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Beef S1 βœ…

Pic posted September 19, 2023

That was a fun one – so many twists and turns

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Disenchantment Part 5 βœ…

Pic posted September 12, 2023

Such creative writing and excellent voice work

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John Mulaney: Baby J βœ…

Pic posted September 7, 2023

Music by David Byrne (!)

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🫑 MOR TV Shows

Posted September 1, 2023

Just finished season 5 of What We Do in the Shadows (so fun!) and watched the first episode of Disenchantment S5 (out today – love that Matt Berry voices the pig). Also watching Futurama S11, Only Murders in the Building S3, Reservation Dogs S3 and Justified: City Primeval. Looking forward to The Morning Show S3 (Sept 13), Survivor S45 (Sept 27) and Fargo S5 (Nov 21).

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The Bear S2 βœ…

Pic posted August 23, 2023

Just a phenomenal second season – loved it

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What We Do in the Shadows βœ…

Pic posted August 13, 2023

Kid one wanted me to binge this one and now I’m caught up. Matt Berry is my favorite part of this show, but really the entire cast is fun to watch…

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The Righteous Gemstones S3 βœ…

Pic posted July 31, 2023

The last episode was not my favorite, but the rest of the season had great writing and I’m happy to see it was renewed for another season (pending resolution of the strike, I presume)

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Sorry, Fred Mercury, but I am the champion…

— Colin Robinson

Quote posted July 24, 2023

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Done with The Open

Pic posted July 21, 2023

Love the coverage, but I’ll grant it is a lot of hours

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Have you partaken of the pizza pie?

— The Baron

Quote posted July 20, 2023

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“New” Beavis and Butt-Head S2 βœ…

Pic posted July 11, 2023

Whoever writes the lines for Beavis needs a raise and a bonus

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🫑 Bob Dorough and Schoolhouse Rock!

Posted July 9, 2023

Dave Mark posted this link to YouTube on Mastodon this morning:

Bob Dorough was 93 in this video, one year before his death.

Here is the original:

Schoolhouse Rock! was the best…

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Black Mirror S6 βœ…

Pic posted July 2, 2023

Really liked this season – think I need to stop reading reviews of anything until after I watch it myself

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Yellowjackets S2

Pic posted June 15, 2023

This season was bonkers – great final episode

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Dave S3 βœ…

Pic posted June 8, 2023

Don’t know why I keep watching this show, but he still keeps getting the big names to cameo

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Minnesota Historia βœ…

Posted June 6, 2023

The Star Tribune had a story today about this YouTube series by PBS North (the former WDSE-WRPT) hosted by UMD alumni Hailey Eidenschink (who gives me strong Megan Steil vibes). Season one has six short episodes (under ten minutes each), while the new season will have eight (five are online now).

With a heavy focus on the Northland, but I found all of them to be super fun to watch. From agates to shipwrecks, there are lots of great topics covered. I found it difficult to track them on YouTube, so here are direct links to all of the current episodes:

I will update this post as the others are released…

Nicely done, History Nerd!

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Look at me. I am old, but I’m happy. I was once like you are now and I know that it’s not easy to be calm. When you’ve found something going on, but take your time, think a lot. Why, think of everything you’ve got. For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not…

— Father and Son

Quote posted June 5, 2023

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Ted Lasso S3 βœ…

Pic posted June 1, 2023

Likers gonna like – thanks for a fun series

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Link: Artificial Intelligence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Linked May 31, 2023

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I Think You Should Leave S3 βœ…

Pic posted May 30, 2023

SK is going to love this season

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Barry S4 βœ…

Pic posted May 28, 2023

NoHo Hank might be one of my all-time favorite characters, kudos Anthony Carrigan. Oh, and Stephen Root going from Milton in Office Space to The Raven in this show is brilliant…

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Link: The 20 best TV series finales of all time (per Onion AV Club)

Linked May 26, 2023

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Every day can be like Dave & Buster’s…

— Cristobal Sifuentes

Quote posted May 26, 2023

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Survivor S44 βœ…

Pic posted May 26, 2023

Very fun season – congrats to Yamil β€œYam Yam” Arocho

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The Mandalorian S3 βœ…

Pic posted April 22, 2023

Yes, there were some cringeworthy moments, but overall still big fans of the series

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