under the non-essential procedure executive order). The new clinic building was empty – I was the only one in radiology and only saw one other person in the general waiting room. I never really had claustrophobia before, but now that MRI equipment feels like a torture chamber. Thankfully, the tech was done after two shorts scans (one 30 seconds, one four minutes). The resident that met with me pulled up the image and said everything looked great. Dr. Tummala will make the final call, but I shouldn’t have to go back for two more years. At that point, they will decide if it will be another MRI or a more invasive CT angiogram.

Lastly, the situation with my father’s estate made significant progress the past two weeks. With assistance from our friend John Schuster at Richfield Bloomington Honda, we were able to pay off his car loan and sell the car. Today, with the help of Kary Marpe from Edina Realty, we sold the house on Lombard. I thought that process was going to be challenging, given the hoarding nature of my mom (that would be one of my elementary school pictures above), various repairs needed and the pandemic’s impact on the economy. Kary was amazing, though, accurately pricing and listing the property, resulting in multiple offers by day two. If all goes according to plan, we will close on April 10. All that will be left is my dad’s taxes for 2019 (which shouldn’t be too hard).

Stay safe, y’all!

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Bring ‘em back

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The revolution will not be televised

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Thanks for this, Jason

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Permanent Glasses

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The ongoing saga of my double vision has now lead to a semi-permanent solution. I had always been the one person in my family without glasses, but one of the lasting side effects of my brain aneurysm has been diplopia at farther distances. Thanks to the treatment plans of Dr. Amy Chang and therapist Courtney Mitchell at Hennepin Heathcare, I can now read screens at most distances and watch TV without glasses. Even at farther distances, I can usually find an angle to hold my head to remove any doubling up (although Dr. Chang says that I’m cheating when I do that).

At the end of January, we decided that I’d stop using the 3M Prism inserts in the pair of non-prescription lenses I had purchased from Amazon. We started at a +30 strength in the beginning and dropped all the way down to +8 with the temporary inserts. Dr. Chang wrote a prescription for a permanent pair of glasses that included a +6 Prism for the top half of the lens and some magnification on the bottom half to assist with reading small letters close up (i.e. – cheaters). I’ve had 20/20 vision for most of my life, but age has caught up to me and some things just don’t work the same as they did before (regardless of the aneurysm side effects).

On the advice of a friend, I took the prescription to Warby Parker in the Galleria. Since I’ve never done this before, I wasn’t sure what my insurance would cover, but they had people in the store that seemed knowledgable about my situation and helped me pick out frames and make adjustments for this particular prescription. I paid for everything and was told the glasses would be ready for pick-up and fitting in 7-10 days. After two weeks of not hearing anything, I looked up my order on their website, which had a “please call us about your order” message displayed. No phone calls or emails during this time – WTH? The person I talked to when I called was very nice, but told me that their lab couldn’t produce my prescription, saying the prism strength couldn’t be higher than +5 and that they would just cancel the order. Ugh.

So in the end, I just went to Target Optical in West Saint Paul, which fitted me in a nice pair of Ray-Bans that they shipped in under a week for around $300. It took me a little while to get used to the progressive aspect of my prescription, but once I figured that out, they work really well. I do still prefer to not wear glasses when I can (like right now while I type on the iMac), but it’s nice to have them for driving and for reading the small type on menus in low-light situations. It will be interesting to see how they work for golf and biking later this spring…

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1:49 AM

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My ribs hurt from coughing

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The OG Luncheon

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Thanks, Gardens of Olive!

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THE most powerful tool

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I wonder if that IIc in the corner will boot up

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Our Town

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I buried my Mama and I buried my Pa. They sleep up the street beside that pretty brick wall. I bring them flowers about every day. But I just gotta cry when I think what they’d say…

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RIP Michael Kingsbury, 1946-2020

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It seems like I’ve written way too many “RIP” posts recently and unfortunately that now includes my father Mike, who died on Monday at Saint Joseph’s Hospital in downtown Saint Paul. With Colleen’s mom Jean passing at the end of 2019, we are now officially out of parents/grandparents, which is a really, really tough thing to process.

Dad’s medical journey started back in October when he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He had surgery at Saint John’s Hospital in Maplewood to have his thyroid glands removed. That procedure went fine and the first few times I visited him out there, he was sitting in the chair next to his bed with his iPad playing video poker and could walk around the room. The surgery was close to his vocal cords, though, so he talked in a whisper-voice. Things seemed to be progressing nicely and he was transferred to Bethesda Hospital in Saint Paul, which is now an intermediate care facility in the Fairview system.

After only a few days at Bethesda, I got the first of many calls that said they needed to transfer him to the ICU at Saint Joe’s to deal with more serious complications that they couldn’t handle at Bethesda. These included a chyle leak, heart and breathing issues and the eventual installation of a tracheostomy tube, connection to a ventilator and installation of a pacemaker. Unfortunately, his condition continued to weaken even after these steps were taken, leaving him bedridden and unable to talk. My brother and sister traveled back to Saint Paul last weekend upon the recommendation of the palliative care team at St. Joe’s and we all got to say our goodbyes before he passed away peacefully just before 1 p.m. on Monday afternoon.

