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Our first Bird Buddy ❤️

Pic posted March 23, 2024

That only took almost three months – are birds even real? This cute house finch is the first visitor to our little yellow feeder…

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About six inches at our house

Pic posted February 15, 2024

Read that this storm doubled our snowfall for the season. Still waiting for our first bird buddy…

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Nashville Zoo at Grassmere ✅

Pic posted December 13, 2023

Some of our favorite zoo experiences ever: Lorikeet Landing, feed the flamingos and the return of meerkats were all very fun

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Fall in La Lake Park 🍁

Pic posted October 14, 2023

Hadn’t walked that path in a while – windy and rainy, but no bugs and beautiful colors

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The new bison area 🦬

Pic posted August 11, 2023

It’s really cool to be able to get closer now @ Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley

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Treetop Trail @ MN Zoo ✅

Pic posted August 11, 2023

Hit the early “member’s hour,” but I think all suburban moms must have memberships now. My take after one quick loop around: it’s very scenic, but large sections have no animals and I’m not sure they have all the signage up yet. Do heed the signs that warn of static shocks, though. Love the new section close to the bison and can’t wait for the prairie dogs to return (sign said they will be back).

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Lahaina Town 💔

Pic posted August 9, 2023

Heartbroken for the people (and animals) on Maui

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Open House @ Country Day School

Pic posted August 7, 2023

The best preschool in the land – Children’s Country Day School, Mendota Heights

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Broke in the new hiking shoes

Pic posted July 24, 2023

A hilly 10K+ around Afton State Park with deer, a rabbit, a snake, some tiny frogs, a hawk and a bunch of other birds that Merlin said were there (but I didn’t visually see), including cardinals, crows, cedar waxwings, goldfinches, house wrens, mourning doves, blue jays, red-bellied & downy woodpeckers, eastern wood-pewees, wood thrushes, sparrows and eastern kingbirds.

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A walk along Birch Point

Pic posted July 13, 2023

Nice memories of this part of the world

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Early morning 20 miles 🚴‍♂️

Pic posted July 12, 2023

Stuck by a train, eagles, vultures & a turkey, new Saint Paul branding and the return of Bob Pimpin

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Went to see the buffalo again

Pic posted June 25, 2023

The Spring Lake Park Reserve herd was in another area (farther away), but it was so cool to watch them in the binoculars during the big thunderstorm

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The Tuesday Special @ Willingers

Pic posted June 20, 2023

Just a lovely, warm summer afternoon with the Nive Man in Northfield

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Unique plants today @ Brookview

Pic posted June 17, 2023

Didn’t play well, but pretty plants and good company

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La Lake Chonkosaurus! 🐢

Pic posted May 22, 2023

Came around the corner and got stopped in my tracks

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UMD Graduation Trip, Part III

Pic posted May 7, 2023

No swimming, Kitchi Gammi Park, seagulls like donuts, flowers for the graduate, celebration dinner @ At Sara’s Table Chester Creek Cafe

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New front yard visitors

Pic posted April 28, 2023

The iOS built-in photo AI says these are Myrtle Warblers – we had a dozen of these out front in the rain this morning

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Sunday member’s hour

Pic posted April 16, 2023

Apparently the Minnesota Zoo has way more members than I thought now. Still fun to get in early and make loops around the tropics and Minnesota trails…

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Five mile hike @ Afton State Park

Pic posted April 12, 2023

Record high temp (85F), still pockets of snow here and there, LOTS of tree damage, passed a horse rider, heard loons calling, saw lots of ducks clustered on the river and could’ve taken some turns still at Afton Alps (if they had stayed open)

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Thank you SK for the park pass 🌳

Pic posted March 19, 2023

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Pic posted March 3, 2023

Please give them the respect they deserve (10 footer!)

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Can’t sleep, but this guy can 🦅

Pic posted February 20, 2023

The Eagle Cam is the best

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Tested out the new membership

Pic posted February 10, 2023

PSA: you still need to make reservations

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The “new” Bell Museum was 💯

Pic posted December 14, 2022

Believe this one opened in 2018 on the University of Minnesota Saint Paul campus

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How much wood…

Pic posted October 15, 2022

Someone was hungry along the Mississippi 🦫

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