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To & Fro’s Tilting Flip

Pic posted May 8, 2024

Thou art the champion of our grand Flip! Let there be much rejoicing! @TwoDots

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The Thrilling Tramway

Pic posted April 29, 2024

Gasp in wonder on the THRILLING TRAMWAY. It’s an uplifting experience! @TwoDots

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Sedaka’s Back (1974)

Pic posted April 26, 2024

“Oh, I hear laughter in the rain, walking hand in hand with the one I love. Oh, how I love the rainy days and the happy way I feel inside…”

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Ava’s Airborne Flip

Pic posted April 7, 2024

Congratulations, you beat the Flip! We’ll be telling Garden Tails about your amazing skills to everyone! @TwoDots

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Minneapolis Scenes

Pic posted April 6, 2024

Snaps from yesterday’s stroll across the river

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Minneapolis surprises

Pic posted March 23, 2024

Never change, Northeast, never change

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The Cold Nose Coin

Pic posted March 20, 2024

Highly doubt this is accurate – 196th worldwide for Bravest Mountain @TwoDots

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We found a throwback Target 🎯

Pic posted March 18, 2024

Fort Myers has a Super Target near our hotel that is…not really following the latest Target design standards

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Buffy’s Buckaroo Flip

Pic posted March 8, 2024

Breathe in that fresh victory air, pardner, ’cause you’re the Flip champion in this town! @TwoDots

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The Tapestry Token in Mid-Winter’s Waning

Pic posted March 6, 2024

That was a really hard one – Two Dots in general has been extra hard lately. Hope they aren’t just trying to increase booster sales…

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Maison Margaux is just beautiful

Pic posted March 4, 2024

Chef has a winner in the North Loop

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Special Delivery!

Pic posted February 24, 2024

From your friends at the Arctic Atelier @TwoDots

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SWCT Color Block Set 2

Pic posted February 22, 2024

More great work from Star Wars Card Trader by Topps

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George “Fathead” Washington

Pic posted February 22, 2024

I can totally relate to this new look

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SWCT Color Block Set

Pic posted February 7, 2024

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Fathom’s Fantasy Flip

Pic posted February 6, 2024

You have risen from legend to heavenly hero. Congratulations on conquering that Flip! @TwoDots

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Love this Richard Thompson tour artwork

Pic posted January 26, 2024

No Minnesota dates so far, but I’m ready for another show

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Parakeet Paradise

Pic posted January 19, 2024

I partied with some feathered friends in the Parakeet Paradise and they gave me the Budgerigar Badge! @TwoDots

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Wondrous Workshop

Pic posted January 15, 2024

We’re not just elfin’ around! @TwoDots

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7 Minute Miles design standards

Posted January 9, 2024

It’s been almost a year already since I launched the latest design of this website. I wanted a dark, responsive design with larger fonts and for the most part, I’ve been very happy with the result. This week I made a few more tweaks to the font sizes and padding, as I thought the headlines on mobile devices were a little too big. I’m also not sure my viewport settings are 100% correct, so I need to spend a little more time on the mobile validation sites.

One of the things that I love about personal web publishing is that you can generally code pages to the exact standard you want. I’m not a professional designer by any stretch, but I generally know what I like (and there are a million examples online of what not to do). I also love reading brand guidelines from big companies that aim to preserve their look and feel. Here are some of mine:

  • Colors: black (#000), white (#fff), red (#f00) and gray (#ccc)
  • Fonts: Futura, Verdana and sans-serif
  • Photo captions: italicized
  • Image width: 1000px (was 850px)
  • Image styling: 25px white borders, film frame for concerts and movies

I still support five primary post types on this site: standard, image, link, quote and status. Each of these have their own sections in my style sheet and the home page template has if/then loops to lay each one out differently. Made a few tweaks this week to the quote and link styles (and don’t really use status now).

Comments have been off here for a long time now and I still feel that most public websites are better without them (hope the Star Tribune will eventually turn them off, along with their annoying auto-refresh tag). I do wish there was a better way for people to communicate with me here – perhaps there are some creative plugins I’ve yet to discover. A few other editorial choices at 7 Minute Miles: no ads of any kind and (starting this week) no more jumps on longer posts (i.e. – “click to read more” links).

At some point, I may go back and try to re-style some of the images for the current design standard. When I used to have a white background, I’d often use black drop shadows in Photoshop and now those images just don’t work right. My CSS file still has a bunch of entries that I could probably remove without breaking anything. Also thinking about adding back an RSS icon (with a link to the feed) and creating some personal business cards with the site design elements.

The annual site anniversary post isn’t scheduled until March, but I did take a look at the WordPress Jetpack stats for this site in 2023: 6,406 visitors, 19,074 views and 822 likes. Two very old golf posts still are the most popular: past champion “Reflections on Spring Hill Golf Club” with 238 views and the new #1, “Somerby Golf Club Notes” with 326 views.

Thanks for visiting!

Edit (2/2/24): changed the image styling standard to a 10px white border

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The Crafty Confectionary

Pic posted January 7, 2024

Love, Dots, Chocolate. Life is truly sweet. @TwoDots

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Marshmallow Mills

Pic posted January 7, 2024

Sweet! Yum! A mouthwatering manufacturer. @TwoDots

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The 21 Pyrites in New Year Nexus

Pic posted January 3, 2024

No way was I really in the top 100 worldwide #TwoDots

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Jingle Bell Flip

Pic posted December 24, 2023

Great work with that Flip — you’re definitely on the Nice list now! @TwoDots

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2024 Color of the Year

Pic posted December 7, 2023

PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz 🤔

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