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Another great LVTC night @ Target Field

Pic posted September 26, 2023

Good luck to John and the entire Twins organization with the post-season ⚾️

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And that’s a wrap on 2023 Saints ⚾️

Pic posted September 24, 2023

Just a beautiful day @ CHS Field with some serious star power in the house (but still lost 3-2 to the Mudhens). See you next March! #FreePeanutsTasteBetter

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Penultimate Twins game = Mor Chikin

Pic posted September 8, 2023

Lovely fall evening, plus Twins beat the Mets, 5-2

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Trolls at the ballpark ⚾️

Pic posted August 20, 2023

All the way around the field @ Target Field (Twins vs. Pittsburgh, home team wins 2-0)

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Michael Birawer @ CHS Field ✅

Pic posted August 13, 2023

Very fun to meet one of our favorite Minnesota artists today at the Saints game (Saints lost 8-6 to the Louisville Bats in a rain-shortened game).

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Seigo’s Shochu Cocktails

Pic posted July 28, 2023

Didn’t try this last night, but will try them next game for sure (Saints lost 5-4 to the Mud Hens)

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Saints tailgating @ Saint Dinette

Pic posted July 27, 2023

Sometimes you need more than ballpark concessions ⚾️ 🍔

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Before Joe Ryan got lit up ⚾️

Pic posted July 9, 2023

Rough outing for the hometown nine, lose to Baltimore 15-2

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Baseball fun with the Royals ⚾️

Pic posted July 6, 2023

Thanks, KF!

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Carlos Correa 1000th Hit ⚾️

Pic posted July 4, 2023

That was fun to see – nice job by the Twins in-house graphics team too on the video. Final: Twins 9, Royals 3

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My new baseball fave ⚾️ 🐓

Pic posted June 18, 2023

Original Fried Chicken @ Target Field

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Tropicana NO MOR? 🎰 ⚾️

Pic posted June 1, 2023

OK, I kinda dig these renderings from the A’s: 30,000-seat capacity @ $1.5 billion

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Our only St. Paul look at Royce? ⚾️

Pic posted May 25, 2023

Sounds like he won’t be around by our next Saints game

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Baseball and Mucci’s Italian

Pic posted May 14, 2023

All the requests for Mother’s Day 2023

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Never saw that before ⚾️

Pic posted May 13, 2023

Foul ball at the Saints game took out the “P” at the Fries and Pies stand @ CHS Field

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Mud Grant is so cute 🐷💜

Pic posted May 4, 2023

Saints lose to Nashville in 10 innings, 10-8

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Pre-game Dinette 💯 ⚾️

Pic posted May 4, 2023

Way better food and drinks than in the stadium – new bar seats, bramble cocktail, fromage and spam & peas

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Official Fried Chicken @ Target Field 🐔⚾️

Pic posted April 30, 2023

Great chicken, fries and dipping sauce – would get again for sure

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More cold April baseball ⚾️ 🥶

Pic posted April 20, 2023

Hopefully the last cold game, Saints vs. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre @ CHS Field, delayed start due to rain, 4/20 promotions, new chicken biscuit with gravy bowl, smore kits at the fireside seats in right field, new POS units (Saints win 5-4)

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First look at the new big board

Pic posted April 9, 2023

Congrats to the Twins crew on all the new toys – looks great! ⚾️

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St. Paul Saints home opener ⚾️🥶

Pic posted April 6, 2023

Chased the sun around the stadium, wore my snow pants plus three layers (39F), solid mac & cheese dog, lots of sun and wind, debut of Mud Grant, costly errors + bad relief pitching = Saints lose to the Iowa Cubs, 12-11 @ CHS Field

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Almost forgot I had this hat

Pic posted March 17, 2023

Really need to go through that giant pile of hats in the closet

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Link: Replacing Bill Murray and Mike Veeck with venture capitalists should be Just Fine™

Linked March 16, 2023

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Welcome Kingsbury family! ⚾️

Pic posted March 13, 2023

Big thanks to the Twins staffers who tracked this down for us

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Minnesota Day ‘23 @ Hammond Stadium ⚾️

Pic posted March 5, 2023

Last day of spring training baseball (for us). Twins beat Detroit 6-2 and huge thanks to the Detlefsen family for an awesome tailgate experience!

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