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Jon Cheng Restaurant Reviews

I originally was critical (no pun intended) of the new Star Tribune food critic, Jon Cheng. Then he went on Niver’s podcast (above) and wrote a lot more (both formal reviews and other things like Q and A columns and first looks) and now I’m a fan. Since the Strib’s online search and staff bio pages are not the greatest, I decided to go find all of his reviews and put them in one spot. Here are all the ones I’ve found, sorted by rating and date published:

Three and a Half Stars *** ½

Three Stars ***

Two and a Half Stars ** ½

Two Stars**

One Star *


  • His star scale has always been listed as 1 star = satisfactory, 2 stars = recommended, 3 stars = highly recommended and 4 stars = exceptional. Some reviews list the stars, then have words, others just the stars.
  • No four star reviews (so far). His story about why Minnesota should have a Michelin Guide is a must read, though (as are all the full reviews now).
  • Jealous that he’s been to Demi ten times over the past two years, while I have not yet gone once.
  • Seems weird that Cheng is hardly ever a part of the weekly “5 Best Things” stories, no?
  • Favorite shared trait: we both love large clown fries, hot and fresh with no ketchup. 🍟
Originally published by DK on February 15, 2024 at 3:38 pm in Food, Mini Posts, News, Reading

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