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🫑 Clown app, FTW 🍟

Pic posted April 12, 2024

I know the after work clown fries and diet cokes aren’t healthy, but they sure do make me happy

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🫑 Some big checkmarks on the To Do list

Posted April 11, 2024

  • State and federal taxes βœ…
  • Office TV installed before the Masters βœ…
  • First outdoor training run of 2024 βœ…

Upward and onward!

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🫑 2024 March Madness Music Festival

Posted April 6, 2024

Not quite as good as my year, but still impressive:

  • Leon Bridges
  • Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
  • The Black Keys
  • Mumford & Sons

Nicely done, Phoenix…

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🫑 Watchguard Mobile VPN with SSL Client ***

Posted April 2, 2024

*** Mobile VPN with SSL Client does not support Macs that have the Apple M1 or M2 ARM-based processors. In addition, macOS 13 (Ventura) and higher do not accept SSL connections to untrusted self-signed certificates. For more information, see this KB article. An alternative is to use the OpenVPN Connect client for macOS.

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🫑 Jon Cheng reviews Bûcheron *** ½

Posted March 29, 2024

He loved the steak and dessert I had on our visit to south Minneapolis. Updated the Jon Cheng reviews post too…

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🫑 March 2024 Apple Updates Part II

Pic posted March 25, 2024

macOS Sonoma 14.4.1 βœ…, iOS 17.4.1 βœ…, iPadOS 17.4.1 βœ…

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🫑 2024 Barkley Marathons

Posted March 24, 2024

I watched that documentary on this crazy-ass race a while ago, but I’m still surprised when it pops up in my social feeds each year (at random times). This year was awesome because of 40-year-old Brit Jasmin Paris, the first woman to finish the 100 mile race (with 99 seconds to spare before the 60 hour cutoff). BBC has a nice story here.


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🫑 Delta Airbus A321

Posted March 18, 2024

So far this plane has stayed in one piece (and has free WiFi for all)

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🫑 Microsoft default font change

Posted March 10, 2024

Thought I was losing my mind, but turns out Microsoft just decided to mess with us, changing the default Calibri font to something called Aptos (previously Bierstadt). Smooth move, Ex-Lax…

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🫑 March 2024 Apple Updates

Posted March 7, 2024

macOS Sonoma 14.4 βœ…, iOS 17.4 βœ…, iPadOS 17.4 βœ…, tvOS 17.4 βœ…, watchOS 10.4 βœ…

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🫑 Apple Music algorithms

Posted March 4, 2024

Not sure how advanced the technology is behind Apple Music’s personal stations, but the David Kingsbury channel this morning played an Atmosphere song (which I hadn’t heard in a long time), followed by Quarterflash, a song from Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album, Steely Dan and Robert Palmer. Hmm…

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🫑 Dinkytown Food PSA 🚨

Posted February 22, 2024

Per Sharyn Jackson at the Star Tribune, Annie’s Parlour is back! Currently only open 4-8pm with malts, but burgers and fries are coming back (along with expanded hours)…

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🫑 Page updates: about and résumé

Posted February 19, 2024

A few more things off the to do list: the about page has been re-written, added Target Center to the rΓ©sumΓ© page (and uploaded a new PDF version) and consolidated the navigation menu to Home, About, Lists and Search.

Also hibernated my LinkedIn account for now…

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🫑 Under the weather 🀧

Posted February 12, 2024

I think I caught a cold during the Disney On Ice run – it was chilly in the building and well, thousands of trolls everywhere. Still love this old Simpsons graphic from back in the day. Ready for this to be over so I can get back into the regular swing of things…

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🫑 Bluesky handle now @7minutemiles.com

Posted February 11, 2024

Haven’t posted there since November 25, 2023 (and I don’t read the feed as much as Mastodon), but with the service opening up to everyone now, decided to switch my Bluesky handle to my domain. Logged into my Route 53 DNS panel, added one new TXT record with an _atproto string and voilΓ ! You can find my Bluesky profile here – hoping the Tapbots people will integrate it with Ivory eventually…

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🫑 Filling up my AWS server

Posted February 11, 2024

Started a project this weekend to move all of my posted concert videos from YouTube here (and close the YouTube channel). Decided to use the 720p versions, which seem to upscale nicely on most screens. Also installed a new plugin called HTML5 Video Player that is supposed to be responsive and customizable.

