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Pearl Jam Dark Matter ✅

Pic posted April 16, 2024

Listening event @ Marcus Oakdale with CK

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Family bingo night

Pic posted April 16, 2024

One bingo in the group on tax night @ Mystic

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Colorado @ Minnesota with MK

Pic posted April 4, 2024

Dewey Days at the X, English muffin Zamboni and jackass Parise
5-2 L

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Naughty boys; spirit free 💜

Pic posted March 31, 2024

Saint Dinette fam 4 eva

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Easter 2024 in Saint Paul 🐣

Pic posted March 31, 2024

Thanks to Jeff and Joyce for hosting

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Lunch @ Pillbox Tavern ✅

Pic posted March 29, 2024

One from the list with kid two. Ordered cider battered cheese curds, chicken wild rice soup, boneless wings with honey lemon pepper and the apple pecan salad from the menu. Nice space, great location for downtown events and friendly service. 👍

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Track Shack Orlando

Pic posted March 24, 2024

Hey, I know that guy!

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Our weekend house guest

Pic posted March 22, 2024

Hello, Bandit Boy 🐈

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Saint Dinette, FTW!

Pic posted March 21, 2024

Damn fine cooking, damn fine people

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Game 3: Detroit blowout ⚾️

Pic posted March 20, 2024

Beautiful day (and we had Big Buck and Willie Joe Garry Jr. sightings), but Twins lose 12-3

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Snook Inn on Marco Island

Pic posted March 19, 2024

Crazy, crowded scene, but we lucked out on parking, waited about 35 minutes, then had a nice dinner with mai tais and margaritas, “free” salad bar and grouper two ways

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2024 ☘️ 💚

Pic posted March 17, 2024

Dinner with the fam @ Malcolm Yards

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Bûcheron, Minneapolis ✅

Posted March 15, 2024

At the start of the week, Colleen and I used the break between the women’s and men’s Big 10 basketball tournaments to have dinner at the new Bûcheron in the Kingfield neighborhood of south Minneapolis. While we mainly knew 4257 Nicollet as the original home to Revival, it was also home to Corner Table and Lufrano’s (h/t to Justine Jones at Eater Twin Cities on that last one).

Open about two months now, this 38-seat room was immediately familiar (yet seemed smaller – didn’t Revival’s dining room eventually expand next door?). Loved to hear that they used the old Revival benches to build the new bar. Also loved to see this comment from Revival on the Bûcheron Instagram page:

We feel honored to be part of the legacy that you are carrying on. It makes our heart full to see all the love and care you put into the space and know you will make memories of your own for years to come!

Lots have been written already about the husband and wife team of Chef Adam Ritter and Hospitality Director Jeanie Janas Ritter (see Sharyn Jackson’s preview in the Strib, Jason DeRusha’s article for Minnesota Monthly and Justine Jones’ story in Eater Twin Cities), so I won’t rehash the backstory. Let’s just say that I completely agree with Jason when he writes “It’s going to be fascinating to watch the first wave of Kaysen proteges do their own things.”

In addition to the owners, there is Chef de Cuisine Cory Western (Spoon and Stable & Demi), General Manager Tyler McLeod (Bellecour & Demi, KZ Provisioning) and bar lead Will Gobeli. Not sure who all we saw on our visit, but there were some strong The Bear vibes coming from the kitchen on our visit, with lots of white T-shirts and tattoo-covered arms. The back of house staff does come out to discuss the dishes, which was super fun (at least for us).

We ordered from all sections of the menu at the beginning of the night so our wonderful server could course it out appropriately. Here are all the items we had (as printed on the menu):

  • POMMES DAUPHINES, gruyère, celery, caraway | 10
  • LITTLE GEM salad, lobster, sherry mayo, winter citrus, tarragon | 19
  • Grilled CARROTS, kohlrabi, chickpea, cilantro yogurt, sweet & sour sauce, vadouvan vinaigrette | 17
  • SKREI COD roasted sunchoke, rapini, wild rice furikake, radish beurre blanc | 34
  • Feller’s Ranch STEAK*, shallot confit, potato mousse, kalettes, sauce bordelaise | 42
  • “COOKIES & CREAM” milk sorbet, cocoa macaron, vanilla custard, lemon verbena | 13
  • Shepard’s Way ‘Sogn’ CHEESE, fermented honey, quince, mustard, seeded baguette | 14

I loved every single thing I had and feel that this was the best meal I’ve had so far in 2024. Take the grilled carrots (pictured above): it was a true Ratatouille moment, with flavor combinations just bursting in unexpected ways. Colleen was disappointed in the salad, but her food allergies meant the kitchen had to put some things on the side that I was able to add back. My Feller’s Ranch steak with the potato mousse had fingerlings in the mousse, which was an excellent surprise. Both of our desserts were amazing and it’s always great when I can order a Milk and Honey cider in the city…


Bûcheron (French for ‘lumberjack’)
4257 Nicollet Avenue • Minneapolis, MN 55409
612-255-5632 (online reservations via Resy)

Monday – Saturday 5pm to 10pm
Sunday – closed

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Such a nice girl 💜

Pic posted March 15, 2024

Booni hard at work

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Tavern on Grand 💜

Pic posted March 13, 2024

We are really going to miss this place – go while you can…

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Springtime visitor to the other crib

Pic posted March 11, 2024

Thanks for the help at home, SK 💜

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First walk outside since Christmas Day

Pic posted March 10, 2024

MK does not approve of the buckthorn 👎

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CK the meat raffle winner 🥩

Pic posted March 10, 2024

Her first meat raffle win was delicious on the grill

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Late night snack from Duluth

Pic posted March 4, 2024

Thanks for the special treat, MK

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Who you lookin’ at? 🐔

Pic posted March 1, 2024

Molt feathers are long gone – so smooth

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Nova Bar Burgers with SK 🍔

Pic posted February 28, 2024

Thanks, Splinter, for the quick getaway break

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Porzana visit #2

Pic posted February 26, 2024

It appears all of the issues from Porzana visit #1 have been resolved. The place was packed and SK and I had a great time…

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Spring Skiing in February

Pic posted February 25, 2024

Finally got out today @ Welch Village with MK and it felt like my old Schweitzer spring break days

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Kelly’s Bar in Red Wing, Minnesota

Pic posted February 25, 2024

One of the better burgers I’ve had in a while 👍

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Old doge, new trick

Pic posted February 24, 2024

What the hell, Luna?

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