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Day 1 @ Target Center ✅

Pic posted September 25, 2023

Excited to help another league and large venue 🏀

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Breakfast at Wilderness Grill

Pic posted September 14, 2023

Tried elk sausage for the first time – very unique flavor

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The Wilderness Grill club sammy

Pic posted September 13, 2023

The 2023 edition was different (and very nice)

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First “real” food in days

Pic posted September 7, 2023

The walleye sammy from Sunset Steakhouse

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Your 2023 Champion, Jeff Sorenson

Pic posted August 29, 2023

Wire-to-wire winner from The Minikahda Club shoots 67-68-136 (-4) to win the Minnesota PGA Professional Championship @ The Wilderness at Fortune Bay. Very fun to see so many old Tapemark people the last two days…

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Tavern in the Bay

Pic posted August 29, 2023

The new Bayview is supposedly open daily, but I didn’t get to confirm that today (bar opens before the kitchen – will try again later I guess)

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Added bacon to the three cheese

Pic posted August 28, 2023

That was a winning move (and the better fries are back)

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The Return of Beaudry

Pic posted August 28, 2023

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Take a Vet Fishing 2023

Pic posted August 24, 2023

Capacity turnout for the 2023 event @ Fortune Bay Marina

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The South Switch Bar & Grill ✅

Pic posted August 21, 2023

Pretty sure I’ve been here before, but not 100% sure

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Windy and cold at first, but then nice

Pic posted August 17, 2023

The 19th Annual Indian Summer Classic @ The Wilderness at Fortune Bay – we shot 71 (-1) in a hair under seven hours (!)

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Indian Summer Classic up next

Pic posted August 16, 2023

Just enough rain to soften things up for tomorrow

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Gold Mine Grill(ed) Cheese

Pic posted August 16, 2023

Mmm…three cheeses… 🧀

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Big news from Kid Two 🎉

Posted April 3, 2023

Congratulations to Kid Two, who worked hard to graduate in three and half years from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environment, Sustainability & Geography (with a minor in biology). Today she accepted a job offer with Landbridge Ecological of Saint Paul to be a full time Restoration Technician:

Restoration Technicians implement a wide variety of ecological restoration projects in several diverse plant communities. Example projects include public/residential/commercial landscapes with a range from small to large scale native installation (planting, seeding, erosion control, etc.) and land management (invasive species, prescribed fire, woodland editing, etc.). Some projects entail conventional landscaping and urban interface aspects. Projects are located primarily in the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest.

The Landbridge offices are located just up the street from the original High School for Recording Arts campus on Vandalia Street that I worked at from 2003—2009. Excited to see their client list includes Lebanon Hills Regional Park and Braemar Golf Course in Edina.

Very proud of what she has achieved so far and excited to see what she will accomplish in her new career.

Bravo, MK! ❤️

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I Don’t Work on No-Thinky Thursdays

Pic posted March 30, 2023

South Park just keeps marching right along

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Visiting the neighbors for lunch

Pic posted January 13, 2023

Super close and convenient, with an “interesting” vibe

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Not your typical staircase

Pic posted January 10, 2023

Surprises around every corner

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Lunch at the old hangout

Pic posted January 6, 2023

Great to see Yagya, Ted and Rosie @ Maxwell’s on Washington

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Link: RIP Jennifer Smith, 1966-2022

Linked December 20, 2022

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The break room here rocks

Pic posted December 8, 2022

Also, first new photo frames from Camera+ in years – huzzah!

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Windows Server Summit

Pic posted December 7, 2022

Some interesting topics, to be sure

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Crackey Mac @ Lone Oak Grill

Pic posted December 2, 2022

Comfort food, indeed. Great to catch up with Cheryl and Josh in Eagan

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The Depot burger @ Skyway Grill

Pic posted November 28, 2022

This food court has a lot of character(s)

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That vase looks familiar

Posted November 22, 2022

Somebody raided my childhood home

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Up Next: Public Broadcasting

Posted November 17, 2022

Now that I’ve been in my new role as systems engineer at TPT for a month, I figured it was a good time to reflect on this change and write about my experience so far. The organization’s post-COVID return to the office has been branded as a “Return to Lowertown” and it literally is for me too. Hard to believe it’s almost a year already since we left Rayette Lofts to head on down the river…

The commute back and forth has been great so far, usually taking under 15 minutes each way. Next spring, I hope to ride my bike a few days each week if I can sort out the storage issues. I splurged on the expensive parking option in the Lowertown Ramp, which is easy-in on Sibley and easy-out on Jackson (plus covered spots with no winter scraping). I’ve never really had any security trouble in Lowertown, but it is convenient to have a parking spot right next to the office entrance.

Some other logistical things: currently working a hybrid schedule of four days in the office and one day from home (Wednesdays), which has been very nice. While every day has been focused on getting up to speed on systems and technology, I’ve been trying to use the work from home day as a deep-dive research day (which is easier alone). TPT has a nice lunchroom, so I’ve mainly been bringing in frozen lunches to eat. The reawakening of the downtown St. Paul lunch dining scene has been slow, but there are pockets here and there. Still exploring the skyway, but always open to suggestions and recommendations.

Read more…

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