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The last (?) of the April snow ❄️

Pic posted April 3, 2024

41F and winds gusting to 38mph, but still glad to be outside and moving

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Second spring is in the air

Pic posted March 29, 2024

Minnesota weather, amirite?

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Rough morning for Mary

Pic posted March 26, 2024

Winter is laughing at spring in Minnesota rn

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Winter says wait just a damn minute

Pic posted March 21, 2024

Mears Park flurries (and holiday lights)

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Game 3: Detroit blowout ⚾️

Pic posted March 20, 2024

Beautiful day (and we had Big Buck and Willie Joe Garry Jr. sightings), but Twins lose 12-3

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Last Hammond game this trip ⚾️

Pic posted March 20, 2024

Detroit @ Minnesota – perfect weather

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Game 1: Boston @ Twins ⚾️

Pic posted March 18, 2024

John’s breezy shade seat recommendation saved the day
Twins Win! 5-2

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Springtime visitor to the other crib

Pic posted March 11, 2024

Thanks for the help at home, SK 💜

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Sunset Over Jerry’s Foods

Pic posted March 2, 2024

What a crazy start to March in Minnesota

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First round of 2024 @ Willingers

Pic posted March 2, 2024

New personal record for earliest start to a Minnesota season ever (three previous March rounds: 3/7/2000 @ Oak Marsh, 3/20/2021 @ Willingers and 3/23/2012 @ Valleywood). Shot an 87 from the whites – pace was awesome and I love the new rangefinder

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Spring Skiing in February

Pic posted February 25, 2024

Finally got out today @ Welch Village with MK and it felt like my old Schweitzer spring break days

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A little frosty this morning ⛄️

Pic posted February 22, 2024

Warmed up nicely later, though

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Early grill season in Minnesota

Pic posted February 6, 2024

It was 55F and sunny – just had to throw this on the Weber

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Vote for Beyonsleigh 🗳️👸🏾🐝

Pic posted January 23, 2024

Colleen has a finalist in this year’s MNDOT contest – vote here

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Live golf from Hawaii season 🌈

Pic posted January 4, 2024

OMG, love watching The Sentry from Kapalua every January

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Merry Christmas from Minnesota

Pic posted December 25, 2023

In all of my Christmas mornings here, I can’t recall another that had worms crawling on the sidewalk. The ice is also almost gone from the lake…

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Foggy, rain and low 40s

Pic posted December 23, 2023

Not your typical late December in Minnesota

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Another doctor’s order ✅

Pic posted December 1, 2023

Beautiful golden hour walk around the park

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La Lake is nearly frozen over

Pic posted November 25, 2023

So grateful to have this wonderful park nearby

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Early neighborhood walk with MK 🥶

Pic posted November 24, 2023

Not really *that* cold, but the pond was frozen

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It’s been a nice week in MN 🍁

Pic posted November 19, 2023

I see the first forecasted teen temp, but really not too bad

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Beautiful last round of the year

Pic posted November 18, 2023

Shot an 85 from the whites @ Ridges at Sand Creek

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Another beautiful late season round

Pic posted November 3, 2023

Shot an 84 from the whites at Ridges at Sand Creek

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Hello, November 2023 ✅

Pic posted November 2, 2023

I bet it’s been cold in the Grand Marais harbor

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Sometime it snows in October 🎃 ☃️

Pic posted October 31, 2023

Back in my day…

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