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@kingsbury posted on 2023/06/02 20:14

Funky Rhetoric, indeed

Album cover for Lee Oskar’s new single, Funky Rhetoric, with lettering in yellow and multi-color dot artwork

@kingsbury posted on 2023/06/02 14:31

Ramen Kazama in Minneapolis has been on my list since they opened 8 years ago - finally had lunch there today with my oldest daughter

My daughter on the back patio at Raman Kazama in Minneapolis with bowls of shoyu and torishio ramen

@kingsbury posted on 2023/06/02 09:47

I've had a map of the London Underground hanging in my office for 25+ years and even now I can look up at it and discover new stops I hadn't heard of before.

Burnt Oak?
Maida Vale?

Would love to get back there again someday…

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/30 20:58

So wait, Two Dots is now under Zynga control (which in turn was purchased by Take-Two Interactive)?

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@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/29 21:14

Sure didn’t have Vegas-Florida on my Stanley Cup bingo card

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/29 10:39

First lupine sighting of the year in La Lake Park, Woodbury, Minnesota

Purple lupine blooms in a sea of green grass and other prairie plants

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/27 11:04

Fun morning at the Minnesota State Fair Milk Run 5K - now in May instead of in the fall

Milk Run 5K start (and finish) line, with the Space Needle in the background

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@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/26 16:22

Saint Paul PSA: Shepard Road along the Mississippi River is now open to all traffic

Road with truck on left, bike path in the middle, blue railing, then Mississippi River on the right

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/25 15:57

I'll still usually respond to the marketing “feedback” emails I get from companies I like, but just once it would be nice to hear from a real person that they received it and actually did something with that data (for both good and bad feedback).

“Thanks, maintenance fixed that broken light”

"Thanks, we gave the bartender an extra hour of PTO”

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/25 10:26

Today I found Mountain Dew Zero 12-packs for $3.75 and I feel like I won the 2023 lottery

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/24 10:56

Mystic Lake Casino took my favorite slot machine off the floor (Black Orchid), but some other old games were fun and highly volatile (like this 160x win on a 40-cent bet)

Mega Vault slot machine screen with gold dollar sign symbols and 2X and 4X multiple symbols

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/22 11:00

Seems like it might be a good time to re-evaluate all of the latest macOS web browsers

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/21 20:13

This also reminds me I should probably figure out how to place a CW on an image in Ivory

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/21 19:50

Sad to report that the mosquitoes now have full control over Afton State Park. Well, except for these squirmy things that will haunt my nightmares

Giant web/cocoon thing covered in what might be cabbage moth caterpillars?

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/20 20:44

It was so nice outside today in Minnesota. Spring might only last a few weeks here, but it's great when you can get it

Pine tree close-up with a bunch of baby pinecones starting to form

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/18 15:31

What a great first visit to the bison prairie project at Spring Lake Park Reserve near Hastings, Minnesota. Eight big ones and four babies! 🦬

Three large bison standing up and two babies laying down on the grassy prairie in the fenced west paddock

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/17 11:19

Nature is awesome (but I also just removed a tick from my pant leg)

Three fallen pine trees stacked on top of each other (red pine?)

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/14 13:52

I’ve been going to baseball games for almost 50 years and today was the first time I’ve heard a pitch called a “slurve” ⚾️

Center field scoreboard at Target Field with lots of pitcher stats

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/13 11:43

CarPlay on my old Civic stopped working, but Troubleshooting 101 fixed it

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/10 16:57

It appears to be controlled burn season - saw two different ones today 🔥🔥

Burned out prairie section of Afton State Park in Minnesota

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/08 13:36

I think Minnesota is in the clear for a few months

rue-anemone flowers blooming through a bed of brown leaves from last fall in La Lake Park, Woodbury

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/07 18:01

Internet search really seems to have regressed lately. Many of the current services are unable to find information that I know is out there. Will all these new AI tools make this situation better or worse?

