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The Bluegrass Promenade

Pic posted January 29, 2023

All are welcomed by the ribbeting ballads of the Bluegrass Promenade! @TwoDots

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New music alert! New music alert!

Pic posted January 28, 2023

The Arcs second album, Electrophonic Chronic

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Our Hultgren wall makes me happy

Pic posted January 26, 2023

He painted other spots, but the ones in the Northland are just 💯

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The Symphonic Swamp

Pic posted January 15, 2023

Frogs in the bog, croakers playing poker, it’s a real get toad-gether at the Symphonic Swamp @TwoDots

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Baba’s Brilliant Flip

Pic posted January 11, 2023

We fawned over Baba’s Brilliant Flip! #TwoDots

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The Soapy Station

Pic posted January 11, 2023

We slipped and slid through the Soapy Station. Don’t wash away! @TwoDots

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The Bubbling Bastion

Pic posted December 25, 2022

Twirling and whirling in the Bubbling Bastion. The pops never stop. @TwoDots

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Sleigh it ain’t so!

Pic posted December 15, 2022

That’s a wrap on Holly Jolly Flip! #TwoDots

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At the end of another one ✅

Pic posted December 3, 2022

Thanks, BK, for this wonderful tradition

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Always fun to find (semi) new stuff

Pic posted December 2, 2022

Somehow missed this in 2020 (Sun Racket by Throwing Muses)

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Our personal seasonal florist

Pic posted November 22, 2022

…strikes again 💯

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That vase looks familiar

Posted November 22, 2022

Somebody raided my childhood home

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Aerial Abodes

Pic posted November 18, 2022

What colorful woodwork! @TwoDots

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Alvaro’s Arboreal Flip!

Pic posted November 15, 2022

We had a tree-mendous time at Alvaro’s Arboreal Flip! #TwoDots

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Migrating Meadows

Pic posted November 14, 2022

Birdwatching is never boring in the Migrating Meadows. How Majestic! @TwoDots

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Rock the Vote

Pic posted November 7, 2022

Now is the votin’ times

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Welcome to November 2022

Pic posted November 1, 2022

Can’t believe this calendar is almost done

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The artist and her art

Pic posted October 25, 2022

Love the latest canvas ❤️

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Cora’s Creepy Flip!

Pic posted October 13, 2022

No basic witches here, only winners! @TwoDots

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Thanks for the tower, Cap

Pic posted October 9, 2022

Highland Water Tower 2022 fall open house

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Actually got October posted on 10/1

Pic posted October 1, 2022

Lots of great WDW memories in that collage

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The Feline Feast

Pic posted September 21, 2022

The sushi is purr-fect at the Feline Feast, we’re not kitten around. @TwoDots

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Helen’s Heroic Flip

Pic posted September 11, 2022

We undertook an epic effort to defeat Helen’s Heroic Flip! #TwoDots

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Contains real adventure

Pic posted September 6, 2022

Get wrapped up on the Candy Coast! @TwoDots

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Disney World September

Pic posted September 2, 2022

I miss the Magic Kingdom

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