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Posted Friday, August 22nd, 2014 12:43 am GMT -6 in Personal, Running

Some of the stuff floating around my head during last night’s run:

  • It was truly an honor to meet Gordy on his birthday – 87 years young and still working every day
  • Biology is against me, but I firmly believe that my fastest races are still ahead of me
  • I had completely blocked out the fact I got a “C” in high school calculus until today
  • Selected school celebrity crushes: Molly Ringwald, Rebecca De Mornay, Belinda Carlisle and Olivia Newton-John
  • The death of Robin Williams, like Kurt Cobain before him, hit me in ways I can’t really describe in words
  • There are so many old friendships that I miss today – need more happy hour reunions
  • Only applied to four colleges: Harvard, RPI, Air Force Academy and Naval Academy
  • Original career dreams: aeronautical engineer, pilot, cartographer and ski bum
  • Current dream jobs: runDisney manager, Mystic Lake VP, JAMF crew, ski bum
  • Test at work said I manage stress well – that’s a lie
  • My top four methods to manage stress: exercise, get enough sleep, make todo lists and declutter
  • I don’t fully understand how rural economies are sustainable (even with broadband)
  • Right now, metro > outstate for me and I want to be with my daughters full-time before Christmas
  • Like many golfers, I don’t play as much now as I used to. Reason #1: it’s not as consistently fun as my other sporting options
  • A friend recently told me he doesn’t view slot machines as entertainment. That is a major problem for the casino industry
  • Auditoriums full of rude people are probably the biggest cause of Hollywood’s box office decline this summer. That and the big screen TV next to my couch with Blu-ray, AppleTV and cheap snacks in the kitchen
  • I give it a new shot every week, but I find Windows 8 to be just awful
  • My five-year-old MacBook Pro is still cruising along, but it’s age is starting to hinder some of my workflows
  • Apple should hire me to show them just how frustrating using the Finder and typing on iOS can be
  • When Candy Crush refuses to sync my progress with Facebook, I feel incomplete
  • Can’t wait to go to the Minnesota State Fair for my 45th year in a row – hello chicken in a waffle cone
  • Things I need less of in my life: secondhand smoke, gambling, debt, politics, pounds on the scale and inches around my waist
  • I’ve never purchased more than a few articles of clothing at one time – an entire wardrobe is crazy talk
  • Part of me misses owning a house, but I’d never buy another one like I had before
  • The Simpsons is really an amazing body of work
  • Where are all the bunnies? What will I tweet when I get home?
  • Eating Timbits and a bag of chips after a run really defeats the whole purpose, doesn’t it?

That was a lot of stuff for a relatively short run…

Originally published by DK on August 22, 2014 at 12:43 am

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