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Lunch with Doug @ Yard House ✅

Pic posted July 15, 2024

Great to catch up (as always)

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The practice round didn’t help much

Pic posted July 13, 2024

…but I did par all four of the par three holes

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Got a practice round in @ Sand Creek

Pic posted July 12, 2024

Hard to believe it’s July and this was my first round there in 2024

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Thinking of Charles 💜

Pic posted July 10, 2024

Today would’ve been his 49th birthday…

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Birdied this one today ⛳️

Pic posted July 8, 2024

Par 3 Sixth @ Inver Wood (with Leo)

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The Baseball Project @ Turf Club

Pic posted July 6, 2024

Such a hard room to photograph, but very fun to see this lineup: Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn, Mike Mills and Linda Pitmon (who’s hiding in back on drums)

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Picture Perfect: 10/10 Minnesota Summer Day

Pic posted July 1, 2024

Perfect weather and conditions, hardly any people, shot 86 @ Willingers in three hours

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Dinner with the Schusters @ Dario ✅

Posted June 26, 2024

The Minnesota restaurant scene is so lucky to have food writers like Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl covering the local beat. Her review of Joe Rolle’s new Minneapolis spot Dario was the root cause of us booking our quarterly night out with friends John and Cathy. The somewhat hidden spot in the North Loop is a hot ticket, so we had to reserve several weeks out (for a Monday!).

The friendly greeter who seated us recommended the Gardener’s Break cocktail (Song Cai spiced roselle and floral gins, lime) and we were off and running. Turns out the bar program is headed by former Marvel Bar alumni Stephen Rowe, so not surprised it was strong. And of course Chef Joe comes from the Jack Riebel lineage, along with stints at Haute Dish, Vincent, Martina and Borough (where Dear Dara says he invented the Parlour burger). There are lots of great lines in her review, but this part really hit me:

Go to Dario, get the double chambered ravioli-like stuffed pasta called doppio. Use your fork to slice through one and marvel at the two different sorts of filling—one chamber holds caramelized sunchokes, mascarpone, and aged Parmesan; the other is filled with whipped ricotta with nutmeg and Parmesan. Please know: This pasta is made daily, starting at five or six in the morning, using a blend of different flours Rolle imports from Italy.

Like a ricotta cheesecake, but savory; like an arrow of rosemary, but mellowed; like hazelnuts, but herbal; like nothing but the essence of pleasure, pastified?

Here are all the items we ordered from our server Maddie:

  • Spring Lettuces: Snow peas, sherry vinaigrette, goat gouda
  • Ricotta Dumpling: Maitake mushroom, pecorino
  • Doppio: Sunchoke, ricotta, honey, hazelnuts, rosemary
  • Beef Short Rib Agnolotti: Red wine braising jus
  • Halibut: Artichoke velouté, butter-poached potatoes, cranberry beans
  • Pineapple & Passionfruit: Coconut, macadamia nut
  • Caramel Apple Budino: Vanilla caramel, honeycrisp apple, crispy polenta cookie

We also spied a number of tables ordering the Potatoes (Crispy and creamy with Comté, caramelized onion, Tabasco), so I’d probably get that next time. John and Cathy also had the beets and one of the items from the raw section of the menu. I followed up the Gardener’s Break with the Bad Apple (Sweet vermouth, valvados, amaro, orange bitters), but preferred the first one. Prices are a little on the high side, but well within the market for that area and quality (a 5% health & wellness charge is added to all bills). The room is bright, hip and loud.

“Did you see the Lemmy portrait?”

Oui, chef!


323 N Washington Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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🫡 Congrats to all the Grandma’s runners

Posted June 22, 2024

The 48th annual event in Duluth had lots of great stories:

  • Elisha Barno winning his record sixth title in 2:10:54
  • New women’s course record by Volha Mazuronak (2:23:52)
  • New Garry Bjorklund men’s and women’s course records: Tebello Ramakongoana from Lesotho in 1:00:17 (!!) and Annie Frisbie from Edina in 1:07:33
  • Superstar Megan in 4:34:32 (10:29 Minute Miles)

I can’t get over that nearly sub-hour half – that’s a 4:37 Minute Mile… 😂

UPDATE: Ramakongoana also won the 2024 Bloomsday in Spokane 💜

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Wet and wild round @ Columbia

Pic posted June 22, 2024

Rain, ducks, rain, deer, rain, tiny cricket, rain…

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It’s in the hole! ⛳️

Pic posted June 15, 2024

Craig with his first hole in one:
Bluff Creek #11, 125 yards, 5 hybrid

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Congrats to the graduate 🎓

Pic posted June 8, 2024

Only one party this season for us – last visit to Forest Lake?

