7 Minute Miles


I don’t remember the first camera I ever used when I was a kid, but I fondly remember my first “real” camera – a Nikon D70 DSLR that I still own (but haven’t used in ages). That old camera bag still has the D70 body, a Speedlight SB-600 flash and three zoom lenses: 18-70mm, 18-200mm and an awesome 80-200mm large lens I used primarily for sports photography.

When I was at the casino, we purchased a Nikon D600 with nice glass, that I used for concert meet and greets, live shots, golf course photography and other marketing needs. Just an amazing camera – would buy a D850 today if I had unlimited toy funds.

The Nikon Coolpix 950 was my first digital camera and I think we might’ve had one or two others. As iPhone cameras have progressed, I don’t ever really see the need to have a non-pro camera again. And while I remember going to the Fotomat drive-through on West Seventh growing up, I don’t really remember any of the film cameras our family owned.