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Nice color in Chaska today

Pic posted September 23, 2023

Shot an 86 from the silver tees @ Bluff Creek

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Hey there Fry Guy 🐿️

Pic posted September 20, 2023

This guy was hiding under the cover of a trash can

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Now is the marryin’ time ❤️

Pic posted September 17, 2023

Congratulations to Al and Autumn

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These Northland squirrels are the best

Pic posted September 14, 2023

Full of beans, I tells ya

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No bugs on Gold Mine Trail

Pic posted September 13, 2023

That was a nice change from the prior weeks

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Not much “traditional” fall color yet

Pic posted September 11, 2023

Still very pretty, though, in the Northland

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Northland Still Life

Pic posted September 9, 2023

CK found this at Joy and Company in Grand Marais – love it

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Hello, September 2023

Pic posted September 1, 2023

The trees have been tricked several times this year, but now they can officially begin to change 🍁

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Beautiful morning along the river

Pic posted August 31, 2023

Twenty mile ride up and down the Mississippi

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Golden hour @ The Wilderness

Pic posted August 28, 2023

One little cell moved through, then it cleared up just in time

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Cool, beautiful morning for a bike ride

Pic posted August 26, 2023

Only had time for a quick ten miles around Woodbury

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Siri says “Pin Cushion Moss”

Pic posted August 24, 2023

Gold Mine Trail @ Fortune Bay Resort Casino (not shown: thousands of mosquitoes)

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New tree in the backyard

Pic posted August 20, 2023

Not sure the replacement is much healthier than the other one, but I ask you, “Are you an oak man?”

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Sunset on Vermilion 🔥

Pic posted August 15, 2023

Now about all these bugs…

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The new bison area 🦬

Pic posted August 11, 2023

It’s really cool to be able to get closer now @ Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley

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Treetop Trail @ MN Zoo ✅

Pic posted August 11, 2023

Hit the early “member’s hour,” but I think all suburban moms must have memberships now. My take after one quick loop around: it’s very scenic, but large sections have no animals and I’m not sure they have all the signage up yet. Do heed the signs that warn of static shocks, though. Love the new section close to the bison and can’t wait for the prairie dogs to return (sign said they will be back).

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The flowers of Dwan

Pic posted August 10, 2023

Beautiful early morning in Bloomington with TC

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Tuesday night @ Willingers

Pic posted August 1, 2023

Those birds are so iconic

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Shades of blue ☁️

Pic posted July 30, 2023

The summer sky has been so vivid this week

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Summer Saturday @ Inver Wood

Pic posted July 29, 2023

Just a beautiful day in Inver Grove Heights. Played well from the white tees, saw some scary giant black wasps and encountered more stupid slow play

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Back to the neighborhood park

Pic posted July 26, 2023

Felt pretty warm already and the bugs were around 4 out of 10 on the annoying scale

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Broke in the new hiking shoes

Pic posted July 24, 2023

A hilly 10K+ around Afton State Park with deer, a rabbit, a snake, some tiny frogs, a hawk and a bunch of other birds that Merlin said were there (but I didn’t visually see), including cardinals, crows, cedar waxwings, goldfinches, house wrens, mourning doves, blue jays, red-bellied & downy woodpeckers, eastern wood-pewees, wood thrushes, sparrows and eastern kingbirds.

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33 miles to Fort Snelling (and back)

Pic posted July 20, 2023

Fun ride, but ready to sit on the couch and watch The Open now

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Simpsons clouds over Colby Lake

Pic posted July 18, 2023

These summer weather days are special

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Single track for the soul

Pic posted July 18, 2023

Quick loop today around Carver Lake

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