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Week Three Training Update

Posted Sunday, August 5th, 2012 04:39 pm GMT -5 in Family, Marathons, Running

30 miles this week and had to rearrange days again to get it all in. Week four drops back down to 29 miles, but is otherwise exactly the same. No changes in the knee or heels either – still feel a little off, but not painful enough to impact getting it done.

My friend Jake was right – the Garmin 610 is changing the way I run. It’s great to know realtime distances and pace, although I must admit it’s getting harder for me to tell the difference between a 8:30 pace and a 10:00 pace. Hopefully that gets better as training continues, since I’d really like to get back into the 8’s on a regular basis (let alone a return to the 7s). Lots of hidden watch features to explore still too…

The State Fair Milk Run 5K bibs came in the mail last week and all four of us will be participating (kid one and I running; Colleen and kid two walking). I’ve got bib #698 and will face a big challenge to match last year’s 5K PR time of 21:42 (6:59 pace). Looking back at those 2011 results, I can’t believe I was 55th among all males and 7th in my class. Only three weeks to get back up to speed!

Originally published by DK on August 5, 2012 at 4:39 pm

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