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Khâluna with John and Cathy

Pic posted February 20, 2024

Great evening in south Minneapolis 💜

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Wolves vs. Hornets 🏀

Pic posted January 22, 2024

Unbelievable night for KAT, but the visitors win, 128-125

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The Trash Panda @ Bar + Cart ✅

Pic posted January 11, 2024

Japanese plum whiskey, sake, yuzu, lemongrass, elderberry, lemon, dragon berry powder

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New Year’s Eve Dinner @ Saint Dinette

Pic posted January 1, 2024

Another lovely year-end dinner in Lowertown with a great crew

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Happy hour @ Kyndred Hearth ✅

Pic posted December 27, 2023

Secret meeting of the secret club

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A Very Mary Christmas

Pic posted December 23, 2023

Wonderful to see everyone today in Minneapolis 💜

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I ❤️ the west skyway

Pic posted December 11, 2023

Fish sandwich from MyBurger – so nice to see Jeff too!

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Maison Margaux ✅

Pic posted December 4, 2023

A lovely evening in a beautiful room with great company, wine and appetizers 💯

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Catch-up Tuesday 🗣️🗣️

Pic posted November 22, 2023

Great to see Andrew on Grand @ Cafe Latte and Curtis in Newport @ The Cloverleaf

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Project Black and Blue Ball 💯

Pic posted November 11, 2023

Wonderful evening @ Four Seasons Minneapolis

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Dinner and a Doge 🐶

Pic posted November 7, 2023

Dinner at the OG Centro with SK, followed by a visit to see my old friend Peter Pup Snoliver

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Skipped Vikings-Packers for this

Pic posted October 29, 2023

Greatest day of 37F golf ever? Shot an 81 from the whites @ Ridges at Sand Creek in Jordan

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LVTC Hockey Night in Minnesota

Pic posted October 25, 2023

Big thanks to Jim and his crew for hosting – Wild beat the Oilers, 7-4 (and a hat trick for Hartzy)

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Last round of the year (?) in Jordan

Pic posted October 21, 2023

Windy and warm(ish), with lots of beautiful color – played well, with an adjusted 82 from the white tees

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USBS Ops Reunion @ Pryes Brewing

Pic posted October 11, 2023

Great to see some familiar faces and catch up. The elote fries and Routes du cidre “Cider Roads” were both really good 💯

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2024 Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular 🎃 ✅

Pic posted October 9, 2023

Perfect evening to visit the Minnesota Zoo – so many awesome designs this year

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Another great LVTC night @ Target Field

Pic posted September 26, 2023

Good luck to John and the entire Twins organization with the post-season ⚾️

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And that’s a wrap on 2023 Saints ⚾️

Pic posted September 24, 2023

Just a beautiful day @ CHS Field with some serious star power in the house (but still lost 3-2 to the Mudhens). See you next March! #FreePeanutsTasteBetter

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Nice color in Chaska today

Pic posted September 23, 2023

Shot an 86 from the silver tees @ Bluff Creek

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Last Wednesday Wing Night

Pic posted September 20, 2023

So great to catch up with Chris and Jenna 💜

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A weddin’ day montage

Pic posted September 18, 2023

Just a lovely ceremony at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory and reception at Katherine Abbott Park

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Now is the marryin’ time ❤️

Pic posted September 17, 2023

Congratulations to Al and Autumn

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Great stuff from Saint Dinette 💯

Pic posted September 16, 2023

The ham special was stellar and I knocked off the entire order of poutine almost by myself

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2023 Great Minnesota Get-Together

Posted September 14, 2023

It’s only been ten days since the end of the 2023 edition of the Minnesota State Fair, but I’m already missing it (and looking forward to next year). I went three times this year and loved every minute of it (except for the shorts emergency – more on that later). We finally got to cross Duran Duran off the concert list and continued the tradition of having all four us there on Labor Day ❤️.

This was not a big new food and drink year for me, but I did try a few:

  • Lime Time Cider (Sociable) – LuLu’s Public House
  • Candy Apple Hard Cider (Sociable) – Giggles’ Campfire Grill
  • Porkette Breakfast Sandwich – Peters Hot Dogs
  • Cheesecake Curds – LuLu’s Public House
  • Galabao – Union Hmong Kitchen

We also wanted to try the raised donut from Peachey’s Baking Co., but there was no way I was waiting in that line outside the Eco Experience building (which we heard people saying was a two hour wait). Here’s a picture instead:

We liked the cheesecake curds and had those twice. The galabao was spicy and good (the lines this year were long, but moved fast). I loved the breakfast hot dog from Peters. Our friend Mike highly recommended the lime cider, but it didn’t knock me out. The candy apple one had a literal apple slice that they poured caramel over, so that was interesting. Still prefer regular Duluth Cider over anything else right now.

This year was really all about the classics for me: had the onion rings and French fries three times each, ate a bunch of pronto pups, visited the corn roast twice and had some black cherry Lift Bridge and Sweet Marthas multiple times. I have to say, the inconsistent pronto pup experience during the pandemic special events has now unfortunately translated over to the big show – not every one this year was consistently excellent.

We picked up the annual button on the first day (not our favorite design, but still free from all info booths now) and I grabbed one of the History Walking Tour brochures (which were very well designed). Next year I intend to do the entire walk, get the stamps and collect the free prize. We also need to pay more attention to the animal barn schedules, as we didn’t get to see any animals in the poultry barn until the last day (and most of the chickens were already gone).

This was the first year for new CEO Renee Alexander and I hope she was happy with the end result (even if there was only one record-setting attendance day this time – 164,741 on the first Friday). I love watching that page every day of the fair and hope to see the big record get broken again one of these years. If they keep doing the spring event (which was fun with the Milk Run), it might be awhile before the regular fair breaks that mark again.

And as for the shorts emergency? Well, I was wearing some light tan shorts when we went to the dairy building for malts. I went to sit outside on the stone wall next to the Haunted House, but did not see the melted chocolate ice cream there and had a dark, gooey mess in an unfortunate location on the back of the shorts. Thankfully Colleen was able to find a vendor in the dairy building selling clothes and I was able to discretely get to a bathroom to change into a new pair.


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Wednesday Wing Night with Jim

Pic posted September 13, 2023

Really great to catch up with Jim tonight – also still super happy the VC stocks Gitch

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