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Atlanta Hawks in the crib 🏀

Pic posted April 12, 2024

Penultimate regular season game (and KAT BACK)
109-106 W

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Washington Wizards in the crib 🏀

Pic posted April 9, 2024

Ant Man with the 51
130-121 W

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🫡 2024 March Madness Music Festival

Posted April 6, 2024

Not quite as good as my year, but still impressive:

  • Leon Bridges
  • Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
  • The Black Keys
  • Mumford & Sons

Nicely done, Phoenix…

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Hosers in the crib 🏀

Pic posted April 3, 2024

Might be the first time I’ve heard O Canada at Target Center
133-85 W

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Houston Rockets @ Minnesota 🏀

Pic posted April 2, 2024

A Tuesday night clash in Minneapolis
113-106 W

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Jordan’s team in the crib 🏀

Pic posted March 31, 2024

Coby White with the stare down (and amazing hairdo)
101-109 L

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Detroit Pistons (12-60) in the crib 🏀

Pic posted March 27, 2024

Any given Wednesday…
106-91 W

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Back in the crib (with pyro!) 🏀🔥

Pic posted March 22, 2024

Cleveland @ Minnesota
104-91 W

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MSP is Johnny on the spot 🏀 ✈️

Pic posted March 18, 2024

Nice work, Eduardo, on having that up to date bracket on the F concourse the day after

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Congratulations to Illinois on the Big 10 🏆

Pic posted March 17, 2024

Illini beats Bucky, 93-87

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Big 10 Basketball Tournament 🏀 ✅

Pic posted March 17, 2024

Fun to be back in the saddle on these big events

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Bucky makes the final 🏀

Pic posted March 16, 2024

Knocks off #1 seed Purdue in OT, 76-75

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Quarterfinal Friday 🏀

Pic posted March 15, 2024

Four more: Sparty v. Purdue, Bucky v. Northwestern, THE Ohio State v. Illinois & Indiana v. Nebraska

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That’s a wrap – congrats to Iowa 🏀

Pic posted March 10, 2024

13 games down, 13 to go (see you Wednesday)

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Calm before the storm 🏀

Pic posted March 10, 2024

Women’s Championship Game – #2 Iowa vs. #5 Nebraska

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Today’s self-care: TC Parlour Burger 🍔

Pic posted March 8, 2024

Still not quite the same as the restaurants, but it hit the spot

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Caitlin Clark in the crib 🏀

Pic posted March 8, 2024

This is like that picture of me and Rod Carew at Met Stadium

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Strib’s 21 slam-dunk downtown joints

Posted March 7, 2024

Need to keep this list handy for future work outings:

Been to most of these, but forget about some of them being so close to the crib…

Photo credit: Anthony Souffle • Star Tribune

UPDATE: Twin Cities Eater weighs in with their choices as well.

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Had to bring in more gear

Pic posted March 7, 2024

First year I’ve missed The Tourney in a while, but the iPad setup will have to do this year

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And they’re off! 26 games in 8 days 🏀

Pic posted March 6, 2024

#13 Northwestern vs. #12 Purdue

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They’re here – watch the action live 🏀

Pic posted March 5, 2024

So. Much. Basketball.

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Portland Trailblazers in the crib 🏀

Pic posted March 4, 2024

The view from IT during pre-game is 💯
Home team W, 119-114

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L.A. Clippers back in the crib 🏀

Pic posted March 3, 2024

James Harden’s beard is my favorite thing about the Clippers. Westbrook out this time (but the visitors prevail, 89-88)

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Sacramento Kings @ Minnesota 🏀

Pic posted March 1, 2024

LVTC Night in the crib – bonus basketball, but the home team falls short in OT, 120-124

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Grizzlies in the crib 🏀

Pic posted February 28, 2024

What a nice looking backup shot clock – fantastic job by the crew
Another home team W, 110-101

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