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Descente Success! ⛷️

Pic posted February 6, 2024

A store in Wayzata going out of business due to the retirement of the owners had one men’s jacket left – it fit and was on big markdown 😎

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2024 Color of the Year

Pic posted December 7, 2023

PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz 🤔

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Fishing Hat Giveaway Night 🎣

Pic posted November 4, 2023

Clever marketing geniuses – Wolves vs. Jazz (Wolves win, 123-95) 🏀

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The Band is Back Together 🍔

Pic posted October 19, 2023

It made me so happy to see people back inside the little red and white building on 10th

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My new shirt has arrived!

Pic posted July 10, 2023

Thanks Lee and Nate for the extra surprise in the box too – so excited!

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Nordstrom Rack was a bonanza today

Pic posted July 5, 2023

New Merrell hiking shoes (finally!), along with a new belt, one pair of shorts, two shirts and three pairs of pants. Lots of great inventory at the Woodbury store if you need it

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My latest T-shirt has arrived

Pic posted March 18, 2023

Celebrating 25 years of kottke.org

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Almost forgot I had this hat

Pic posted March 17, 2023

Really need to go through that giant pile of hats in the closet

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Scenes from Christmas 2021

Pic posted December 25, 2021

Lego jackets, little smokies, turkey, Niver/Cossetta and Mystic’s new tower

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It’s the fashion

Pic posted December 9, 2021

The spa sells logo merch!

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PSA: 50% off @ Eagan Polo

Pic posted November 23, 2021

When they don’t close early, that is

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Top 7 Brands

Posted November 9, 2021

I’ve turned into a marketing executive’s dream. Here are seven of my current favorite brands:

  • Apple
  • Descente
  • Disney
  • Johnston and Murphy
  • Mizuno
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Sony

Most of those have been on the list for years and years too…

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These should work great

Pic posted September 12, 2021

Broke down and got new golf shoes (after four years?)

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$2 shirt with $50 purchase

Pic posted September 11, 2021

That was a no-brainer

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The drip has arrived

Pic posted August 27, 2021

Ivy Park getting richer

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Still good sports

Pic posted August 26, 2021

Kids and their restaurant hats, amirite?

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Team Descente

Pic posted April 11, 2021

Skiing, now golf 🇯🇵

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The vintage Mäser has arrived

Pic posted February 10, 2021

Via Dresser, Wisconsin

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How awesome is that?

Pic posted January 19, 2021

Thanks CK!

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My life in watches

Pic posted December 30, 2020

Abridged edition

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Why I don’t go out anymore

Pic posted December 13, 2020

The pandemic is only part of the problem

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Prime Day Wave Riders!

Pic posted October 25, 2020

$90 off list is a damn good deal, Bezos

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Best slippers ever

Pic posted October 5, 2020

Bring it, winter

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Customade for moi

Pic posted May 22, 2020

Support your local venues

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Tarzhay fashion

Pic posted April 7, 2020

Hit the boutique (safely)

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