Like my mom, my dad loved being a grandparent to our daughters. As I’ve gone back looking for the photos posted below, I remember that he really liked combining his interests with Sasha and Marisa, whether it was a Twins game, a visit to a Disney park or the annual trip to Grand Marais and the North Shore. He loved playing video poker on his iPad (with fake money) and at many of the Minnesota tribal casinos with me and other family members (for real money). He visited me during my time at Fortune Bay, we made many round trip drives from Grand Marais to Grand Portage, used our free spin coupons at Treasure Island, stopped in at Grand Casino Hinckley on the way to Duluth to play the nickel poker machines and occasionally I would even get him to step out at the ritzy Mystic Lake.

The Twins were a huge deal for my dad. I’m super proud of him for going on the team trip to Seattle last year solo. He had partial season tickets for many years and we all liked to attend games with him (or stop by and visit if we had our own tickets). He’d participate in Twins Fest every year, would go to spring training games in Florida with Brian and Patti and had a great time at the bigger events like the All Star Game and last year’s playoff game (stupid Yankees). His man cave is full of Twins bobbleheads and signed baseballs and it will be bittersweet if they have a great season this year – although he did get to experience both 1987 and 1991. I still have the foul ball I got on 9-5-79 at Met Stadium sitting on my desk that he went and had signed after the game by the Twins hitter (Jesus Vega: Twins 8, Royals 3). If I remember right, the KC pitcher was the Mad Hungarian himself, Al Hrabosky.

Thank you to everyone at Mueller-Bies Funeral Home, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and Acacia Park Cemetery for your help in arranging the events scheduled for next week (please see the obituary below for details). Thanks also to everyone who has expressed their condolences and reached out to our family in this time of grief.

Love you, dad. ❤️

Obituary from Mueller-Bies and photo gallery after the jump.

Michael Alvin Kingsbury. September 7, 1946 – February 10, 2020. Age 73, of St. Paul, died on February 10, 2020. Preceded in death by wife, Karen; parents, Alvin & Evalyn; & brother, John. Survived by children, David (Colleen), Brian (Patti), & Lynn; grandchildren, Sasha & Marisa; siblings, Charles, Caroline (Robert) Anfinson & Richard. Mike retired from New York Life. He loved the Twins, the North Shore, Disney, bowling & video poker. His smile & laugh will be missed. Memorial service 11 AM Friday, February 21 at GLORIA DEI LUTHERAN CHURCH, 700 Snelling Ave. S., St. Paul. Visitation 4-7 PM Thursday 2/20 at MUELLER-BIES FUNERAL HOME-ROSEVILLE, 2130 N. Dale St. @ County Rd. B and also at church on Friday from 10-11 AM. Interment Acacia Park Cemetery.

Published in the Pioneer Press on February 16, 2020

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Still so thankful for this place

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Getting all my old person stuff done now

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Room with a view

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Back at St. Joe’s (again)

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Periods of flurries

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Happy birthday to me ❄️

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RIP Jean Kane, 1944-2019

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The Smith Family December Curse has now carried over to the Kane side, as Colleen’s mom Jean passed away on December 30. Add this to my uncle Greg last year, my mom Karen in 2017, my grandfather Donald in 2013 and my grandmother Helen in 2007. January may be cold, but it’s nice to be done with another December.

Grandma Jean had Huntington’s disease, a genetic degenerative neurological disorder that she fought valiantly for many years. Unfortunately, there is no cure and her symptoms eventually forced her out of the house where Colleen grew up in the Midway area of Saint Paul. She moved to assisted care living last summer and had a nice corner room with a view at Sunrise of Roseville.

Jean was a Christmas Eve baby, so we always celebrated her birthday along with the Kane Christmas on the 24th. This year we were fortunate to have Colleen’s brother Dan pick up Jean from Sunrise and bring her over to his house in Oakdale for dinner and cake. She had caught a bit of the flu earlier in the month, but was doing better on her birthday. Thankfully, Colleen and Dan both got to talk to her on the phone earlier on the day she passed, which by all signs was peaceful and without pain.

Thank you to everyone at Mueller-Bies Funeral Home, Saint Columba Catholic Church and Oakland Cemetery for your help in arranging the events of the last two days. Even though funerals are difficult emotionally, it was wonderful to see the outpouring of love and support from family and friends – many of whom we only see at events like this.


Obituary from Mueller-Bies and photo gallery after the jump.

Jean Carol Kane. Age 75, of St. Paul. Beloved Mom and Grandma Passed away December 30, 2019, after battling Huntington’s Disease for six years. Preceded in death by loving husband, James T. Kane; and parents, Francis and Esther Reith. Survived by children, Colleen (David) Kingsbury and Daniel (Alicia) Kane; grandchildren, Sasha and Marisa; siblings, Mary Ann (William) Pozarski and Frank (Jean) Reith; other family and many dear friends and neighbors. Jean loved talking with her friends and family, crossword puzzles, and watching Channel 2. She was loved so much and will be dearly missed. Mass of Christian Burial 11 AM Monday, January 6 at THE CHURCH OF ST. COLUMBA, 1327 Lafond Ave, St. Paul. Interment Oakland Cemetery. Visitation 1-4 PM Sunday at MUELLER-BIES FUNERAL HOME-ROSEVILLE, 2130 N Dale St at Co Rd B, and at the church from 10-11 AM Monday. MUELLER-BIES 651-487-2550
Published in Pioneer Press from Jan. 3 to Jan. 5, 2020

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Still glad I bought that chair

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It will last a lifetime

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Pre-Snow Random Thoughts

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As Minnesota awaits the first big snowfall of the season, it seems like a good time to ponder:

