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Balance is restored to the universe*

Pic posted July 7, 2024

* for a limited time. Agent Cooper says potato cakes are back at Arby’s, so my boycott is now over (although they dropped ham and cheese for burgers – WTF?)

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The Gentlemen ✅

Pic posted July 7, 2024

Thanks, Netflix – this Guy Ritchie series is the sort of thing I usually expect from HBO

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Hacks S3 ✅

Pic posted July 5, 2024

Colleen dropped out of this one, but I liked it

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The American Buffalo ✅

Pic posted July 2, 2024

A Film by Ken Burns

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Coming soon to a crib near you

Pic posted June 21, 2024

Pretty cool week coming up

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The Reluctant Traveler S2 ✅

Pic posted June 1, 2024

Fun episodes from Sweden, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Greece and Spain

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Link: A fictional spy walk in London

Linked May 30, 2024

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Survivor S46 ✅

Pic posted May 25, 2024

Happy with the winner this season

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Surrounded by losers, misfits and boozers. Hanging by your fingernails. You made one mistake. You got burned at the stake…

— Strange Game

Quote posted May 14, 2024

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Jeff Probst Appreciation Night

Pic posted May 9, 2024

Feelin’ good in the neighborhood – dinner with MK in Woodbury

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Office TV installed just in time

Pic posted April 12, 2024

Crisis averted – should be set for the weekend

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Letterkenny S12 ✅

Pic posted April 11, 2024

Only six episodes is a downer, but I thought the series was already over, so still a net win

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🫡 Some big checkmarks on the To Do list

Posted April 11, 2024

  • State and federal taxes ✅
  • Office TV installed before the Masters ✅
  • First outdoor training run of 2024 ✅

Upward and onward!

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Curb Your Enthusiasm S12 ✅

Pic posted April 8, 2024

What a great end to a great series

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Fargo S5 ✅

Pic posted March 31, 2024

OK, so the accents and some of the dialogue this season were supremely cringe, but I *loved* Jennifer Jason Leigh, Juno Temple, Jon Hamm and Dave Foley

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Full Swing S2 ✅

Pic posted March 30, 2024

This season really showcased the best and worst of professional golf (for me)

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Top 7 Worst Ad Channels 👎

Posted March 29, 2024

Usually try to keep it positive around here, but wow are ads getting terrible:

  • iOS gaming ads
  • Anything on YouTube
  • Hulu (With Ads)
  • Over the air radio ads
  • Instagram “Sponsored” content
  • Email spam/junk folders
  • Most commercial websites

Could we at least get back to having funny ones? Oh, almost forgot about movie theaters that show anything other than upcoming trailers…

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Kings from Queens: The Run DMC Story ✅

Pic posted March 26, 2024

Another good one from the Peacock trial

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Rough morning for Mary

Pic posted March 26, 2024

Winter is laughing at spring in Minnesota rn

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Link: Prince, Letterman, Dolphin, Dash

Linked March 16, 2024

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Sweet Lou, NO MOR 😢

Pic posted March 7, 2024

Thanks for the great commentary all these years – 2025 just won’t be the same without him

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All Creatures Great and Small S4 ✅

Pic posted February 24, 2024

Wish these seasons were longer – six + a bonus is not enough

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True Detective Night Country ✅

Pic posted February 19, 2024

Season 4 was a good one 🥶

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Master of None S3 ✅

Pic posted February 18, 2024

This wasn’t really season three – this was season one of a spin-off

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Master of None S1 ✅

Pic posted February 13, 2024

Also halfway through S2 – can’t believe the Nashville episode had the same hotel we stayed at last year

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