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Minnesota Custom License Plates

Posted November 27, 2023

With Oliver* now scheduled for production in England, I’ve been thinking about what I want for a license plate. Minnesota offers a ton of special plate options, along with the original personalized option. You can’t combine the two, though, which is probably what I would do if I could (i.e. – a loon design with a custom name). The costs vary a lot too – a standard personalized plate is $100, while the various “contribution” plate styles range from $10 to $60 annually (plus fees).

Growing up, I always thought personalized plates were pretty cool (and expensive). The state says there are almost 82,000 of these currently in use and I’ve seen quite a few clever ones over the years. I wish there was an online site where you could check to see if your desired name is available, but right now it’s just a paper form with spots for your top three choices. Don’t really want to gamble $100 unless I know I will get the one I want, so that option is out.

My mom always had the loon plates, which I also had on my first Mini in 2005. I was thinking about another loon, but then heard about the Minnesota State Parks & Trails option (pictured above). It’s $60 annually, but also grants you access to all of the state parks without an additional permit. I see that one a lot on the road (almost 25,000 issued) and it seems like a win-win. Here are a few other plate stats I find interesting:

  • U of M Twin Cities ($25) – 2,839
  • U of M Duluth ($25) – 412
  • Critical Habitat: Loon ($30) – 60,462
  • Critical Habitat: Pollinator ($30) – 9,088
  • Minnesota Golf ($30) – 5,440
  • Veteran: World War II ($15.50) – 170 ❤️
  • Veteran: Pearl Harbor Survivor ($15.50) – 1 ❤️❤️

Oliver is scheduled to roll off the assembly line in Oxford on December 12, followed by a boat ride across the pond. Should be in Minnesota just in time for a big red bow on Christmas morning…

* proposed name for our 2024 Mini Cooper S Hardtop

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Go Big! Go Hot Wheels!

Pic posted November 19, 2023

Many, many cars successfully smashed

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Hmm… 🤔

Pic posted November 2, 2023

Decisions, decisions

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Super busy prep day

Pic posted August 14, 2023

Eye doctor, lunch with DGS, oil change, dinner at Barbette with Keri and Scott (pictured), Grand Old Creamery with MK

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Our street has been crapified

Pic posted July 10, 2023

I know they say this extends the life of the road, blah, blah, blah…

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Home of the chilito

Pic posted April 15, 2023

Post-round stop at the Bloomington Zantigo – no ‘Tigo fries there either

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Welcome to Snow Avenue

Pic posted April 1, 2023

Never seen that before – won’t last long in the sun

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Our Florida rental car for the week

Pic posted March 2, 2023

No offense, Toyota, but this is no X3

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Life comes at you fast ❄️

Pic posted November 14, 2022

Winter has arrived

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Pre-oil change Cane’s

Pic posted October 27, 2022

Sorry, White Castle

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Good morning, frost ❄️

Pic posted September 28, 2022

First one of the 2022 fall season

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Still cheap gas in Hastings

Pic posted August 25, 2022

Which begs the question, why is everyone else getting gouged?

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Link: The Integra is back (with a stick!)

Linked July 12, 2022

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I should pay closer attention

Pic posted November 28, 2021

Just learned about Rivian today – interesting stuff

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A little brisk this morning

Pic posted October 23, 2021

The car at Jackpot Junction

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Hey, we let the Android in?

Pic posted May 21, 2021

Had to reboot the Honda

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You stay classy, San Diego

Pic posted March 22, 2021

Union Depot Lot C, Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Mother Nature is awesome

Pic posted November 12, 2020

Free flower from Honda

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She found her Mary

Pic posted August 19, 2020

2005 Subaru Outback Wagon @ Inver Grove Honda

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Because of course

Pic posted July 26, 2019

This market is so not like the others

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Just priced out a new MINI

Pic posted June 21, 2019

…and it was $41,266 (!)

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You could lose a car in there

Pic posted March 21, 2019

Downtown Saint Paul streets are in rough shape

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Third vehicle since October

Pic posted March 4, 2019

Making progress

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Hooptie flashback

Pic posted January 14, 2019

My very first car – a something Dodge Colt (’84?)

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I could so do this

Pic posted September 26, 2018


The $300 Lyft credit and 11-month Metro Go-To card would be awesome…

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