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🫑 Minnesota golf news (or not)

Posted March 19, 2023

Today the Pioneer Press published Shooter’s column, which contained the following:

β€” Jeff Sorenson, the teaching pro at Minikahda Country Club, won his 157th golf tournament the other day, the Calloway Pebble Beach ProAm.

Jeff is a great guy, winning the Tapemark in 2009. But so far, I can find no proof of this tournament win online. Assuming this is a different event from the famous Pebble Beach tournament, but I would love to know what really happened.


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🫑 Today I Learned: State Fair Edition

Posted March 16, 2023

The people that run Big Fat Bacon also own My Burger, the Nicollet Island Inn and Gopher State Ice

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🫑 Spider Research πŸ•·οΈ

Posted March 14, 2023

Started following the Entomological Society of America on Mastodon and today I learned 1) there are brown widow spiders in addition to black widow spiders and 2) a Florida study found that the brown widows killed and consumed nearby black widows 80% of the time (!)

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🫑 Sunday (WordPress) School

Posted March 12, 2023

Learning how to make custom widget areas in WordPress on a snowy, lazy Sunday. About halfway there – should make third party support much easier once it’s in place and working…

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🫑 The Tuesday Night Special 🎳

Posted March 8, 2023

142-163-151-143-129 @ Cedarvale Lanes, Eagan (with MK)

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🫑 Solid Morning for Updates

Posted March 7, 2023

Register for the 2023 Milk Run 5K βœ…
Confirm that Peter Gabriel is coming back to Saint Paul βœ…

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🫑 Back in the saddle again? πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

Posted March 4, 2023

Walked two miles and ran two miles around Fort Myers – first outdoor running miles since the Garry Bjorklund Half (259 days)

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🫑 The Ides of Musk is nigh

Posted February 28, 2023

I believe it was Alex King on Mastodon who first coined March 15, 2023 as “The Ides of Musk,” or the day people should leave Twitter. I’m not planning to totally close my account there, but here is what I’ve done (and plan to do):

  • Made my account private
  • Removed all access to outside apps
  • Downloaded my archive
  • Created my own local archive
  • Added my Mastodon address to my Twitter bio
  • Slowly deleting all tweets (except for the last one)

It’s sad and frustrating that this has played out the way it has, but onward…

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🫑 Prepping for the next storm

Posted February 20, 2023

The little preview snow this morning was unexpected – wonder if we really will hit the high end of the forecast this week (up to two feet) ❄️

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🫑 Email is how old?

Posted February 18, 2023

When I read that email has been around “for over a half-century,” I was like no way is that true. Truth hurts, don’t it

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🫑 Late nights observations during the first intermission

Posted February 15, 2023

1) Post.news has not evolved the way I thought it would 2) I don’t like any news app more than their mobile site and 3) late start, mid-week Wild games are…not optimal

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🫑 Turtles Presale at Treasure Island

Posted February 15, 2023

I’m happy for the boys that they can get $79 a ticket (plus $20 in fees) now, but I’d rather save that money and see four shows at the Turf Club

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🫑 February 2023 Apple Updates

Posted February 13, 2023

macOS Ventura 13.2.1 βœ…, iOS 16.3.1 βœ…, iPadOS 16.3.1 βœ…, watchOS 9.3.1 βœ…, tvOS 16.3.2 βœ…

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🫑 Inter-device info transfer

Posted February 8, 2023

One of my favorite recent tech discoveries is when I open a web page on my phone (can be Safari or a webview in Ivory or NetNewsWire), then go to the dock on my iMac, Chrome has a second icon on the far right with a phone pic in the middle. Clicking on that icon opens a new tab in Chrome with the URL of the page I was viewing on the phone. Very nice!

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🫑 Nature finds a way

Posted February 4, 2023

With Ivory on iOS and hundreds of people moving to Mastodon every hour, I’m excited about social media again (hello dasharez0ne!). Fun to read some smart voices I haven’t followed in a while, plus more and more migrations from Space Karen’s hell site every time I check. Now I just need that macOS Ivory client and some of my music, food and sports people to make the jump…

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🫑 Twitter ends free API access

Posted February 2, 2023

I was definitely not understanding how NewNewsWire was interfacing with Twitter – Brent Simmons says Twitter RSS stopped years ago (and he was using the API). WTG, Space Karen

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🫑 The twitter.com website experience

Posted January 26, 2023

If I had to use only the Twitter website from the beginning (and not a third-party app), I would’ve closed that account years ago

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🫑 Twitter RSS Feeds

Posted January 25, 2023

I’ve been following my old Twitter people via RSS in NetNewsWire for a few months now. Doesn’t seem super reliable (can go for days without updating), but still feels good to (semi) beat the system

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🫑 In anticipation of Ivory, joined Mastodon today

Posted January 24, 2023

You can find me here: mastodon.social/@kingsbury

P.S. – already super impressed with Ivory. Kudos to the Tapbots crew!

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🫑 Apple update day has arrived

Posted January 23, 2023

macOS Ventura 13.2 βœ…, iOS 16.3 βœ…, iPadOS 16.3 βœ…, watchOS 9.3 βœ…, tvOS 16.3 βœ…

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🫑 The UnTweet

Posted January 23, 2023

It’s been almost two months since my last tweet. Trying to decide how best to create that type of post here (see my RIP Twitter page)

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