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Cheap presale tix to Peter Gabriel ✅

Pic posted March 21, 2023

Front row of section 214 isn’t exactly close to the stage, but should be good sight lines and sound

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Bono & The Edge: A Sort Of Homecoming ✅

Pic posted March 19, 2023

Very fun to watch Dave, Bono, The Edge and Glen Hansard in Dublin 🇮🇪

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Link: A24 is the best – can’t wait!

Linked March 17, 2023

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Video hosting: Vimeo vs. YouTube

Posted March 16, 2023

When I first added my concerts page back in 2020, I looked for a third-party video hosting option to process, store and stream my videos to this site. I didn’t really like all of the ads and other junk that YouTube added, so I signed up for a free basic tier Vimeo account. After quickly running into their daily upload limits, I upgraded to a plus tier plan. That annual renewal is now almost up and I’ve decided I don’t want to renew. Unfortunately, they don’t really allow you to downgrade gracefully back to the Basic tier, so I decided to take another look at YouTube.

While it appears that YouTube still has many of the issues I didn’t like before, it does seem that I can add all of my Vimeo videos to a newly created @7minutemiles channel at no cost (“be sure to hit the like and subscribe buttons”). Tonight I ran into an upload limit of ten videos, so I’ll see if that goes away after I finish an ID verification process they offered or if ten is just going to be the daily limit. I decided 720p versions of these concert videos shot on various iPhones is fine and the quality so far seems to be good. It also looks like I can go back and set custom thumbnails like Vimeo, so that’s nice. It was weird that YouTube seems to be much more concerned about checking for copyright, but every video I’ve uploaded so far that it flagged said the owner allows the content to be used on YouTube.

The last part of my research will be to look at custom WordPress plugins that enhance the default handling of embedded YouTube videos. That was one thing I liked about having a Vimeo shortcode for WordPress, as it allowed me to set the initial player width to 850 pixels. Plugins like this one seem to allow that, plus a lot of other things I probably don’t want or need. Mostly concerned with mobile scalability, but some of the video SEO might be nice too, as I don’t think many people really saw my videos on vimeo.com (or my hard to find concerts page). EVERYTHING seems to be on YouTube, and now I guess I will be as well…

UPDATE (3/19/2023): My ID has been verified with Google and I can now use “advanced YouTube features,” which removes (or at least vastly increases) the daily upload limit. All of my former Vimeo concert videos are now on the new @7minutemiles YouTube channel. Join MK and SK and subscribe today!

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Hey, I recognize somebody in Darin’s crowd shot for First Avenue

Pic posted March 15, 2023

Darin K shooting the Weyes Blood show @ First Avenue

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Robert Smifa! Robert Smifa!

Pic posted March 15, 2023

Kudos to The Cure for the reasonable ticket prices

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🫡 Solid Morning for Updates

Posted March 7, 2023

Register for the 2023 Milk Run 5K ✅
Confirm that Peter Gabriel is coming back to Saint Paul ✅

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No one’s gonna take me alive. The time has come to make things right…

— Knights Of Cydonia

Quote posted February 27, 2023

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Muse @ Target Center ✅

Pic posted February 27, 2023

A rare opportunity to remove an act off the bucket list

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Jerry Harrison & Adrian Belew @ First Avenue

Pic posted February 25, 2023

I think I’ve seen all of the Talking Heads now (just not at the same time)

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I’m walking a line, I hate to be dreaming in motion. I’m walking a line, just barely enough to be living…

— Houses in Motion

Quote posted February 25, 2023

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Let’s try this again 🎟️✅

Pic posted February 16, 2023

Round 1: rained out @ Treasure Island

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🫡 Turtles Presale at Treasure Island

Posted February 15, 2023

I’m happy for the boys that they can get $79 a ticket (plus $20 in fees) now, but I’d rather save that money and see four shows at the Turf Club

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Today’s mission, accomplished 🎟️✅

Pic posted February 13, 2023


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I can make the runner stumble, I can make the final block. And I can make every tackle at the sound of the whistle, I can make all the stadiums rock…

— Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

Quote posted February 4, 2023

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Russell Hitchcock’s voice is still 💯

Pic posted February 3, 2023

Air Supply @ Mystic Lake Casino

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Dead Man Winter @ Turf Club

Pic posted January 31, 2023

Another great Tiny Turtles show by Dave and the gang

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By the light of the window, by the light of the moon. By the waves of the water, it’s all gone too soon…

— By the Light of the Moon

Quote posted January 31, 2023

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Turf Club newbies

Pic posted January 31, 2023

First time for one, second time for the other

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Haley and Charlie Parr @ Turf Club

Pic posted January 15, 2023

$16 is probably the best value going in Minnesota music

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RIP Christine McVie, 1943-2022 💜

Pic posted November 30, 2022

Xcel Energy Center, January 16, 2015

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Petty Live at the Fillmore 1997

Pic posted November 25, 2022

So fun listening to this today

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Really hope this one happens

Pic posted November 23, 2022

These days, you just never know for sure

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Link: The only real things in the world

Linked November 7, 2022

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Smashing Pumpkins @ Xcel

Pic posted November 5, 2022

C’mon Billy

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