  • Never had them before, but really ready for the nosebleeds to stop (it’s been 1-2 times daily for 12 days now).
  • This website was running slow for a bit and it seems that it was due to a memory leak in ARDagent, of all things.
  • End of the year free time goal: mobile-friendly theme programming.
  • Got our first 16-inch MacBook Pro in the office today: keyboard is nice and the speakers are unbelievable.
  • Baby Yoda and the Mando character are worth getting Disney+ all by themselves.
  • Today I paid off my last ultra-high interest rate credit card from the old days (and it feels great).
  • I’ve stayed away from casinos for a long time, but that all changes for Black Friday Bingo.
  • Speaking of Black Friday sales, kid one will be upgrading her phone this weekend (getting a red iPhone 11).
  • My dad had thyroid cancer surgery at St. John’s hospital and was transferred to Bethesda before having breathing issues. He’s now been in the ICU at St. Joe’s hospital for two weeks and we can’t wait to get him back home.
  • My mother-in-law’s house has been cleaned out and will hopefully be listed for sale this week.
  • I haven’t run or biked in nearly two months and I’m pretty OK with that, to be honest.
  • Plan to start weight training over the winter, but I need some PT on my right rotator cuff (12/3).
  • Still have the +8 prism lens, but I’ve been spending more time without glasses (and visit the eye doctor again 12/24).
  • Hoping to get back to skiing this season: Banff/Lake Louise, Lutsen, Afton, Welch and maybe Colorado.
  • Get to shadow a game at Soldier Field next month in Chicago (vs. Dallas on TNF).
  • The new Star Wars Card Trader app update is nice, but I still can’t figure out how to trade the way I used to.
  • Perfect stars in Two Dots might be my greatest gaming accomplishment ever – love that game.
  • Both kids doing great in school: kid one at Metro State and kid two at St. Paul College.
  • They are also learning a lot at Nive Man University (aka Saint Dinette).
  • Wilco was great at the Palace and I have three more shows in the next week (POLIÇA, Lydia Liza and Dead Man Winter).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Question of the Day

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Good thing they didn’t give me one of those boards

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A long, long time ago

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Aging sucks

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Corey Kitzmann

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I’m not sure there is a better place in the entire world to reflect on life than in a boat on Lake Vermilion…

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One Year of Bonus Time

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It was a year ago today when a blood vessel in my head decided it had enough, resulting in a ruptured aneurysm and subarachnoid hemorrhaging on the train platform outside U.S. Bank Stadium. It was a humbling experience to see the outpouring of love and support from my family and friends throughout my recovery and I will be forever thankful to the good Samaritan in the pickup truck, the first responders that treated me on the platform and the entire staff at Hennepin Healthcare for extending my time on this little planet we call home.

Health-wise, things are almost back to normal. I’m still wearing glasses with a 3M Prism lens on the left side to correct the remaining double vision. The strength of the lens has dropped from +30 to +8 during the past 11 months and the hope is still that I eventually won’t need them at all. I can read most screens without glasses, but the “bilateral 6th nerve palsy” and resulting diplopia at further distances is really the only major remaining issue from October 8, 2018. I’ve been off all of the additional medications from my time in the ICU for a while now and have returned to most physical activities with no issues. In fact, my bike mileage in 2019 sits at 1,058 miles and I’ve played 21 rounds of golf (both of which are a little more challenging with glasses).

I won’t lie, walking past that spot nearly every day is unsettling. It can feel frustrating to not be 100% yet with my vision. And all that weight I lost in the hospital came back with a vengeance. But I am so thankful for having access to high-quality healthcare that didn’t bankrupt our family. This full year of bonus time had some amazing memories: an extra special Thanksgiving with family, the NCAA Final Four, MK’s graduation, Las Vegas with SK, lake visits to Vermilion and Superior, Rib Fest, Summer X Games, another epic State Fair, a quick day trip to Los Angeles, the Saints championship season, more Vikings football and lots of concerts and restaurants. Life at fifty has been good.

So where to from here? I’ll be seeing my eye doctor again soon and I need to get back to my “regular” doctor to start all of the normal old guy things that need to be tested and monitored. Colleen and I head to Maui later this month to check off the second milestone birthday trip that was postponed due to the incident. Hopefully we’ll get the third and final trip scheduled for January. This week I’ll find out about the 2020 London Marathon ballot, which would immediately kick-start a return to running. Quick trip next week to Milwaukee to visit the Buck’s new arena. After the Vikings-Eagles game this weekend, the football season will already be half over. And you know what Steve Miller said about flying eagles…

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Spooky Soirée ‘19

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This artwork is so great

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Shane Koyczan

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If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror…

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Is it, punk?

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Lowertown friends

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Surprise visit from the SK (and my closet needs a cleaning)

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The witching hour approaches

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Hide yourself until dawn…

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Gotta love the VC

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Nothing else quite like it

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RIP Ki Ki Gore, 1934-2019

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She was truly one in a million – sincere condolences to Paul and the family

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Lowertown is closed

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Construction season is everywhere

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The caption says it all

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So proud of our graduate

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Mission Accomplished

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Who let the guy with the TBI win?

