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@kingsbury posted on 2024/03/03 20:12

Carbone's on Randolph is the only true Carbone's in Minnesota, IMO 🍕


Close-up pic of a Carbone’s small 7-inch pizza with sausage, mushroom and green olive

@kingsbury posted on 2024/02/29 20:54

A look back at my favorite high school teacher, who I just found out passed away in 2021


Saint Paul Central history teacher Richard Demers standing in his classroom with a giant pack of Camel cigarettes, smiling while wearing a white dress shirt, red tie and dark pants

@kingsbury posted on 2024/02/26 21:44

Porzana with SK tonight in the North Loop


The 12 ounce flat iron steak at Porzana, sliced and presented on a dark pottery plate with a bowl of glazed carrots in the background

@kingsbury posted on 2024/02/25 18:03

A smiling Russell Hitchcock on stage at Mystic Lake Casino with a raised mic, black leather pants and a sparkling black sequin jacket with a drummer in the background

@kingsbury posted on 2023/11/26 14:54

Stay with YouTubeTV or switch to Fubo elite? Might be cheaper to go back to cable…

@kingsbury posted on 2023/11/12 11:13

Anybody have any good iOS photo frame app recommendations? Had been using Camera+ for that, but apparently that feature is now paywalled (three years after I bought the app). Most of what I see is full of ads and not very elegant - just want a simple tool to add nice frames and borders to pics in my photo library…

@kingsbury posted on 2023/11/11 12:43

Tried the “O.G.” Benedict @ Duluth Grill for breakfast 👍

Eggs Benedict on a blue plate with hash browns and two strips of bacon

@kingsbury posted on 2023/11/05 22:43

It may be dark really early now, but my walk outside tonight was extraordinarily nice by Minnesota November standards

@kingsbury posted on 2023/11/05 00:14

Don’t like to brag, but the Timberwolves haven’t lost a game since I started working at Target Center 🏀

Timberwolves mascot Crunch waving a giant flag at center court, surrounded by cheerleaders

@kingsbury posted on 2023/10/27 20:35

After months of just automatically paying Adobe for Photoshop, finally decided to cancel my plan and just give Pixelmator Pro a go

Graphic from the Pixelmator Pro website of the program running on a Mac laptop

@kingsbury posted on 2023/10/15 19:13

Aside from having to invoke the leaf rule, fall golf in Minnesota is pretty awesome

Flag stick at Cannon Golf Club in front of a tree in full fall colors

@kingsbury posted on 2023/10/09 22:37

So. Many. Pumpkins.

2024 Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at the Minnesota Zoo 🎃

A whole bunch of carved pumpkins on the foggy trail at the Minnesota Zoo bathed in an orange glow

@kingsbury posted on 2023/10/08 09:25

@kingsbury posted on 2023/10/07 11:50

Robert Cray Band @ Minneapolis Pantages last night

Robert Cray playing blues guitar on stage with bassist Richard cousins to his left and drummer Les Falconer on his right

@kingsbury posted on 2023/10/04 09:11

So much fun to see Peter Gabriel again (and much, much closer this time) - Xcel Energy Center, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Peter Gabriel on stage singing with Tony Levin playing bass to his right and David Rhodes playing guitar to his left

@kingsbury posted on 2023/09/23 08:13

Just an extraordinary amount of change in my life right now - feel a few blog posts coming soon

@kingsbury posted on 2023/09/22 21:00

PSA: get your Gordy's while you can - season ends October 1st

Gordy’s Hi-Hat sign in Cloquet that says their 63rd season ends October 1st

@kingsbury posted on 2023/09/21 14:39

Microsoft 365 Copilot is an extra $30 per user per month? And they pull information from LinkedIn?

@kingsbury posted on 2023/09/18 12:52

Verifying update…

@kingsbury posted on 2023/09/05 12:54

One of favorite things to do every year at the fair (and trying out Video for Ants)

@kingsbury posted on 2023/09/04 18:40

Managed three visits to the fair this year and honestly, I would probably go every day if I could. Looking forward to next year already…

The original crop art design used for the official 2023 Minnesota State Fair poster hanging on the wall of the Fine Arts Building with a cow in the middle of a Ferris wheel (and some corn and tractors in the corners)

@kingsbury posted on 2023/09/03 17:43

Mike McCready playing the guitar solo from Even Flow perfectly behind his head will never cease to amaze me

Very far away photo of the Pearl Jam concert at Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul with the stage bathed in yellow spotlights with McCready far stage right and a video board hanging high stage left with a close-up of him holding his guitar behind his head

@kingsbury posted on 2023/08/30 17:49

Heads up,

Gordy’s Hi-Hat closes for the season on October 1st (per their printed placement in the picture)

@kingsbury posted on 2023/08/27 21:07

According to my mom, I've been to the Minnesota State Fair every year of my life - wouldn't miss it for the world (day 1 of 3)

A crowded Fresh French Fries booth in the background, with a close-up of the 32 ounce cup in my hand

