7 Minute Miles


After growing up in an airline family, it was a no-brainer that I wanted to join that industry after college. Flight benefits are a little different today, but it was a huge deal back in the day and I wanted to keep flying after graduation. My wife and I took advantage of this as much as we could early on, especially overseas. The list of bag tags above may not be 100% color accurate, but you get a sense of where we’ve flown over the years.

The state count sits at 41 out of 50 (need AL, AR, DE, ME, MS, NM, RI, UT & WV), while I believe the country list is at eight (Canada, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Netherlands, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong).

Since we had flight benefits, there weren’t a ton of road trips. I drove from Minnesota to Idaho a few times on ski trips and took one high school trip from Minnesota to Orlando. The Empire Builder train from Saint Paul to Sandpoint with the kids was a blast – wish we would’ve done that again.

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