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The ride that shaped my childhood

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Add in Star Wars and it was a great time to be a nerdy kid

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He’d be proud of you

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John Denver

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Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, sunshine in my eyes can make me cry…

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Hi, Mom ❤️

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Still haven’t figured out this whole grieving thing

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Random Brain Dump 5.2019

Posted Sunday, May 19th, 2019 02:39 pm GMT -5 in Mini Posts,Personal at 2:39 PM

Some stuff from a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon in Minnesota:

  • I feel like generational labels like Gen X and Millennial are a lazy way to stereotype, blame and criticize groups of people that would never be allowed based on traits other than birth year.
  • On a related note, publications and organizations that use “X Under X” awards are really just ageist money grabs for additional advertising revenue.
  • We really enjoyed BlacKkKlansman – MK couldn’t believe some people are actually like that in real life.
  • Wasn’t sure the Falvey/Levine/Baldelli regime with the Twins would ever take hold, but wow, what a start to the season.
  • Thought we’d be empty-nesters soon, but I’m starting to think you never really get to be empty-nesters.
  • Looks like the WordPress 5.2 update might be secretly breaking things behind the scenes for some websites.
  • The Black Course at Bethpage does appear to be Extremely Difficult.

Vegas next week – prepare for a wave of food and gaming pics here soon…

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Tweet: In honor of Ride To Work Day, I passed 300 miles for the month (and can’t feel my fingertips)

Posted Friday, May 17th, 2019 09:28 pm GMT -5 in Personal at 9:28 PM

In honor of Ride To Work Day, I passed 300 miles for the month (and can’t feel my fingertips)

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The Night The Lights Went Out

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Bonus baseball is the best

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It’s been quite an off-season

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Miss you, mom ❤️

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Mom at Disneyland

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Michael McKean

Posted Sunday, May 12th, 2019 10:03 am GMT -5 in Personal at 10:03 AM

The way it goes is this: your mom has you, and then you have her. And even when she’s gone, you still have her. Magic. Have a happy day…

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A Quick Health Update

Posted Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 10:30 am GMT -5 in Housekeeping,Longform,Personal at 10:30 AM

As promised, a quick health update from the halls of Hennepin Healthcare. I’m still wearing my prism glasses to treat double vision, but ophthalmologist Dr. Amy Chang is happy with the progress so far. She has reduced the strength of the lens twice now and said I can stop bi-weekly occupational therapy after my next appointment later this week. The hope is still to get to no glasses by October, but surgical options remain available if it takes longer than that. I can read my phone without them now and my left eye is really good at seeing far away, while my right is better close up. This has been mildly annoying, but my first attempt at golf while wearing glasses went much better than expected.

Last week’s big news was a successful third cerebral angioplasty to assess the stent and arteries in my head. The procedure had more risk than I realized before getting there (about a 1% chance of the catheter breaking something loose that would cause a stroke), but vascular neurosurgeon Dr. Adam Khan calmly explained everything before I signed the release form. It really amazes me that they can run a tube up the 8mm-wide artery in my leg, past my heart, up to my brain, inject contrast and take an x-ray of the blood vessels in my head. Science, for the win!

With the stent looking good and no signs of other aneurysms, they took me off the blood thinner. Neurologist Dr. Ann Hoang-Tienor has been managing my seizure care, which consists of anti-seizure medication and a review of activities that may be dangerous. At our last appointment, the doctor reduced my dosage a second time (with a goal of eliminating it altogether). She also gave the green light to all outside activities (with the exception of swimming alone), so I purchased a new bike helmet and ordered a new bike that will hopefully arrive in time for the bike challenge at work. Still haven’t returned to any alcohol yet, but she said it would be OK to take it slow and see how my head reacts. I’ve never been a big drinker, but these six months have really revealed what a huge part alcohol plays in fine dining and in many social situations.

Continued thanks to the staff at Hennepin Healthcare and everyone out there who has supported my recovery (and our family).

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2019 Get in Gear 10K

Posted Sunday, April 28th, 2019 05:40 pm GMT -5 in Longform,Personal at 5:40 PM

The 2019 Get in Gear 10K was to be my first race since the TC 10 Mile (and all the fun stuff that happened after that). It was the only thing I had registered for all year and race organizers had reached out to all runners who had done the race for more than ten years in a row (I had a 17-year streak going and had run it one other time too). Unfortunately, my rock star neurosurgeon had other plans and scheduled me for a third angioplasty two days before the race (more on that coming soon in another post).

Regardless of my surgical state, I decided to visit Minnehaha Park on Friday during my lunch break to pick up my number and shirt (I paid for it, right?). I felt pretty good on Saturday morning, so I decided to give it a go (nobody said anything about no walking). The changes to the 5K and half marathon races made for an interesting morning. The half marathoners start at the same time as the 10K runners and their course now goes north to Gold Medal Park in downtown Minneapolis before looping back to reconnect with the 10K finish. The 5K runners started 20 minutes after everyone else, then turned around near Minnehaha Academy. So most of my walk was fairly peaceful and laid back, but it was fun to have the rush of the 5K runners passing me towards the beginning and the half marathoners dashing by at the end.

It was somewhat humbling to be last in my age group for the first time, but as my wife pointed out, it’s likely I was the only one in that group with a brain injury in the last six months. To be honest, I was quite pleased to be under two hours walking (my official chip time of 1:34:47 was good for a 15:16 Minute Mile). Looking back at all my Get in Gear races, my 10K PR would still have only placed 16th in 2019, so major props to the old guys that can run at a sub-six pace.

Registration for the 2020 Get in Gear opens tomorrow and the annual bike challenge starts on Wednesday. Let summer begin!

