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Not my favorite golf day ever

Posted Saturday, May 12th, 2012 04:56 pm GMT -6 in Golf, Technology

Today our usual Saturday group headed to Chaska to play Bluff Creek Golf Course. According to my score database, the last time I played there was August 4, 2001. Nothing much has changed (although they may have remodeled the clubhouse).

The front nine was uneventful – two pars and seven bogeys. The weather was beautiful (sunny and upper sixties with a light breeze), pace of play was good (especially for how many people were playing) and the greens were nice (although I’m not a fan of their contouring).

I had a nice tee shot at the par 3 eleventh hole and remember taking a picture of the green with my iPhone. After hitting my second shot on the twelfth, I realized my phone wasn’t in my golf bag. It also wasn’t in my pocket or anywhere nearby.

I retraced my steps back to the previous green, but couldn’t find it. My friends called it (the ringer was on), but we couldn’t hear it. I let them play on while I continued to search. Several groups passed by and I told each one I was looking for a phone. I decided to catch up with the other guys and check in the clubhouse afterwards.

After the round, no one had turned it in yet, so I asked to use their computer to login to the Find My iPhone site, which showed it at the corner of 101 and Creekwood Drive. I figured that was maybe just the closest tower, so I sent a message (with alarm) to the phone asking them to return it, then headed back out to the course to look more.

No luck on that search and no one had turned it in while I was out looking. I used their computer again and now it was showing up in Eden Prairie at Riley Lake Park. Dammit – I can’t believe someone actually picked it up and took it!

I drove home, logged in again and decided to do a remote wipe of the phone. It was still showing up in the same park, but I decided having the data off the phone was more important that getting the hardware back. I was using a passcode, but I still didn’t want them seeing any of my incoming messages or alerts. The one downside of the wipe is that I can no longer track it.

Oh well – I guess I did need a higher capacity model anyways…

Originally published by DK on May 12, 2012 at 4:56 pm

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