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🫡 Being social, an update

In my July 2023 post the art of being social, I wrote about the current state of social media and how things had changed for me personally with the deletion of my Twitter account and how I was using Mastodon as my primary remaining service. After finally getting an invite code to Bluesky, I’ve lurked on there for a few weeks now too. Here are a few updated thoughts:

  • Aside from the presence of a few old Twitter people, not finding a lot of value so far in Bluesky.
  • Looked at Threads and saw I needed to create a new Instagram account, so I deleted the app.
  • Mastodon via Ivory still works great for me across iOS and macOS, but I’m finding that the time required to keep up isn’t equal to the value I’m getting out of the posts. Will curate my follow list and see if that helps.
  • LinkedIn lately has been full of bad takes, unwanted sales generation and (apparently) fraud research, so it might need to go away again soon.
  • Based on recent Google actions, may remove my concert videos from YouTube.

Leaning towards 7minutemiles being the exclusive, definitive source of online DK information soon…

Originally published by DK on September 14, 2023 at 2:50 pm in Housekeeping, Personal, Untweets

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