Server is now at 90.7% of 77.48GB – might have to bump that up soon, as I’d like to add more old videos from my local storage…

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🫑 February 2024 Apple Updates

Posted February 8, 2024

macOS Sonoma 14.3.1 βœ…, iOS 17.3.1 βœ…, watchOS 10.3.1 βœ…, iPadOS 17.3.1 βœ…

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🫑 Rough morning for errands

Posted February 5, 2024

This morning I planned to hit all the errands I didn’t get to do last week before heading to the office. Went 0-for-3: the Cottage Grove DMV wouldn’t sell me a state parks license plate, a ski shop the Descente website sent me to in Long Long didn’t actually have any jackets (neither did Hoigaard’s or Joe’s) and Rack Attack had no realistic options for Oliver.

Onward to other plans…

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🫑 Time Management

Posted February 2, 2024

All the gurus like to talk about time management, but here are my personal top seven:

  • Time is precious – use it wisely
  • Prioritize and make time for what is important
  • Sometimes you need to do nothing
  • Keep work and personal as balanced as possible
  • Acknowledge some tasks need the right environment to happen
  • You can be productive all times of the day, but remember to sleep
  • iCloud Notes are great for to do lists across devices, but I also love notepads and Flair markers

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk…

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🫑 RIP Nitter.net πŸ’€

Posted January 30, 2024

So the creator of Nitter said it’s dead, which would explain why all of my saved links stopped loading a few days ago. Saw a thread that had a few working mirrors on other domains, but it sounds like the process being used will eventually time out on all of those too, unfortunately. So my last portal into a handful of Twitter people still posting regularly there has closed: @RossRaihala, @peril_in_pink, @linebackrbarbie and @rstanzel. Sigh.

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🫑 Top 7 things I’ve stopped doing in 2024

Posted January 26, 2024

  • Wear my Apple Watch all the time
  • Posting to social media
  • Read online comments
  • Click on any links about politics
  • Subscribe to Amazon Prime & Creative Cloud
  • Allow notifications on my iPhone
  • Answer calls from unknown callers

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🫑 #MyFirstMac

Posted January 24, 2024

Everyone on my Mastodon feed is talking about the 40th anniversary of the Mac today and which machine was their first. My first direct experience with one was the original form factor version (not sure the specific model – probably an SE) that was owned by my college hockey player roommate at the University of North Dakota in 1987.

The first one I actually owned personally was a Performa 405 from 1993 that I’m pretty sure my parents bought at Sears, of all places (also weird to think my first Apple IIc was purchased at Daytons). The fuel department at Northwest Airlines was my first professional job working with Macs, which included a lot of Quadra 700s and PowerBooks. Many, many more from this list in the years since then…

It’s been a fun ride – thanks, Cupertino!

P.S. – still looking for a good promotional photo of that 405…

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🫑 January 2024 Apple Updates

Posted January 22, 2024

macOS Sonoma 14.3 βœ…, macOS Ventura 13.6.4 βœ…, iOS 17.3 βœ…, watchOS 10.3 βœ…, iPadOS 17.3 βœ…, tvOS 17.3 βœ…

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🫑 What happened to The Pines?

Posted January 22, 2024

I’ve been listening to all of the albums this morning, then checked Setlist and Wikipedia. Looks like they haven’t performed together since 2018 (and the last album was 2016). David Huckfelt opened for Richard Thompson at the Fitzgerald in 2021 and seems to pop up around town from time to time (Setlist says he played Icehouse for NYE). Looks like we last saw Benson Ramsey at the Fitz in 2021 (opening for Dave Simonett), but I don’t know what he’s up to these days…

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🫑 Apple Watch Update

Posted January 20, 2024

It’s been three weeks now since I stopped wearing my Apple Watch daily. My physical health is holding steady, as I still try to get on the treadmill to walk semi-regularly in this cold weather. My mental health, however, is vastly improved without the stress and anxiety of closing the damn rings. I still use the watch during workouts, but otherwise happy to leave it on the charger for the time being…

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