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Turkeys on the tee box 🦃

Pic posted May 16, 2024

Wild doge on the 8th tee at Inver Wood

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First Par 5 ✅

Pic posted May 13, 2024

Three more to go in that category

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The lilacs are back (look quick)

Pic posted May 11, 2024

Beautiful morning at The Dwan (and now a lovely afternoon on the patio)

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Glad I checked out back

Pic posted May 11, 2024

After midnight aurora in Newport

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Quick morning round with Leo

Pic posted May 9, 2024

This Inver Wood Anniversary Card deal is great

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Link: Como Park Corpse Flower Live Cam

Linked May 8, 2024

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Pic posted April 29, 2024

You lookin’ at me?

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Windy by the lake

Pic posted April 23, 2024

One of several large trees down in the park

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Surprise! More white this morning ❄️

Pic posted April 20, 2024

Not much, but thought we were done with that for now

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Link: Why Feathers Are One of Evolution’s Cleverest Inventions 🪶

Linked April 19, 2024

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Link: Best drone video of all time? 🐧

Linked April 16, 2024

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🫡 Minnesota tick season PSA

Pic posted April 10, 2024

Went for my first outdoor run tonight and had a baby tick on my hand afterwards – was definitely on the nymph/larva side of the size scale

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Link: OK – so not solar flares?

Linked April 9, 2024

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OK, that was pretty cool NASA🌛

Pic posted April 8, 2024

Watched the NASA livestream as it passed Cleveland

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The last (?) of the April snow ❄️

Pic posted April 3, 2024

41F and winds gusting to 38mph, but still glad to be outside and moving

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If ‘boiling the oceans to run the server farms’ isn’t number one on your ‘existential risks to humanity posed by Al’ then you can stop talking about existential risks to humanity forever thanks…

— The research fairy

Quote posted March 31, 2024

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Second spring is in the air

Pic posted March 29, 2024

Minnesota weather, amirite?

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Our first Bird Buddy ❤️

Pic posted March 23, 2024

That only took almost three months – are birds even real? This cute house finch is the first visitor to our little yellow feeder…

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First walk outside since Christmas Day

Pic posted March 10, 2024

MK does not approve of the buckthorn 👎

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Sunset Over Jerry’s Foods

Pic posted March 2, 2024

What a crazy start to March in Minnesota

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About six inches at our house

Pic posted February 15, 2024

Read that this storm doubled our snowfall for the season. Still waiting for our first bird buddy…

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Minnesota State Park 2024 Quest

Posted January 7, 2024

I read someone on Mastodon talking about a goal of visiting all 88 Texas state parks in the next few years and thought that would be fun to do in Minnesota with Oliver (and the Minnesota State Parks custom license plate).

Minnesota has 66 state parks, plus nine state recreation areas, nine state waysides and 23 state trails. I’ve been to a bunch of these already, but I could revisit the eight on the North Shore alone every week and be happy.

Quest set:

Afton • Banning • Bear Head • Beaver Creek Valley • Big Stone Lake • Blue Mounds • Buffalo River • Camden • Carley • Cascade River • Charles A. Lindbergh • Crow Wing • Father Hennepin • Flandrau • Forestville/Mystery Cave • Fort Ridgely • Fort Snelling • Franz Jevne • Frontenac • George H. Crosby Manitou • Glacial Lakes • Glendalough • Gooseberry Falls • Grand Portage • Great River Bluffs • Hayes Lake • Hill-Annex Mine • Interstate • Itasca • Jay Cooke • John A. Latsch • Judge C.R. Magney • Kilen Woods • Lac qui Parle • Lake Bemidji • Lake Bronson • Lake Carlos • Lake Louise • Lake Maria • Lake Shetek • Lake Vermilion • Maplewood • McCarthy Beach • Mille Lacs Kathio • Minneopa • Monson Lake • Moose Lake • Myre-Big Island • Nerstrand-Big Woods • Old Mill • Rice Lake • St. Croix • Sakatah Lake • Savanna Portage • Scenic • Schoolcraft • Sibley • Soudan Underground Mine • Split Rock Creek • Split Rock Lighthouse • Temperance River • Tettegouche • Whitewater • Wild River • William O’Brien • Zippel Bay

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A New Year @ Como Park

Pic posted January 1, 2024

Visited the Holiday Flower Show @ the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory

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Kingsbury Bird Buddy 🐤

Pic posted December 31, 2023

Now open for business

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Merry Christmas from Minnesota

Pic posted December 25, 2023

In all of my Christmas mornings here, I can’t recall another that had worms crawling on the sidewalk. The ice is also almost gone from the lake…

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