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Day 1 @ Target Center ✅

Pic posted September 25, 2023

Excited to help another league and large venue 🏀

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Link: Inside MGMs Hacked Casinos

Linked September 18, 2023

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Love’s gas stations are wild

Pic posted August 25, 2023

Cheapest gas on the entire drive now ($3.18/gallon today vs. $3.44 at the previous all-time leader, Cloquet Kwik Trip)

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Zup, Zup

Pic posted August 21, 2023

The new Zup’s in Cook looks nice

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Look who I found in Hinckley

Pic posted August 3, 2023

Grand Casino might have the last Black Orchid games in Minnesota. Played just a little bit – no progressives, but multiple free spin sessions (some with re-triggers). Very disappointed to see the giant new “Smoking Room” that made the whole place stink…

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Creative marketing activations this year

Pic posted July 28, 2023

The Scotch tape and blue painters tape tee markers were a highlight at the 2023 3M Open @ TPC Twin Cities

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🫡 Bill Holst: Farming, Caviar & Golf

Posted July 17, 2023

This Forbes story on Bill Holst is fascinating. I was already impressed with his accumulation of golf courses (Gopher Hills, Red Wing, Clifton Highlands, Lake City and Troy Burne), but never knew about the caviar.

Would love to see more local reporting with stories like this…

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Giants Ridge had some issues today

Pic posted July 16, 2023

The courses are both still beautiful, but the pace of play (and the management of the pace of play) was the worst I’ve seen up here

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Our street has been crapified

Pic posted July 10, 2023

I know they say this extends the life of the road, blah, blah, blah…

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Link: Scotty Cameron Custom Shop

Linked July 8, 2023

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Link: Shinders: “Let the nerds run it”

Linked July 6, 2023

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Warp Speed Mr. Sulu

Pic posted July 5, 2023

Watch out, Fediverse, Zucky bumped up his clock

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No. No. No. Hell no.

Pic posted July 3, 2023

Threads, an Instagram app data privacy panel

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Save your ad dollars, Arby’s

Pic posted June 28, 2023

The only ad I want to see from you is the return of potato cakes #ArbysBoycott

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Link: Papa Charlie’s destroyed in fire 😢

Linked June 24, 2023

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New shoes, who dis?

Pic posted June 16, 2023

Super nice job by the Mill City crew on the new Saint Paul location – grabbed a new hat and sticker too #WaveRider27

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Rochester Field Trip

Pic posted June 13, 2023

Story at 11…

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Tropicana NO MOR? 🎰 ⚾️

Pic posted June 1, 2023

OK, I kinda dig these renderings from the A’s: 30,000-seat capacity @ $1.5 billion

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Farewell to Monello 🍝

Posted May 31, 2023

As Stephanie March first reported last month, downtown Minneapolis restaurant Monello (and sister basement bar Constantine) closed today. I also received the nicest email today from Young Chef (Mike DeCamp):

Eight years ago a small group of great people took a chance and came to work with me in a new hotel restaurant that we would call Monello & Constantine. Many of them I had worked with in the past and, as of right now, I still have the pleasure of working with them. I recall the questions of ‘why would the city need another “fine dining” restaurant?’ That answer made itself clear by the end of 2015 when we lost many of them to changing times. When we opened Monello it was in the height of what was the crudo phase in our fair city with three crudo focused restaurants opening in the same year. Monello was the last one standing through all that. We made it through the The Rolling Stones being our very first guests on day one. We made it through the Super Bowl. We had some fun offering you Mama DeCampos. We came up against a large issue with the pandemic, but that gave us the opportunity to introduce Dirty Sams. Through all that there was one of the greatest places that this city has ever had, Constantine. Constantine, what can you say. It is/was an amazing place, always true to itself and never changing too much. Small adjustments over the years in the food menu. Who remembers the mortadella hot dog and the foie gras nachos? Constantine had some great food and cocktails but the thing that made both of these spaces was truly the team. The front of house and back of house always made time to joke around and have a little fun and I think that translated to the laid back style of service. A laugh was never too far away in that large space. We made a lot of friends throughout the years and we will miss you! It was a pleasure to welcome you through the doors every time you joined us. Thank you for everyone who dined with us over these eight years. Without you we wouldn’t have been. You always made us want to do better and better each day. And lastly thank you to every single team member I had the pleasure to work with over the years and sorry for my grumpy ass from time to time.

I loved every minute of my time with each of you, you made me want to be a better person.

We ate at Monello a few times, including once as Mama DeCampos. We’ve also visited Jester’s P.S. Steak on several special occasions (and of course the burgers at Parlour Bar are stellar).

Thanks, Young Chef – you are truly a Minnesota treasure…

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Link: Apple’s Secret (Lisa) Burial

Linked May 30, 2023

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Structural changes coming soon

Posted May 16, 2023

Just a heads up that I will likely be changing the structure of this site in the coming days to help facilitate some business changes with 7 Minute Miles LLC. Haven’t decided 100% for sure yet, but I will probably move all blog posts to a /blog URL (i.e. – 7minutemiles.com/blog). Stay tuned…

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Thank you, Team Minnesota

Pic posted May 13, 2023

Not sure that it was super effective, but I appreciate the teamwork by the state, Apple and Google

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Some brands just live on and on

Pic posted May 11, 2023

I was more of a Matchbox kid, but these were always good too

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🫡 Lutsen Mountains Updates

Posted May 7, 2023

In relatively hard to find news, Lutsen Mountains’ last day of the season was April 16th (even though the webcam shows lots of snow still around). They are also replacing the 10th Mountain Chair on Eagle Mountain with a new “Raptor Express” lift (size and type unknown). This project appears to be different than anything in the expansion plan that is still awaiting a decision from the U.S. Forest Service. WTIP reports this should now be announced this summer.

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Link: RIP Jim Wolford, 1968-2023 💜

Linked May 7, 2023

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