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Belated congrats to the Bulldoge grad

Pic posted December 21, 2022

Look out world – she’s done in 3.5 years (BA in environment and sustainability, with a minor in biology from UMD) 💜🎉

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Where pumpkins go to compost

Pic posted November 5, 2022

UMD Land Lab (“The Farm”)

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Proud of the Bulldoge 💯

Pic posted September 17, 2022

Had to hustle with the bad weather and go to plan B, but what a great day

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Link: U.S. literacy rate – I had no idea

Linked August 10, 2022

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All Bulldogs.

Pic posted July 13, 2022

All the time.

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Returning 16 years later

Pic posted May 28, 2022

…to teach @ Children’s Country Day School

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Saturday in Bulldog Country

Pic posted April 9, 2022

Super nice spring day in the Northland

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Always a great time in St. Paul

Pic posted March 9, 2022

*The* Tourney – 2022

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Made with ❤️ by 🐝

Pic posted October 9, 2021

Thank you, UMD Land Lab – that was delicious

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Bulldoge Farm Fest 2021

Pic posted September 26, 2021

MK did an amazing job – so happy I got to see it in person ❤️

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Native Bulldoge Habitat

Pic posted July 21, 2021

The University of Minnesota-Duluth Land Lab

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Link: The good old days of teletype

Linked July 19, 2021

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Link: The TV Genious

Linked June 27, 2021

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Today’s other meet and greet

Pic posted June 25, 2021

The Bulldoge in her native habitat

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2021 Grad Party #2

Pic posted June 13, 2021

Congrats to the Dresen Family 🎉

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2021 Grad Party #1

Pic posted June 12, 2021

Congrats, Carter (and thanks for everything, Trisha – it was soooooo good)

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All moved in

Pic posted June 1, 2021

New Bulldoge apartment ✅

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Link: Well-deserved recognition

Linked March 2, 2021

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“Attending” MIT has been awesome

Pic posted December 10, 2020

Thanks to the faculty and speakers for the great COVID class

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Link: Thank you, Professor Zhang

Linked December 1, 2020

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The Excellence of Arete

Posted November 29, 2020

Back in high school, I loved studying history. Richard Demers was my favorite teacher, leading such courses as Ancient Civilizations, Western Civilizations and American Experience as part of Central’s Quest program. As I mentioned on my biography page, I took eight semesters of history, along with one independent study about the history of classical music. His euphemism for tests, OTEs (“opportunities to excel”), is something most of my high school classmates will recall fondly. They were always very difficult, but I’m grateful that grading on a curve was a thing back then.

Another concept that Mr. Demers taught in “Ancient Civ” was the Greek notion “excellence of body, excellence of mind.” This resonated deeply with me, but Google has not located authoritative references for this saying that I clearly remember (perhaps the Mandela Effect is in play?). The closest I’ve found is the Greek term arete (not to be confused with mountaineering’s sharp ridge separating two cirques or glacial valleys in mountainous regions). This line in the arete Wikipedia page jumped out at me:

It was commonly believed that the mind, body, and soul each had to be developed and prepared for a man to live a life of arete.

While I don’t recall the word arete being used by Demers, I do remember him discussing the concepts of paideia and the education of the aristocracy. It seems there is much more to learn about these concepts from Aristotle and Plato – perhaps some light reading for the long Minnesota winter?

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Pic posted November 17, 2020

Last week’s lecture was so over my head, it wasn’t even funny

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Road trip to the Bulldoge

Pic posted September 30, 2020

Fall in Duluth 🍁

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Link: Thanks, MIT – always learning

Linked September 17, 2020

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We now have a Bulldoge

Pic posted September 13, 2020

Good luck MK on your next adventure – very proud of you!

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