@kingsbury posted on 2023/08/26 14:02

Still more of a dog person, but apparently did not pass that down to my two daughters

Bandit Boy orange tabby staring right at me in Saint Paul

@kingsbury posted on 2023/08/20 19:21

This gave me some serious Twin Peaks vibes

Caravaggio’s Judith and Holofernes signage at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, with the words in white against a red curtain backdrop and zig-zag wood floor pattern below

@kingsbury posted on 2023/08/16 20:00

The blue cheese at the Vermilion Club is just the best ever

Giant cup of homemade blue cheese sitting in a basket of chicken wings and celery with a blue and white checkered paper liner

@kingsbury posted on 2023/08/15 22:55

Back on Lake Vermilion

Red setting sun over a tree line near Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota

@kingsbury posted on 2023/08/13 18:33

The umpires seemed a little quick on the called game, but I guess the Saints got what they deserved after leading 6-0

A lone ushertainer dancing on the top of the dugout at CHS Field to “Singin’ in the Rain” with empty seats in the background and the infield covered with a tarp

@kingsbury posted on 2023/08/05 20:49

The Cactus Blossoms live @ Tattersall River Falls

Jack Torrey and Page Burkum (and band) on stage with people in the audience and purple stage nights

@kingsbury posted on 2023/08/03 16:09

Northern in the summer is a special place indeed

Dock and tree-line of the marina at Fortune Bay reflecting into the water of Lake Vermilion

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/28 13:44

It blows me away that the PGA Tour allows people to use their camera phones at almost every tournament now. I had a media photo credential a few times and even the pros make the golfers mad from time to time

Close-up photo of Justin Thomas checking his yardage book on the 17th tee at the 3M Open golf tournament at TPC Twin Cities in Blaine, Minnesota

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/26 15:41

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/25 20:29

Browser update: already went and deleted all traces of Edge from my MBP and recreated most of the Chrome extension experience in Safari. Should probably write up a post next…

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/25 16:50

And just for kicks, went and loaded the latest Firefox and Edge for macOS, plus Brave and Vivaldi. Very interesting how each one onboards and handles privacy issues on various websites. The world of browser extensions right now is really something too…

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/25 16:13

Downloaded the Arc browser today and spent a little time with it:


Been on Chrome for a while now, but it's fun looking at something different. Also been meaning to take a look at the latest macOS Safari too (which I haven't used in a long, long time)

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/23 21:40

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/23 08:26

Still feeling like I'm building the base, but happy to finish my Sunday long run before the blast furnace cranks up

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/20 15:41

My whole body is now sore, but I just love biking up and down this beautiful river (33+ total miles this morning)

Steamwheeler Jonathan Padelford docked on Harriet Island in downtown Saint Paul pointed upstream on the Mississippi River

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/16 16:38

Fun time introducing friends to the Northland this weekend @ Fortune Bay & Giants Ridge

CS, LP and me on the third tee at The Wilderness at Fortune Bay golf course, with two golf carts in the background, a pond with boulders and the green off in the distance

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/13 17:50

Run, ladybug, run! Circle of life drama on Birch Point, Lake Vermilion, Minnesota

Spider and lady bug drama on top of a sea of small yellow flower buds

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/11 08:26

UPDATE: It appears that nitter is back again (at least the web interface - RSS feeds still seem down)

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/10 21:37

Charlie Parr at The Dakota

Charlie Parr sitting on stage in red and blue spotlights holding a guitar with a blue neon “dakota” sign behind him

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/10 13:41

Lee Oskar's song “Before the Rain" has been one of my all-time favorites since we played it over and over on a spring break trip when I was nine.

His new single Funky Rhetoric is just great and everyone should grab the new album “She Said Mahalo" when it comes out in September.


Album cover of Lee Oskar’s Before the Rain album - painting of a man sitting in front of a window eating an apple, while another man sitting outside on a bench playing harmonica in front a lake and mountain in the distance

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/09 14:10

These are the kind of Minnesota weather days we dream about all winter ⚾️☀️

Sunny blue sky view of Target Field behind home plate with Joe Ryan throwing a pitch to Oriole hitter Anthony Santander

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/09 08:06

Started my second Sunday long training run much earlier and was rewarded with temps in the 50Fs and an AQI of 52. Still slow, but felt good and needed no walk breaks this time

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/07 17:42

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/06 16:06

The black-eyed Susans on my early bike ride today were spectacular

A picture full of blooming black-eyed Susan flowers near the Mississippi River in Minnesota

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/05 15:24

Got one of my favorite annual emails from Mystic Lake today - The Great Midwest RibFest will return July 27 - 29, 2023

Screenshot of the 2023 RibFest announcement email with times each day (4pm-10pm on Thursday and Friday, 11am-10pm on Saturday), plus info on the free concerts and rib eating championship. Artists to perform include Clay Walker, Pam Willis, The Fray, American Authors, Rick Springfield and Tommy Tutone

@kingsbury posted on 2023/07/04 16:32

Big thanks to @jmarthaler for 1) being here and 2) covering the Saint Paul Saints ⚾️