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The Saturday group @ Brookview

Pic posted June 8, 2024

A little slow today, but the weather was great

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That’s one awesome crew 💯

Pic posted June 7, 2024

LVTC backstage @ Mystic Lake

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Beautiful day at The Dwan ⛳️

Pic posted June 7, 2024

Great to catch up with Cody

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LVTC @ Mystic Lake

Pic posted June 6, 2024

Big thanks to Mark and Jeff for hosting today

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Buon Appetito! 🍕

Pic posted June 5, 2024

Lunch @ Cossetta with Mr. Trejo and the St. Paul crew

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A Quick Visit with Horace

Pic posted May 21, 2024

Went to see the corpse flower just before close. Don’t think I’ve ever seen the Sunken Garden with no people in it before…

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Pretty morning in Faribault ⛳️

Pic posted May 18, 2024

Always great to finish with a birdie

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A steak sandwich and a steak sandwich

Pic posted May 17, 2024

Need to try the new Manhattan Luncheon Steak sometime

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LVTC Night @ MNUFC ⚽️

Pic posted May 15, 2024

Thanks to Atomic and Yagya for hosting
Loons 2, LAFC 2

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First visit to Diane’s Place

Posted May 9, 2024

Colleen and I ventured to Northeast Minneapolis last month for Sunday brunch at Diane Moua’s new restaurant, Diane’s Place. Our 1:00pm reservation got us there just in time to order the last of the almond croissants (and a wonderful pain au chocolat for me) from the counter in front before our table was ready.

We have been a huge fan of Chef Diane during her time with the Soigné Hospitality Group and have really been looking forward to the opening of her own place. We were also excited to see Heather Ann Mady from Mucci’s in the GM role and were super surprised to see Chef Chris helping out in the kitchen during our visit.

Located at 117 14th Avenue NE in the Food Building, the room was relatively small, but lively and full of positive energy. They are currently open daily from 8:00am – 2:30pm for breakfast and lunch, with dinner “soon to come.” There is also a private event space, but we didn’t get to see that area on our visit. Reservations are via Resy and can be found here. Plenty of free street parking nearby, but you might need to walk a little.

We started with the MAKERS’ BOARD (daily selection of meats and cheeses from Lowry Hill Provisions, Alemar Cheese and Baker’s Field Flour toast, accoutrements), followed by the SWEET PORK BOWL (steamed rice, brown sugar marinated egg, pickled mustard greens) for Colleen and DIANE’S HMONG SAUSAGE (sticky rice, sweet & sour and over easy egg) for me.

I ordered the Gardens of Garibaldi cocktail (fresh oj, negroni bitters, clementine, jasmine) and had a shot called the Honey & Cream (Red Locks, egg, cream, honey). For dessert, Colleen ordered the Tropical Sundae (coconut panna cotta, pineapple, guava sorbet & mango), while I had the Five Spice Chocolate Mousse with malted milk chocolate ice cream. Classic Diane.

And we see you, Bill Summerville, with the Madeira menu item – very fun…


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Quick morning round with Leo

Pic posted May 9, 2024

This Inver Wood Anniversary Card deal is great

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Link: The Two Tims – Niver Niver Land

Linked May 5, 2024

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RIP Charles Edge, 1975-2024 💜

Posted April 23, 2024

Last night I found out Charles Edge died on April 19 at the way-too-early age of 48. A pillar of the Mac admin community, Charles was a noted writer, speaker, advisor, leader and one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. Friendly and kind, he was an ultra-nerd who was also hip to pop culture, knew his way around a bar and as Bynkii said on Mastodon, “Dude always looked good.” He was briefly my boss at 318 when they expanded to Minnesota, but more importantly, Charles was my friend.