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New purchases

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Part I – protect the brain

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The Important Stuff

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Growing up, there were two things we never talked about: politics and religion. I’ll leave the latter for another day, but the former is something that I’ve really come to dislike as I’ve grown older. I mean, politics are everywhere, of course, whether it be at work, in the news or at a family gathering. But as far as traditional Republicans versus Democrats, right versus left and conservative versus liberal, I’ve had just about all I can take. I’ve never been a fan of political parties – why can’t all elections be like those for mayor, school board or judge? I don’t need to see an “R” or “D” behind your name – tell me your qualifications, what your positions are and how you came to those conclusions. Party platforms are an intellectual cop-out, in my opinion.

We all form our key values as we mature and I find it interesting how these can change over time (and how they are shaped by our individual experiences and environments). I’ve always held the Golden Rule in high esteem and try to follow the “Thumper Rule” online (“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”). Some of my other favorites?

  • Love and kindness
  • Knowledge, expertise and dedication
  • Fairness and equality
  • Civility and respect

Closely related to these values are other things important to me: family and friends, culture, education, science, history, nature, fitness, sportsmanship, fine food, live music, good writing, silence. I used to think that I hated rules (especially those seemingly arbitrary ones created by “the man”), but really I just hate dumb rules (i.e. – this).

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Physical therapy success!

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Shot 91 from the whites, Ridges at Sand Creek, Jordan, Minnesota

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Asleep or awake?

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Definitely too old for this now

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Thirteen Years of Publishing

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It’s that time of year again – the first 7minutemiles.com post appeared on this domain thirteen years ago today.

Current stats:

  • 10,066 Posts
  • 204 Pages
  • 383 Comments (which are now turned off)
  • 54,914 unique visitors in 2018
  • 1,687,856 pages displayed in 2018

Still running WordPress (currently 5.1.1) with my custom theme and 17 plugins on the old Mac mini server colocated in Las Vegas. Favorite plugins: Wordfence Security, VaultPress, Intagrate and Really Simple SSL. Yes, I finally made the move this year to SSL using Let’s Encrypt, Certbot and that SSL plugin. I experimented with some form plugins for data entry on the golf, run and bike pages, but I didn’t like any of them. Planning to just write some custom code when I find the time. I’ve also given up on using a plugin to make the site more mobile-friendly, so at some point I’ll just have to learn the design and coding techniques to deal with that using my existing theme.

The old Tapemark Charity Pro-Am online leaderboards have a historical home now here. We had a new foodie join our team at the stadium, so I created a food page to summarize some of my favorite places in Minnesota. My upcoming races, concerts and sporting events are now displayed in the home page footer (and stored in a new database). The Biography and Résumé pages have some small updates. Video and photos still need a lot of love in the coming months and the mysterious SSL/emoji issue still needs resolution…

As always, thanks for visiting!

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Shoppin’ Day

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Comfortable clothes – don’t care what size anymore

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Rayette Stairwell A

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After two years of avoidance, I now take this one to get to the train

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Tapemark Memories

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Old scoreboards now available on the ProAm page

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Sounds good to me

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Fortune cookies always make me think of the Simpsons

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RIP Bob Klas, Sr. 1928-2019

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When I was three years old, Bob Klas, Sr. and Pat Cody founded a charity golf tournament at Southview Country Club to raise money for Minnesota children and adults living with developmental disabilities. I started supporting the event after tournament president Phil Callen read about my CD-ROM guide to Minnesota golf in a Pioneer Press story written by Gregg Wong (who also wrote about the tournament). This started an 18 year run that included multiple versions of the tournament website, thousands of lines of code, hundreds of photographs and one very stressful long weekend every June. I even got to play in the event one year, shooting two embarrassingly high numbers and failing to make the cut.

Last year, the Klas family decided to find a new group to continue the tradition and the tournament has transitioned to the leadership of the Minnesota Section of the PGA. They have launched a new website and will take over all tournament operations this year. I plan to add a Tapemark section to this site, so that people can still view the old scoreboard pages and view some of my favorite photos from past tournaments.

Last Friday, Bob Senior died at the age of 91. My condolences go out to the entire Klas family, many of whom I have had the pleasure to spend considerable time with since joining the Tapemark family. That’s really what it was too, a family. It was always so great to see Bob Senior at the drawing banquet and driving his golf cart around on tournament weekend with wife Sandy by his side. His son Bob Junior is a wonderful person too, although I’m not 100% convinced he really likes golf all that much.

Pics and obituary after the jump. UPDATE: the 7MM Tapemark page is here.

