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Minneapolis Scenes

Pic posted April 6, 2024

Snaps from yesterday’s stroll across the river

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More new merch for CK

Pic posted April 5, 2024

The Carters are shrewd businesspeople 💰

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ba da ba ba ba 🍟

Pic posted April 3, 2024

Large clown fries for a dollar is probably my favorite app promotion of all time

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If ‘boiling the oceans to run the server farms’ isn’t number one on your ‘existential risks to humanity posed by Al’ then you can stop talking about existential risks to humanity forever thanks…

— The research fairy

Quote posted March 31, 2024

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The walls have come down

Pic posted March 30, 2024

Hawthorne/Ramp A lobby construction is nearing completion

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Top 7 Worst Ad Channels 👎

Posted March 29, 2024

Usually try to keep it positive around here, but wow are ads getting terrible:

  • iOS gaming ads
  • Anything on YouTube
  • Hulu (With Ads)
  • Over the air radio ads
  • Instagram “Sponsored” content
  • Email spam/junk folders
  • Most commercial websites

Could we at least get back to having funny ones? Oh, almost forgot about movie theaters that show anything other than upcoming trailers…

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Link: British Library cyber incident

Linked March 29, 2024

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Snaptacular. 📱

Pic posted March 25, 2024

Wonder how much First Ave makes annually from Apple

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Track Shack Orlando

Pic posted March 24, 2024

Hey, I know that guy!

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We found a throwback Target 🎯

Pic posted March 18, 2024

Fort Myers has a Super Target near our hotel that is…not really following the latest Target design standards

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Did not see this announcement coming

Pic posted March 18, 2024

Mystic Lake to open first U.S. LaunchPad Golf facility in 2025

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Look at that handsome guy

Pic posted March 14, 2024

Nice post by Chad in TG&H on video marketing 🎰

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Link: Make better documents, by Anil Dash

Linked March 9, 2024

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This story made me smile ❤️

Pic posted February 22, 2024

Two of dad’s favorite organizations joining forces ⚾️

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Poor Charlie’s Almanack

Posted January 13, 2024

Nicely done free website of the book Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger, compiled by Peter D. Kaufman.

“Acquire worldly wisdom and adjust your behavior accordingly. If your new behavior gives you a little temporary unpopularity with your peer group…then to hell with them.”

There are many things I’ve read in here that are great, yet overall I get the impression that Mr. Munger was kind of a jerk. Conflicted over his legacy…

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Downfall: The Case Against Boeing ✅

Pic posted January 13, 2024

Timely, given the Alaska Airlines incident. Don’t understand why there weren’t lawsuits after the first two crashes, though (h/t Feeley)

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Favorite technologies of all time

Posted January 10, 2024

It’s not a secret I’ve been a skeptic of many technologies, especially everything in the crypto/NFT/Web3 realm. Also not a fan of AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL·E (for a variety of reasons). And just in case you think I support everything Apple does, I won’t be in line to purchase a Vision Pro next month (pictured above). I thought all the previous virtual reality “goggle” products were silly. And while I’m sure visionOS will have some swell applications and the hardware will be well built, it’s not worth $3500 to me (never say never, though).

So what technologies have been my favorites?

  • Electricity and batteries – as we experienced during our last power outage, electricity is a modern miracle. And while it seems like batteries could always be better, it’s amazing how often you can use things without a power cord or outlet in sight.
  • Heating and cooling systems – let’s face it, living in Minnesota is probably just as bad for the planet as living in the desert, since you need heat in the winter and cooling in the summer to not have the weather literally kill you here. Thankful for these reliable systems daily.
  • Food production and distribution – I wish we didn’t need food shelves in our society, but Minnesota’s agriculture sector is still awe-inspiring. Modern grocery stores are a marvel – even with the recent surge in prices, the ability to get fresh, abundant food in the middle of winter is extraordinary.
  • Planes, trains and automobiles – also not great for the planet, but these forms of human transportation (and the engineering behind them) would all be considered magic by earlier generations.
  • Television – as my post earlier this month showcased, I have watched entirely too much TV in my lifetime. The progression of the tech behind TV, though, is really something. Think back to the popular over-the-air black and white broadcasts of the 1950s and compare that to what hangs on my wall now. Wizardry.
  • Networking, fiber optics, wireless and the Internet – there’s a reason there are still case studies about Cisco in business schools. This interconnectedness wouldn’t be possible without the thin strands of glass that that now run all the way to my house. That these paths help connect the device I’m currently typing on to the rest of the world (quickly and wirelessly) is frankly, unbelievable. It’s a shame so much junk has accumulated on the Internet, but don’t let that spoil all the good stuff.
  • Microprocessors – I really don’t understand how these things keep getting smaller, faster and cooler, but good on those engineers for keeping the wheels of progress turning. I mean, a lot of people now think there is no innovation in mobile phones because the new models look just like the old models. But honestly, the latest iPhone in my pocket is usually the most impressive technology in our house at any given point in time. Hello, indeed.

Here’s hoping that the technologies of the future can help solve the issues facing our lovely little planet in smart, efficient ways…

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I’ve never grown old before. I’m doing it for the first time, and I’m not sure that I’ll do it right…

— Charlie Munger

Quote posted January 6, 2024

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Use 2024 Mac’s coupon ✅

Pic posted January 5, 2024

Ordered online from the Minneapolis location, then picked it up on the way home (24% off for 2024!)

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Oyster wings are back at Leeann Chin

Pic posted January 5, 2024

I’m still a sucker for billboard advertising, apparently

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🫡 Oh no, Amazon, you are messing up

Pic posted December 28, 2023

Prime at $99/year was worth it, but then you switched me to a more expensive monthly charge without telling me and now you want to add shitty ads to Prime Video? Cya, Benzos…

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The Airbus A220-100 is nice

Pic posted December 14, 2023

This was the first time flying on one of these (and to be honest, the first I had heard of them). Love the 2+3 seating in coach – just a nice, modern replacement for the DC-9/MD-80s…

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Delta > Sun Country ✈️

Pic posted December 12, 2023

Thanks, Delta, for a great experience today from MSP to BNA

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🫡 YouTubeTV/Fubo Update

Posted December 11, 2023

After giving Fubo the old college try the last few weeks, I decided to “pause” that account for six months. The quality of the interfaces, overall performance of the app and the lack of PBS, TNT and TBS aren’t enough to offset the lack of Bally on YouTubeTV, IMO.

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🫡 Minnesota Golf News ⛳️

Posted December 11, 2023

  • Hollis Cavner is taking Royal Golf Club private January 1 (and investing $4.5 million for a full-scale restaurant, golf simulators, pickleball courts and upgrades to the club’s locker rooms). Memberships will be $20,000 for early birds, then jump to $40,000 (with monthly dues of $700).
  • Award-winning golf executive Tom Beaudry is leaving Nemadji Golf Course in Superior, Wisconsin, and returning to northern Minnesota next season. Look for Tom in 2024 at historic Pokegama in Grand Rapids.

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