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🫡 TC 10 Mile training update

Posted September 2, 2023

Finished my third eight mile long run this morning and kept the average pace under 11 for the second time in this training cycle (10:44). Slow and steady with no walk breaks is fine with me right now. On my bike ride two days ago, I made it up the giant hill (200+ ft) with no stop breaks, so seem to be making overall fitness progress. Only 29 days to race day!

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8 miles on Summit

Pic posted August 13, 2023

…and checked in on the Bandit Boy (who was not amused)

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🫡 Return to running milestone

Posted August 1, 2023

Still a lot slower than my prime, but today’s run was my fastest pace in three years. And in a related note, my weight this morning was the lowest it’s been in a year…

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🫡 Sunday morning long runs

Posted July 30, 2023

Slowly building the base for the TC 10 with my training plan. Just finished week five with an 8 mile long run that was slow, but steady (no walk breaks). Thirteen four milers, three six milers and now today (78 total running miles). Two months to race day!

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Not this time, David

Pic posted July 6, 2023

Sad trombone – will try again for 2025

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Win the 25th Annual TC 10 Mile lottery ✅

Pic posted June 27, 2023

I’m in! Let the MeGovy training plan commence…

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11 Minute Miles 🏃‍♂️

Posted June 26, 2023

As I wait on the TC 10 Mile drawing results tomorrow, I’ve been pondering my running future. My former marathon training partner Megan visited last week and we joked that if we ran another Disney marathon, it would now be an 11 minute mile (although I seriously doubt she would be that slow). Unfortunately for me, though, my 2023 race results have actually been that slow (11:32 at Get in Gear and 11:03 at the Milk Run).

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be running at all right now. Since the aneurysm, I’ve finished five slow Get in Gear 10Ks, two slow Milk Run 5Ks, one slow 12.5K trail race and one slow half marathon (plus lots of slow hikes and walks). I’m also fully back on the mountain bike and still mostly walk with an ultra light golf bag for my golf rounds. The move streak on the watch is currently at 1,167 days and I’m now slowly increasing the daily calorie goal each week to help with my new “MeGovy” philosophy.

What is MeGovy, you ask? Well, at my last physical checkup, my doctor and I discussed my weight plateau. Despite all the activity and move rings (and no real change in my eating patterns or diet), my weight was at the highest it’s ever been. I’ve talked to a few other active men of a certain age and this is apparently a common thing. The doctor was like, we now have drugs that actually work – do you want to try Wegovy?

This drug was developed for diabetes and is now popular for weight loss, usually giving a 10% reduction with reportedly minimal side effects. But it’s in short supply, costly and not covered by many insurance plans. I’ve also heard most of the weight comes back if you stop taking it. So I’ve decided to try one final “MeGovy” exercise plan of making “me go” more miles this summer to see if I can get similar, non-drug-induced weight control.

I’ve got the new shoes, now I just need Twin Cities in Motion to pick me tomorrow so the training can begin…

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New shoes, who dis?

Pic posted June 16, 2023

Super nice job by the Mill City crew on the new Saint Paul location – grabbed a new hat and sticker too #WaveRider27

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Kickoff to Summer at the Fair ’23

Pic posted May 27, 2023

Liked the new Milk Run course (but ran slow) and hit all the favorites afterwards. Loved almost everything about this new Memorial Day weekend tradition 💜

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🫡 Get in Gear 10K + Golf

Pic posted April 29, 2023

My body hates me now, but ran my 22nd straight Get in Gear 10K in 1:11:39, then walked 18 holes at Faribault Golf Club

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Registered early (definitely not fast) 🏃‍♂️

Pic posted April 27, 2023

#38 for the 2023 Get in Gear 10K this weekend in Minneapolis

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40 Below @ MSPIFF 42

Pic posted April 23, 2023

Great documentary on the Arrowhead 135 by director Marius Anderson at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, St. Anthony Main. Also fun to have the director and 2019 women’s champion Leah Gruhn afterwards

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2024 London Marathon Ballot ✅

Pic posted April 22, 2023

Registration for the 2024 draw opens today and closes 4/28

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RIP, Spencer the Marathon Dog

Pic posted April 17, 2023

And good luck to everyone in Boston today

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First attempt at outdoor running in 2023

Pic posted April 13, 2023

Very slow, and with a few walk breaks (and a bench or two), but Get in Gear is fast approaching

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Booni says “register for Afton”

Pic posted April 12, 2023

Not yet, Booni, not yet (but maybe after Get in Gear)

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🫡 Solid Morning for Updates

Posted March 7, 2023

Register for the 2023 Milk Run 5K ✅
Confirm that Peter Gabriel is coming back to Saint Paul ✅

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🫡 Back in the saddle again? 🏃‍♂️

Posted March 4, 2023

Walked two miles and ran two miles around Fort Myers – first outdoor running miles since the Garry Bjorklund Half (259 days)

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Big Changes to the 2023 Milk Run

Pic posted January 25, 2023

Mixed feelings about this, but still hope I can get a spot

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Link: Registration open for Get in Gear

Linked December 1, 2022

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Wave Rider 25s ✅

Pic posted October 22, 2022

Foot doctor approved

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Link: Might be in a few of these

Linked September 30, 2022

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Link: Ten Years of Dopey (!)

Linked August 31, 2022

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Link: So that’s why I couldn’t register

Linked August 17, 2022

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Not this time

Pic posted March 14, 2022

Probably just as well, to be honest

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