Robert C. Klas Sr. Age 91 February 26, 1928 – March 8, 2019 Passed away at Lilydale Senior Living in Lilydale, MN, surrounded by family. Former President and CEO of the Tapemark Company in West St. Paul, Bob was a continuing member of the Board of Directors. Born and raised in Wabasha, MN, he was the second oldest of nine children. It was when he was in high school that Bob began his career in business when he purchased, along with his older brother Dan, a full-sized portable popcorn stand. It was through his paper route, home chores, the popcorn business, and his living away from home while working the rails as a teenager that he learned the importance of dedication and hard work. Upon graduating from Wabasha High School in 1946, Bob spent the following two years in the U.S. Navy before entering Hamline University in 1948. It was when he was a student at Hamline that Bob met and married the former Frances Alexandra “Sandra” Boardman. Together they raised six children. Upon graduating from Hamline, he soon was hired at the one-machine Tapemark Company. Bob eventually purchased Tapemark, building it into one of the premier tape- and adhesive- label printing companies in the Upper Midwest before transforming the business into a medical device and pharmaceutical contract manufac-turer with end-use customers located throughout the world. In 1967, Bob was named “Small Businessman of the Year” by the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce. Tapemark was twice voted Best Managed Company in its industry under his leadership. Later in his career, Bob led a turn-around of WTC Industries, serving as its Chairman until the company was sold to CUNO Industries. Parents of two special needs children, Bob and Sandy were deeply connected to the Saint Paul Association for Retarded Children. It was this association that inspired Bob to found and co-direct the Tapemark Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament in 1972. Annually held over three days each June, the Pro-Am is recognized as part of the unofficial Grand Slam of golf for the MN PGA Section. Over its 47-year history, the Pro-Am has raised nearly $8 million for special needs children and adults. Included in his numerous business board memberships was his time as Director and Chair of WTC Industries. A very proud alumnus of Hamline University, Bob served two terms as a member of the Board of Trustees, and later was elected a Life Trustee of Hamline in recognition of his long support and dedication to the University. He is survived by his wife Sandra; his children Margaret (Phil) Johnson, Robert (Linda) Klas, Elizabeth (Reid) Polome, Thomas and Christine (Brian) Nelson; his grandchildren Katherine Johnson, Charles Johnson, Scott Klas, Lauren Klas, Annie Polome, Samuel Polome, Christopher Polome and Kate (Jonathan) Plett; his great-grandchildren Noah Johnson and Lily Plett; sisters Mary Peterson, Janet Roberts and Alice (Chuck) Harrison; sisters-in-law Mary Lou Klas, Louise Klas, and Evelyn Morse; as well as many nieces and nephews and grandnieces and grandnephews. Preceded in death by his daughter Frances; parents Thomas and Gertrude; brothers Daniel, James and William; sisters Carol Carr and Harriet King. Visitation will be held on Wednesday, March 13 at Willwerscheid Funeral Home, 235 Wentworth Avenue West, West St. Paul from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Funeral service will be held on Friday, March 15 at the United Church of Christ, 317 2nd Street West, Wabasha, MN, at 1:00 PM. A visitation will also be held at the church one hour before the funeral service. Interment will be at Riverview Cemetery in Wabasha. Memorials preferred to the United Church of Christ in Wabasha.

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2019 Best Of

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I kind of forget that City Pages is now owned by the Star Tribune, but it seems to have kept the same editorial vibe as before. I always have liked reading the annual Best of the Twin Cities issue, which you can vote for here (until March 26). Here are a few of my recommendations:

  • Best Place to Buy Art Supplies – Wet Paint on Grand (at least according to my very artsy daughter).
  • Best Movie Theater – Riverview Theater. All of the nominees are solid, but this one is still my favorite.
  • Best Casino – Mystic Lake. It really is in a class by itself (for Minnesota).
  • Best Festival – Minnesota State Fair (don’t really consider it a festival, but whatever). See also: Best Place to People-Watch
  • Best Public Park – Minnehaha Park and Falls. I wish I was riding my bike there right now.
  • Best BBQ – Q Fanatic. Need to get back to the one in Minneapolis soon.
  • Best Breakfast – Keys Cafe & Bakery. Really just the one on Raymond, though.
  • Best Brunch – Martina. I like others just as much (if not more), but this wins out of those five.
  • Best Burger (Classic) – Parlour out of that list, but Saint Dinette’s burger blows all of them away.
  • Best Chinese Restaurant – Rainbow Chinese. I need to go there more often.
  • Best Cocktails – Marvel Bar. Still the best, in a town full of great places to drink.
  • Best Diner – Hi-Lo Diner. Another strong category – we are blessed with many fine diners.
  • Best Distillery – Tattersall Distilling. Those guys rock.
  • Best Dive Bar – Bull’s Horn. Go Team Amy and Doug.
  • Best Fried Chicken – Revival. This is a very, very tough category with many fine options.
  • Best Fries – Barbette. Long time champ retains my title (for that type of fries, anyways).
  • Best Ice Cream – Grand Ole Creamery. Sweet Cream Forever.
  • Best Italian Restaurant – Mucci’s Italian. Chef Chris and Sarge rule.
  • Best Lunch – Cecil’s Deli. Home of my all-time favorite sandwich.
  • Best Mexican Restaurant – Pajarito. Need to go here more often too.
  • Best New Restaurant – In Bloom. Lots of good options, but gotta stay true to my Saint Paul roots.
  • Best Pizza – Punch Pizza (at least out of those five)
  • Best Restaurant Minneapolis – Restaurant Alma. So much has changed, but Alma still holds strong.
  • Best Restaurant St. Paul – Saint Dinette. The default was always Meritage, but the times are a-changin’
  • Best State Fair Food – Pronto Pup. NEVER CORN DOGS.
  • Best Steak – Murray’s Steakhouse. Although you can’t wrong at any of these.

Skipping all of the the music options, as I don’t know what to think of the local scene these days. Rock the vote, yo.

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I am *very* aware

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March is brain injury awareness month

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Third vehicle since October

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Making progress

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Good luck, Rob – please support

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Wish I could see the ball

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Return to this game will be a while, unfortunately

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This story hits close to home

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Things I miss right now

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  • My mom (and her dad and brother)
  • 20/20 vision
  • Prince, Petty and Bowie
  • Running (and My People)
  • Marathon-level fitness
  • Mountain skiing
  • Warm weather
  • Disneyland (and World)
  • Happy Hour (with no happy)

Keeping a positive outlook and all, but this is still truth…

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I guess I’m still OK with winter

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Although not for too long, please

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Thankful for the choo-choo

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Glad we have these

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Blood-thinners are no joke

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The Year Ahead

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I’ve never been big on year-end lists or goal summaries here, but I’ve always done a fair amount of goal-setting privately. This past year has put a different spin on my perspective, so I thought it might be useful to share a few things as 2019 gets started. In hindsight, a lot of my previous health goals seem rather vain compared to plain old recovery. And how fortunate was I in the past to just want to run faster, bike farther or finish another marathon? Now, regaining my normal vision (without prism lenses) is goal #1, followed closely by getting cleared to resume driving and riding a bike. I’m very thankful that the outlook for all of these things is good – much of this might happen by the middle of March.

