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Another doctor’s order ✅

Pic posted December 1, 2023

Beautiful golden hour walk around the park

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La Lake is nearly frozen over

Pic posted November 25, 2023

So grateful to have this wonderful park nearby

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Early neighborhood walk with MK 🥶

Pic posted November 24, 2023

Not really *that* cold, but the pond was frozen

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It’s been a nice week in MN 🍁

Pic posted November 19, 2023

I see the first forecasted teen temp, but really not too bad

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Beautiful last round of the year

Pic posted November 18, 2023

Shot an 85 from the whites @ Ridges at Sand Creek

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Another beautiful late season round

Pic posted November 3, 2023

Shot an 84 from the whites at Ridges at Sand Creek

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Hello, November 2023 ✅

Pic posted November 2, 2023

I bet it’s been cold in the Grand Marais harbor

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Sometime it snows in October 🎃 ☃️

Pic posted October 31, 2023

Back in my day…

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25th TC 10 Mile ❌

Pic posted October 1, 2023

I honestly can’t believe they went black flag on both races 🤷‍♂️

Edit: ran 10 miles on Bailey Road in 1:51:01 (11:06 Minute Miles)

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Sand Creek is drying up

Pic posted September 16, 2023

Lowest water levels I think we have ever seen in Jordan. Also played most of the round with no glasses (and still broke 90).

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Beautiful morning along the river

Pic posted August 31, 2023

Twenty mile ride up and down the Mississippi

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Golden hour @ The Wilderness

Pic posted August 28, 2023

One little cell moved through, then it cleared up just in time

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Cool, beautiful morning for a bike ride

Pic posted August 26, 2023

Only had time for a quick ten miles around Woodbury

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Heat wave? What heat wave?

Pic posted August 22, 2023

A balmy 62F on Lake Vermilion tonight

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Warm one in Jordan

Pic posted August 19, 2023

And we played in the “cool” part of the day (Brad was on fire, though, with four birdies on the back nine)

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Michael Birawer @ CHS Field ✅

Pic posted August 13, 2023

Very fun to meet one of our favorite Minnesota artists today at the Saints game (Saints lost 8-6 to the Louisville Bats in a rain-shortened game).

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Lahaina Town 💔

Pic posted August 9, 2023

Heartbroken for the people (and animals) on Maui

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Shades of blue ☁️

Pic posted July 30, 2023

The summer sky has been so vivid this week

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Summer Saturday @ Inver Wood

Pic posted July 29, 2023

Just a beautiful day in Inver Grove Heights. Played well from the white tees, saw some scary giant black wasps and encountered more stupid slow play

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Just a lovely morning for pro golf in Blaine

Pic posted July 28, 2023

Hard to believe, but Justin Thomas might miss the cut today at the 3M Open. Here is his group leaving the 11th tee (their second hole of the day)

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Back to the neighborhood park

Pic posted July 26, 2023

Felt pretty warm already and the bugs were around 4 out of 10 on the annoying scale

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Saturday at River Oaks

Pic posted July 22, 2023

Fast greens, weird weather and no pars – been a while since I was shutout on pars

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Simpsons clouds over Colby Lake

Pic posted July 18, 2023

These summer weather days are special

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A stormy finale to the buddy trip

Pic posted July 16, 2023

Number 12 tee @ The Wilderness at Fortune Bay. Rained on about 15 of the 18 holes, then the sun came out…

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Shot an 88 @ Sand Creek

Pic posted July 8, 2023

Lots of flying friends, beautiful weather and very, very dry conditions in Jordan

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