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Shut up, you American. You Americans, all you do is talk, and talk, and say “let me tell you something” and “I just wanna say.” Well, you’re dead now, so shut up…

— Grim Reaper

Quote posted September 3, 2023

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Uncle What Now?

Pic posted August 24, 2023

How did I never see this before?
#ClownHistory #UNCLE O’GRIMACEY™

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Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to? For the price of a dime, I can always turn to you…

— Tommy Tutone

Quote posted August 18, 2023

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Keepin’ it classy, Columbia

Pic posted August 12, 2023

Schwetty Balls: The HOTTEST BALLS in Golf!

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I don’t make monkeys, I just train ’em…

— Pee-wee Herman 💜

Quote posted July 31, 2023

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🫡 The year 1946

Posted July 26, 2023

Yesterday I learned my dad was born the same year as Bush, Clinton, Trump, Cher and Dolly Parton (whose birthday is also January 19th)

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Sorry, Fred Mercury, but I am the champion…

— Colin Robinson

Quote posted July 24, 2023

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Barbie @ Woodbury Alamo ✅

Pic posted July 22, 2023

Eight thumbs up from our family – it was more than Kenough

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Have you partaken of the pizza pie?

— The Baron

Quote posted July 20, 2023

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“New” Beavis and Butt-Head S2 ✅

Pic posted July 11, 2023

Whoever writes the lines for Beavis needs a raise and a bonus

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🫡 Bob Dorough and Schoolhouse Rock!

Posted July 9, 2023

Dave Mark posted this link to YouTube on Mastodon this morning:

Bob Dorough was 93 in this video, one year before his death.

Here is the original:

Schoolhouse Rock! was the best…

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The Art of Being Social

Posted July 7, 2023

This picture from Andy Allen of all the various Twitter-like apps now fighting for attention, along with Meta’s launch of Threads this week, really made me think about the current state of social media in 2023. As I’ve written on this site many times in the past, I find social media to be a fascinating bit of technology that has had a profound impact on life in the last two decades.

I also don’t really like most of it. Hmm.

When I think back to my primary uses of social media, it’s really been as much to stay informed as it’s been to stay connected to people. Since launching this site back in 2006, I’ve supplemented social media with posts here to keep family and friends updated on personal news (and have often automated connections between those services and this site). It automatically produces RSS feeds and content is now pushed to the Fediverse using the ActivityPub plugin. I also love this site as a way to learn new technologies and skills, such as WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Linux and AWS.

It seems like one by one, my favorite social media companies have done questionable things (Doctorow’s enshittification) that caused me to close up shop: Facebook, Instagram, then Twitter. I miss family from Facebook, restaurants from Instagram and some really awesome people on Twitter. I still keep my LinkedIn open for work reasons (after closing it once) and I’ve really grown to like my Mastodon experience. Was never on TikTok or Snapchat and it seems like I will be on the Bluesky waitlist forever (their new domain revenue model is certainly interesting). Don’t think I will try Threads at this point, given my issues with past Facebook products, but I am cautiously optimistic that the promised interactivity with the Fediverse will happen.

Read more…

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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny ✅

Pic posted July 3, 2023

Quite enjoyed this one at the Riverview – a few plot issues, but the action scenes, music and Indy moments were all legit

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Jaws watch party @ Alamo 🦈

Pic posted July 2, 2023

Definitely had not watched that one all the way through before – very fun 1975 throwback

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You go in the cage, cage goes in the water, you go in the water. Shark’s in the water, our shark…

— Quint

Quote posted July 2, 2023

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Welcome back, Tay Tay

Pic posted June 22, 2023

Should be lots of happy people in Minneapolis the next few days

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Are you trying to tell me that there’s a party in your pants and that I’m invited?

— Veronica Corningstone

Quote posted June 21, 2023

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More ammo prepped and ready

Pic posted June 18, 2023

Fun golf week on tap #JaredForever

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WWDC 2023 Highlights

Pic posted June 5, 2023

There was some other stuff too…

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Some brands just live on and on

Pic posted May 11, 2023

I was more of a Matchbox kid, but these were always good too

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Finland , Finland , Finland, the country where I want to be. Pony trekking or camping or just watching TV…

— Monty Python

Quote posted April 4, 2023

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I Don’t Work on No-Thinky Thursdays

Pic posted March 30, 2023

South Park just keeps marching right along

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Shopping centers are so weird now

Pic posted March 24, 2023

First, it was a visit to Rosedale; today Southdale

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…your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should…

— Dr. Malcolm

Quote posted March 20, 2023

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Link: Time for Timer!

Linked February 28, 2023

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