Since Dr. Tummala gave me the OK to resume treadmill running, I’ve felt good the past week, with three slowish runs totaling 7.1 miles. I also did one nine mile ride on a stationary bike and resumed doing light dumbbell repeats. Not really sure what workout goals to set for 2019 – the only race I’m registered for is the Get in Gear 10K in April and I’d really like to participate in the Bike to Work challenge again in May. Beyond that, I just want to stay consistent all year and not have any big gaps in my charts (which happened twice in 2018). It would be nice to return to regular weekly runs with WeRunMpls once the ice melts and I’d love to reschedule a ski trip for next season (Banff, Colorado or Schweitzer). Lots of golf outings to schedule with people too.

The doctors cleared a return to air travel already, but money and time will be limited. The original plan was to give each person in our family a trip for their respective milestone birthday in 2019, but all of those plans are on hold for the time being. Most likely options? A quick Las Vegas trip after the Final Four and maybe a work trip to the annual Cisco conference, which is in San Diego this year (June 9-13). And of course Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens in both Florida and California this year, but that will likely fall in the Tokyo/Lanai/Switzerland dream trip category for the time being.

With the Vikings season over, my job shifts focus to the Final Four on April 6th and 8th. We have four large events before then (two trade shows and two dirt shows), but there is a lot to do before “the road ends” in Minneapolis. Then we get to break down that setup for Garth Brooks and his sold-out stadium tour before prepping for Summer X Games (version 3.0). Since X Games moves to early August, there won’t be a lot of time between that and football pre-season. With all that work to do, maybe I should start daydreaming again about building a tiny cabin on the North Shore to escape to with the family…

Wow, how lucky am I to be writing this post? Happy New Year to all of you – may 2019 be full of love, health and prosperity!

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Happy New Year everyone

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Let’s do this thing, 2019

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RIP Greg Smith, 1946-2018

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Decembers have not been kind to the Smith side of the family. Eleven years ago, I lost my grandmother Helen Smith on the day after Christmas. In 2013, my grandfather Donald Smith passed away on December 30th. Last year, my mom died on December 22nd. This year, we learned that my mom’s brother Greg passed away early Christmas morning in Spokane, Washington.

Uncle Greg was kind, generous, funny and progressive. He grew up in Minnesota and went to law school here before heading west. He briefly led my dream life as a ski bum, running chair lifts at Schweitzer and living in the slope-side Tamarack condo that I would visit every spring break from age nine through college. Later, I would bring both daughters to visit several times (one time via Amtrak’s Empire Builder and one time in the Mini Cooper). He was hired by the city of Spokane as an attorney and eventually became a hearing examiner before retiring. I vaguely remember his old house in the valley and vividly remember the blue house up the hill from downtown on 8th. He had a fondness for old station wagons (VW and Volvo) and I’m not sure if he ever bought a new car from a dealer.

Greg was very active and definitely helped shape my love of skiing and running. The spring break trips were great, as my mom worked for the airlines and I could fly to Spokane for free (I also loved that the Spokane airport code was GEG). Schweitzer didn’t always have the best snow cover in the spring, but there was always plenty of sunshine and I usually returned to school red as a lobster. As I recently posted, frequent stops at The Station House restaurant were a given and I’m pretty sure I wore out the Lee Oskar cassette tape Before the Rain.

Greg’s birthday was two days after Christmas (he would’ve been 72 tomorrow), which was just close enough to usually get the shaft as far as dual celebrations go. He was always so generous with my brother and sister, though, opening Spokane bank accounts that he always deposited money in every Christmas and birthday. When each of us turned 18, he would present a large check that we could use for college, new skis or whatever we wanted. Later, he did the same thing for my girls (he was also MK’s godfather).

I didn’t make it out to Spokane much outside of winter, but do remember running the Bloomsday 12K race with him in 1996 (he ran almost every year with a big group of friends). Speaking of friends, Greg had a million of them. It was impossible to walk around the lodge at Schweitzer without a ton of people stopping to say hi. Greg never married, but had several girlfriends I met over the years and his long friendship with the Barbieri family was special. I also seem to remember playing golf at Indian Canyon one year and having dinner downtown at Clinkerdagger, Bickerstaff and Petts (which apparently goes by just Clinkerdagger these days).

