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Hangout buddies

Pic posted January 30, 2023

Grandma/landlord and the Lunes

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I feel pretty, oh so pretty

Pic posted January 4, 2023

…and I pity any girl who isn’t me today

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Spot the doge

Pic posted December 31, 2022

It me!

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Booni on a shelf

Pic posted December 23, 2022

Christmas Doge strikes again

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It’s the Christmas Booni

Pic posted December 12, 2022

Happy Holidays from our doge to you

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Hi, I’m an acrobat now

Pic posted December 1, 2022

Silly doge

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The Destroyer

Pic posted November 29, 2022

Lots of “enrichment” time this morning

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Sending healing vibes to Peter Pup

Pic posted November 18, 2022

That poor doge – get well soon, little buddy

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Fridge Doge

Pic posted November 11, 2022

She found a new place to hang

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The coworker is j chillin’

Pic posted November 10, 2022

Swapped home office day this week

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It’s almost Booni-ween

Pic posted October 29, 2022

The little doge would like some candy, please

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The flock is reunited

Pic posted October 8, 2022

Where have you guys been?

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Booni plot her Return to Brixton

Pic posted October 3, 2022

Just the best co-worker ever

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Time for a little ice bath

Pic posted October 1, 2022

Tropical refreshment for the doge

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Little Miss One Foot

Pic posted September 15, 2022

J chillin’

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Mini-molt shower time

Pic posted August 29, 2022

Not quite back to normal yet

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Birthday Doge 🎂🎉

Pic posted August 21, 2022

Somebody turns eight this week

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Sleeping on the job

Pic posted August 16, 2022

My assistant takes frequent breaks

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Tasty raptor feet

Pic posted August 7, 2022

She’s not really a fan of baths, but it sure chills her out

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She was not amused

Pic posted August 1, 2022

Bathtime for the screm doge

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Love at first sight

Pic posted July 7, 2022

Someone is getting very scruffy during the molt

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You know he got that look

Pic posted July 2, 2022

Penultimate day of dog sitting with Snoliver

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A very special house guest

Pic posted June 27, 2022

Snoop Snol-e-snol is back

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New friends for Lunes

Pic posted May 24, 2022

Oh hey there, welcome to the neighborhood

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Work BFF

Pic posted May 13, 2022

Will work for seeds

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