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/06 16:38

She finished back in December, but got to walk today - huge congrats to kid two on her graduation from UMD today. Very proud parents ❤️

Dad on one side, mom on the other, with MK the graduate in the middle with her degree from the University of Minnesota - Duluth

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/06 10:13

A Minnesota Northland Classic

Double cheeseburger and fries @ Gordy’s Hi-Hat in Cloquet

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/05 18:21

Fun to catch up with @afarrari at Kitchen and Rail in Eagan tonight

Happy hour slider

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/04 15:09

Minnesota mountain bike PSA: T-shirt weather has returned and the trails at Carver Lake Park in Woodbury are 100% open

Red mountain bike leaning against a tree on the single track trail at Carver Lake (which can be viewed in the background)

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/03 22:32

I know why they do it, but I wish the NHL and their broadcast partners would drop the digital ads on the boards - the tech isn't quite there yet, the halo effect is distracting and the puck was already hard enough to follow without it just disappearing from time to time

@kingsbury posted on 2023/05/01 20:55

RIP Gordon Lightfoot, 1938-2023

Backstage photo of Gordon Lightfoot and I backstage at Fortune Bay Resort Casino in 2013

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/30 13:06

It’s almost May in Minnesota and I’m wishing I wore my ski pants to this Twins game 🥶⚾️

Pre-game view from section C of Target Field with gray skies, wind and cold

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/29 10:42

Another Get in Gear 10K in the books (22 year streak) - slower than last year, but I’ll take it

Get in Gear bib #38 and finisher medal

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/28 16:45

@dhegley My daughter and I just had an amazing visit to your old stomping groups for the in bloom event

SK standing at the mia entrance sign

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/28 12:14

I find music and the brain to be astounding. After 50+ years of listening, I probably “know” 50,000+ songs and some of them instantly transport me to another place and time 🎶

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/26 18:41

Wait, so I can get rid of 1Password *and* Google Authenticator?


Need to test that out a bit…

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/25 12:47

Not even close to the record

Mississippi River high water levels sign posted on the side of the Rock Island Swing Bridge in Inver Grove Heights

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/24 23:47

Offline for most of the day attending a funeral and open Ivory to find 700+ posts. Slow news day, eh?

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/23 21:07

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/21 08:19

Bound by the streak now - hit 1100 move days yesterday on my watch

Screenshot of Apple Watch award: 
Longest Move Streak
You earned this award for your longest daily Move streak. 1,100 days, ending on 4/20/23.
Your current streak is 1,100 days.

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/19 14:57

Had to dig into the archives to figure out my start and end dates, but here is the site to file a Facebook privacy claim:


I created my account on November 20, 2008 and deleted it on June 2, 2020 (11 years, 6 months and 13 days - about three and a half years shorter than Twitter)

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/18 22:39

We are so fortunate to have this beautiful park an easy five minute walk from our house

Birch tree with peeling bark on the shore of La Lake in Woodbury, Minnesota

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/18 13:19

Live webcams are so fun - watching this Union Depot cam to monitor the rising Mississippi River in downtown Saint Paul. Not really that high yet compared to other years, but the city has closed a bunch of roads in anticipation of the flood crest.


Screenshot of the Union Depot Railfan Cam 1 livestream that shows Shepherd Road, the Mississippi River, the Robert Street bridge and a bunch of railroad tracks

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/17 16:26

Wow, the Rock-afire Explosion is a blast from the past


Screenshot of the Last Week Tonight video player showing a black and white picture of Showbiz Pizza Place’s Rock-afire Explosion animatronic band

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/17 08:31

Good luck to everyone running Boston today - following along on ESPN (and still haven't 100% given up on getting there some day)

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/16 23:28

Did some messing around this weekend with Mastodon and WordPress


@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/16 15:14

Here was the original issue that led me down the app purchase history rabbit hole. I apparently purchased this Noel Gallagher deluxe edition in iTunes sometime after it come out in 2011 and Apple Music to this day still tries to download a corrupt file. Can't seem to delete the purchase history that keeps popping up this window

Screenshot of an Apple Music download error window that mentions “There was a problem downloading Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (Ddeluxe Edition)” and also stating “Part of the file seems to be corrupted.”

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/16 14:13

So I was browsing my app purchase history (which is oddly difficult to access, BTW) and came across Netbot from 2012, which I totally forgot about:


Kinda interesting re-reading this after all of the recent Twitter drama…

Screenshot of purchase history, October 5, 2012, Netbot for App.net (iPhone edition) by Tapbots, $4.99

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/15 16:04

Cold and rainy start to my 2023 Minnesota golf season - very rusty 86 at the par-68 Dwan course in Bloomington

Water hazard on the par-four 17th hole at Dwan. All the normal reeds were cut short, barely poking up out of the water

@kingsbury posted on 2023/04/14 23:12

It's been a good night: Saints extend winning streak to four, Twins beat the Yankees, Timberwolves didn't blow a lead and got to watch Blondie and Gorillaz live from Coachella