Thanks, Greg – you will be dearly missed…❤️

Legacy.com Obituary:

Passed away early on Christmas Day, 2018 after a stroke. He was preceded in death by his parents, Donald and Helen Smith and older sister Karen Kingsbury. Survived by bother Jeff (Joyce Riestenberg-Smith) and sisters Stacey Kohner (Richard) and Linda Arcand (David) and brother-in-law Michael Kingsbury. Nieces and nephews: David Kingsbury (Colleen), Brian Kingsbury (Patty), Lynn Kingsbury, Thomas Smith (Jean), Peter Smith, Laura (Aaron) Moser; great grandnieces and nephews Sasha, Marisa, Arianna, Galen, Wyatt and Ethan. Greg was born and grew up in St. Paul, went to Central High School (’64) and then to the University of Minnesota. He loved sports and the outdoors and spent 7 summers on the staff at YMCA Camp St. Croix. At the U, Greg was very active in The Kappa Sigma Fraternity, playing IM sports, acting in Campus Carnival shows, and singing in a University Chorus. He went on to the U’s Law School, graduating in 1972. After spending 2 years, working for a judge in Winona, Greg and a group of friends headed west, looking for new professional and recreational challenges. The group found Sandpoint Idaho and Spokane Washington, and after passing the bar in both states, Greg went to work for the city of Spokane. He was an Administrative Law Judge when he retired in 2013. Greg said he never regretted moving west. Spokane seemed a perfect size to him, and he enjoyed the cultural and sporting opportunities available. He loved the Blooms Day runs in the spring and Skiing at Schweitzer in the winter and in between there were rivers, lakes and trails to explore by foot, canoe or bike. Greg was a very social person. When he was younger, he volunteered regularly with Big Brothers. He met people easily and developed a large base of friends for book clubs, traveling or just general good times. He was also very active in supporting social causes. Those supported ranges from Doctors Without Borders to the Humane Society. Greg’s last years were hard. He battled depression and health issues and in the end he couldn’t defeat them. As a memorial to Greg please make a donation to a cause you feel needs support. He’d be proud of you. A private family memorial has been held.

Published in Pioneer Press on May 19, 2019

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Let the jokes begin

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I’m old

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Thinking of grandpa (and mom)

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The holidays are still tough

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A Holiday Update from HCMC

Posted Saturday, December 22nd, 2018 10:44 am GMT -5 in Family,Food,Mini Posts,Personal at 10:44 AM

Quick update from the medical professionals this week on my recovery. I had two appointments this week, one with my occupational therapist and a rare one-on-one visit with my neurovascular surgeon, Dr. Tummala. He has been named a “Top Doctor” with Mpls.St.Paul Magazine three years in a row and only visits HCMC one half day a month, so this was a special treat to get to talk with him in person.

Good news to report on all fronts: the therapist has reduced my appointments from once a week to once every other week, Dr. Tummala was pleased with my progress and approved me to start running on the treadmill, OK’d air travel and said my eyes look like they will be strong enough in another three months to not need glasses at all. We went over the results of the recent MRI and looked at a lot of scans that showed the aneurysm and the stents. I learned more about “prominent infundibulums” and why they are important to what happened to me. I should also get to stop taking the new medications they added when I left the hospital by March. So good news all around.

The only sad thing this week was the letter I received from my primary care doctor, Dr. Amal Chaniara, which said he is leaving Allina Health at the end of the year. Dr. Chaniara has been wonderful and I wish him the best of luck with his future career opportunities. He is a great doctor who really took the time to discuss things with me and I will miss seeing him.

Lastly, big shout out to the HCMC cafeteria (see above). Hospital food gets a bad rap in general, but the food and service at the cafeteria has been great. Reasonable prices, friendly staff and a wide selection of options mean I usually stop in after appointments in the new building to grab a quick bite. Not sure they always follow the latest health guidelines when it comes to what they offer, but that’s fine by me…

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Happy to see you, treadmill

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Never thought I’d ever say that – first two miles back

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My Insty 2018 Top 9

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Super Bowl, Vikings, then all recovery shots

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Scene of my incident; artwork in the new Hennepin Healthcare building

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Personal Records & Mileage

  • Mile - 6:10
  • 5K - 21:42
  • 10K - 44:40
  • Half - 1:38:40
  • Full - 3:43:32
  • 50K - 7:37:00
  • 2021 Run Mileage: 292.1
  • 2021 Bike Mileage: 420.8

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Upcoming Races

  • Milk Run 5K - 8/29/21

Upcoming Sporting Events

  • Saints vs. IND - 8/1/21
  • Vikings vs. Denver - 8/14/21
  • Saints vs. Iowa - 8/18/21
  • Twins vs. Cleveland - 8/18/21
  • Vikings vs. Indy - 8/21/21
  • Saints vs. Omaha - 9/12/21
  • Vikings vs. Seattle - 9/26/21
  • Vikings vs. Browns - 10/3/21
  • Vikings vs. Lions - 10/10/21
  • Vikings vs. Cowboys - 10/31/21
  • Vikings vs. Packers - 11/21/21
  • Vikings vs. Steelers - 12/9/21
  • Vikings vs. Rams - 12/26/21
  • Vikings vs. Bears - 1/9/22

Upcoming Concerts

  • Robert Cray Band - 8/16/21, Canterbury Park
  • Doobie Brothers - 8/31/21, Grandstand
  • Semisonic - 9/10/21, First Avenue
  • Trampled By Turtles & Wilco - 9/18/21, Treasure Island
  • Rollings Stones - 10/24/21, USBS
  • Charlie Parr - 11/5/21, NorShor Theater
  • George Strait - 11/13/21, USBS
  • Dave Simonett - 11/26/21, Fitzgerald
  • Elton John - 3/22/22, Xcel
  • Cloud Cult - 4/1/22, Orchestra Hall
  • The Dirty Knobs - 4/4/22, Fine Line
  • Rage Against the Machine - 5/15/22, Target Center
  • Kenny Chesney - 8/6/22, USBS
  • Def Leppard - 8/14/22, USBS
  • Rammstein - 8/27/22, USBS

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