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The Iowa Effect in the crib 🏀

Pic posted July 14, 2024

CK, JJ and Bon Iver for the Return of Clark
Fever @ Lynx, 81-74 L (or W if you are from Iowa)

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July 12, 2024 at 5:00:35PM – a still life

Pic posted July 12, 2024

Such a good doge 💙

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Still amazing on day two 🥰

Pic posted July 10, 2024

Thanks again, Chef SK!

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Father’s Day dinner in July ❤️

Pic posted July 9, 2024

Oui, Chef SK! 💯

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Taste the Wiley Difference

Pic posted July 9, 2024

Thanks to CK for tracking this down online (nobody in town seems to carry it – been looking since they handed them out at Get in Gear)

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Laptop Ploof

Pic posted July 7, 2024

Luna is coming out of the molt just fine

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Houston Trash Cans @ Twinkies ⚾️

Pic posted July 5, 2024

The towels went quick – glad we got here early
12-11 L

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Better late than never ✅

Pic posted July 5, 2024

Heated bird bath and stand for CK Mother’s Day/Birthday

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Hacks S3 ✅

Pic posted July 5, 2024

Colleen dropped out of this one, but I liked it

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Despicable Me 4 ✅

Pic posted July 4, 2024

Minions rule. The whole fam @ Riverview on a rainy 4th

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Floof nap time 💤

Pic posted July 2, 2024

Get back to work, slacker

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Dave’s Hot Chicken ✅

Pic posted July 1, 2024

The Dive was closed, so we tried the Highland Dave’s – if you like spice on everything, Dave’s is your spot

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Have a kitty 🐱

Pic posted June 30, 2024

Bandit Bubba @ Pauly Gatorade’s

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We are running out of birdseed 🐤

Pic posted June 29, 2024

So many feathered friends 💜

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Stanley’s NE Bar Room & Dream Creamery ✅

Pic posted June 25, 2024

Two from the list, thanks to MK’s Father’s Day present

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More birthday fun on Grand Ave 🎉

Pic posted June 23, 2024

CK birthday dinner and cake @ Cafe Latte

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Birthday baseball 🎂 ⚾️

Pic posted June 23, 2024

Happy birthday, CK!
Saints 9, Mud Hens 20

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Love this little flying doge 💜

Pic posted June 19, 2024

Every little health scare sucks when you are old

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Father’s Day Brunch @ Starling ✅

Pic posted June 16, 2024

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My little helper needed a break

Pic posted June 15, 2024

Luna is the best 💜

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Dinner @ Chilango ✅

Posted June 7, 2024

Earlier this week, Colleen and I battled the construction of Uptown to visit Chef Jorge Guzman’s new spot, Chilango. Located in the former Calhoun Beach Club spot that was previously Urban Eatery, the space has been updated with beautiful art and had a nice Mex-Tex vibe. That said, the menu seemed to be heavy on the Mex and light on the Tex. We also agreed that having daily specials make up half the menu meant your options seemed to be more limited than they needed to be.

We had high expectations, based on Stephanie March’s glowing preview story in MSP Magazine and our past experience at both Brewer’s Table (RIP May 2015 – August 2018) and the excellent Petite Leon. Chilango opened on April 18, 2024 and chef was there on our Tuesday night visit (not sure how he splits his time between the two spots).

I drove from work to meet Colleen and was glad I made it in time. I had no idea that Hennepin Avenue is half torn up for much of my journey from downtown (and completely shut down once you hit Uptown). I was detoured west to Lake of the Isles, which of course goes one way the opposite way I needed to go to get to Chilango. And since everyone was diverted to side streets, things got very backed up the further I went. Thankfully, there was a small MINI-sized parking spot on the marathon route a block over from the restaurant.

Here is the list of things we ordered (along with the menu descriptions):

  • Chile con Queso: melty cheese, roasted chiles & charred onions served with tortilla chips $9
  • Enchiladas Verdes: heritage breed chicken, cheese, chilessalsa de tomatillo verde, cilantro, crema y queso fresco $26
  • Baja Fish Taco: (2 tacos per) battered white fish, red cabbage slaw, pico de gallo, chipotle crema $14
  • Gem Salad: gem lettuce, jalapeño – mango vinaigrette, hooks aged cheddar, peanut yaji, cucumbers & radish $15
  • Banana Pudding: bananas, vanilla wafers, toasted coconut, salted peanuts, whipped cream $11
  • I live across the street: Mexican Gustoso, rum, watermelon, olive oil drizzle, lime, salt $13
  • Mexican Coke $4
  • Riesling, Raimund Prun “Solitar”, Germany $14

We thought prices were a little on the high side for what was served, but overall I liked everything I had. Colleen didn’t think it matched the quality of his past work, but it is a different type of operation (as the March story mentions). With a lot of other strong Mexican options in town (and the current traffic issues), it might be a tough ask. I do think it’s worth a visit, though.


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The flower magician has arrived

Pic posted May 28, 2024

Front and back complete ✅

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Quick visit with the grandkitten

Pic posted May 27, 2024

Not really a visit – just a brief pose

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🫡 2024 Kickoff to Summer

Posted May 25, 2024

Everything about the actual Milk Run was good (the threatening letters and emails about it not being a fun run this year were terrible). Free parking on Como and the early access to the event post-race was nice. Heard today sold out – they may want to add more stands next year…

Pronto Pup ✅ Fresh French Fries ✅ Sweet Martha’s ✅ Peachey’s donut ✅

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2024 Minnesota State Fair Milk Run 5K ✅

Pic posted May 25, 2024

Beautiful weather for a slow jog around the fairgrounds

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