Even though we both lived in the same metro area, I hadn’t seen him in person since lunch at Key’s back in March of 2023. Both of us were always busy, but we would frequently text each other to bounce ideas back and forth, most recently talking about home media servers. And then there would be the random message out of the blue, like this one during the recent Big 10 basketball tournament:

Heya, I know you’re in hell madness of March and whatnot, so just dropping a supportive message that you’re badass and if ya’ need an extra set of hands on a thing, it’s always good to have an excuse to just hang. 😊

And then there were gems like these:

I lurf drinks!
I’m good at drinkin
Babies are cute

I first met Charles back in 2009 at an Apple Consultants Network meeting in the basement of Southdale mall. The Apple admin community has always been special and we were so lucky that he moved from California to Minnesota and chose Northeast Minneapolis as his new base of operations. I remember going on client visits with him to places like Splice and Lifetime Fitness and was just in awe of how he solved problems for clients.

We would work out of his home in Northeast, with my favorite memory being the time he had me SSH into Shaun White’s winter Olympics website to repair an Apache config issue. I was nervous as hell, since the snowboarding events were going on as I was in there messing around, but Charles had my back. He quickly reviewed my suggested fix and said, hit the return key and send it! Boom, fixed.

Work at 318 on the west coast was a glamorous affair, with A-list clients including many celebrities, movie studios and other large bluechip companies. Charles was the first call when Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne needed tech support, for example, but jobs in the midwest were a little more mundane. If there was ever someone you would want on a work trip to Atkinson, Nebraska, Three Lakes, Wisconsin or Ironwood, Michigan, though, it was Charles.

I always felt that the official Charles motto was “script all the things.” He was always so curious of how things worked, how he could automate them and better yet, how he could teach others how to do it too. I love how Adam Engst wrote in his post that “Charles was very much a Tigger, in the Winnie-the-Pooh sense, and tirelessly bounced from project to project.” It was always fun to watch him speak at various events like Minnebar and JNUC, but it was also cool to see him progress throughout his career. I think he liked it when I once called him the “Hank Moody of technical publishing.”

We chatted a lot about web publishing and blogs, since we both had very old sites running WordPress. Krypted.com (“Tiny Deathstars”) has always been a goldmine of technical information and Charles was most recently publishing a ton of great content on the Secret Chest blog. His last post there, Friday Fun With Steganography, was published on the day he died, while his post A Digital Legacy Contact was published the week prior.

It was somewhat ironic that I first learned of his passing on Mastodon, as there is a strong Mac admin community there and he told me at lunch that he had signed up (but never really used it). There is even an updated Wikipedia page (which I think he would probably find pretty embarrassing).

There has been much heartwarming content posted online by those who knew him, including Tom Bridge and the Mac Admins Podcast (I was a guest with Charles and Tom on my only podcast interview ever). Other posts include Rich Trouton, Armin Briegel and Chip Pearson on LinkedIn:

Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I write to you to share that our friend Charles Edge has passed away.

He was known by many people and loved by all and his passing is a huge loss in many communities. He is survived by his two children who are being lovingly cared for by their family.

His passing was sudden and unexpected Friday evening. In this time of grief, we appreciate a little space to figure how to best support his family and will use this channel to communicate news or further information.

Thank you for your love in this hard time and I am very sorry for yours and all of our loss.

Charles and I shared being a dad to two daughters and it was so fun dropping off my old Star Wars toys for his oldest. My heart aches for his family (and everyone who now feels the void left by his absence).

UPDATE: Star Tribune obituary here. Charles died of a cerebral aneurysm. Memorial gathering will be held Saturday, April 27, 3-5 p.m. at Town and Country Club in Saint Paul (additional services to be held in Dahlonega, Georgia at a later date).

I was worried when he told me in June 2022 that he had had major surgery, but everything seemed back to normal last year. I don’t know his religious beliefs, but I like to think of him in a Star Wars scene reappearing next to Bartosh at a cantina named Dave’s in a galaxy far, far away…


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